Peptides target the ‘seeds’ of cancer | Curtin University

Peptides target the ‘seeds’ of cancer | Curtin University

Humanity’s fight against cancer continues
but Arun Dharmarajan and his Curtin research team have won one of the battles. They have isolated components of a protein
occurring naturally in the body, peptides, which are able to interfere with
the signals that allow cancer cells to grow. And more particularly, the seedlings of this
destructive disease: cancer stem cells. It is a two-pronged attack that gives the
innovation its unique advantage over existing similar therapies. The team has brought together a lifetime of research from which to design potential drug treatments. In test conditions, these drug candidates
have shown that they can block growth of a range of cancers, including
breast, prostate and ovarian cancers as well as the highly invasive brain cancer
known as glioblastoma. The research has shown that as the protein
is broken down into domains and from there to smaller peptide parts, it
is more effective in blocking cancer growth signals with the smaller fragments offering us hope of safer drugs because of the reduced likelihood
of unexpected effects on the body. This biotechnology is set to provide us with
new pharmaceutical solutions and used in combination with other currently available
treatment avenues is aimed squarely at saving lives.

3 thoughts on “Peptides target the ‘seeds’ of cancer | Curtin University

  1. Dr Dharmarajan and his colleagues deserve high regard for their work which has far reaching applications in the treatment of a variety of cancers

  2. Acetyl hexapeptide-3, otherwise known as argireline, effectively reduces the depth of wrinkles, especially around the forehead and eyes, caused by the repeated contraction of facial muscles.

  3. Don't come to America, you will be shut you down if you mess with America's cancer business just like the guys who actually pioneered the use of peptides, Dr. Burzynski. Look what happened to him.

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