Polar M200 | Get Started‬ on mobile

Polar M200 | Get Started‬ on mobile

Set up your M200 with Polar Flow Mobile App. Polar M200 connects to the Polar Flow mobile app wirelessly via Bluetooth. Plug the M200 into a charger. If the battery is completely empty, it takes a couple of minutes for the charging to start. Also make sure that you plug the M200 in the right way, the four pins on the M200 USB connector must face the four pins in your computer’s USB port or in the USB power adapter. Make sure that the M200 doesn’t bend when you’re charging it from your computer’s USB port. Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the Polar Flow app. Flow app recognizes your new M200 nearby and prompts you to start pairing it. Accept the pairing request and enter the Bluetooth pairing code from your M200 to the Flow app. Then create a Polar account or sign in if you already have one. We’ll walk you through the sign-up and setup within the app. To get the most accurate personal activity and training data, it’s important that you’re precise with the settings. Tap Save and sync when you’ve defined all the settings. Your personalized settings will now be transferred to the running watch. Polar Flow app makes sure that your M200 is up to date. To enjoy M200 at its best please update the software whenever Polar Flow app offers a new version. A software update may take up to 20 minutes. Find your goals. Find the joy. Polar M200 tracks your 24/7 activity.

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  1. Polar i realy love my polar200 but i take a break like 2 mounts of it i just charge it and it says it connecting but after that it says couldn't xonnext to device

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