Polar Opposites Get Handcuffed For 24 Hours

Polar Opposites Get Handcuffed For 24 Hours

– There will be poo. – [Nick] You’re in a
comfy fucking bathroom. I’m here in some frickin dungeon. I feel, in a couple of hours, I am gonna lose feeling in my hand,
but that’s fine because that’s not the worst that’s
gonna happen today, I feel. – Well, you’ve already lost your dignity. – I challenge anyone to find something that’s more rock bottom than this. I’m straight. – I’m gay. – I’m white. – I’m a person of color. – I’m a meat eater. – I don’t eat meat. – Left-handed. – Right-handed. – Cat hater. – Cat lover. – Anna Kendrick. – Lizzy Caplan. – I am looking most
forward to, in 24 hours, being un-cuffed. – Same, that’s the one
thing we have in common! – Yay. Call me old-fashioned,
but I’m not a big fan of being handcuffed to
someone while I take a dump. – As a gay woman, it’s
gonna be interesting having Nick, of all men,
in the shower as I shower, in my bed as I sleep. I must be a little bit sadistic to have come up with this idea. Okay, it’s 10:00. – [Nick] Where did you
get these cuffs from? – [Female] The sex store, are you ready? – [Nick] No. Three, two, one. I put ’em on way too fucking tight. I’m sorry, I’m not really the one to know how handcuffs work. – I can tell, Vanilla Spice. Just to prove that we won’t
be cheating at any point, I’m gonna hand this key
to our fellow colleague. – The power. – We are going to still do the things that we do everyday. – Masturbate. – No, we are not fucking doing that. – Lovely. Nick has just told me some terrible news. – Well, it’s time for the
gym and I can’t change my day-to-day routine,
so I’m going with Tenya. – [Tenya] Our first adventure out. – People might think you’re
like a really kinky couple. – Nick keeps trying to hide our handcuffs. Why are you ashamed about our handcuffs? – I’ve never been more
embarrassed in my life than this moment right here. – We’re four hours in. – [Nick] We went to the gym. We had a great time at the gym. – [Tenya] It was horrible. – [Nick] Yeah, it was
actually really not good. This is the worst fucking
thing I have ever done. (popping noises) – Do you wanna die? This sucks! What? You have rice on your shirt. – My wrist hurts. Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle. – Oh my fucking God. – 20 hours to go, bam! – Nick just told me some amazing news. – I have to pee. – [Tenya] Everyone, Nick’s weeing. – [Voiceover] Where are you going? – [Voiceover] Well done, you did it! – [Voiceover] I’ll pray for you. – Welcome to the home of
privilege, the male bathroom. I need you to get a little bit closer. – [Tenya] Are you weeing now? – [Nick] Yeah, no. There we go. – Yay, proud of you. – So, that happened. – [Tenya] The first wee of the day. – How was it? – [Tenya] It just felt
like my brother was weeing in front of me. – So, Tenya needs to go to the toilet. In this last cubicle here,
there’s a little secret hatch. – What? – Yeah, and I can sneak in here. – Bye Nick. – [Nick] Bye. – [Tenya] Don’t look. – I’m not looking. I can’t see anything. It’s like a fucking horror movie in here. You’re in a comfy fucking bathroom. I’m here in some frickin dungeon. – The fragility of a man. (somber music) I just wanna be alone now. – How long to go? – 18 hours. – The hardest thing hasn’t even begun. Bed, showering, someone’s gonna have to shit eventually. So, I haven’t had a coffee today because coffee leads to ya know? – Nick, just accept the fact that you’re gonna have to poo, okay? – Nope, not gonna poo. – I have. I’ve accepted that. – What do you wanna do now? – Beer. We’re gonna go out now. – Ten, where are we going? – Lesbian bar in Yutan. I’m a bit worried that we’re not gonna be allowed into bars with these handcuffs, so we might have to hold hands and pretend that we’re friends. (upbeat music) I don’t have words for the smell in this toilet right now. The bathroom we were just in was about 50 poo’s worth of stench. I’m really over this now, Nick. – Yeah. – Hi! – So, last night, we were
out having some drinks with some friends and we
had to go to a bathroom. – It was the fifth time he had to urinate in that 30 minutes that we were there. – I was drinking, the seal was broken. – And we go outside and
there’s a whole bunch of security waiting for us and they say, “We can’t have you going in there. “We don’t know what you’re doing.” And I think he saw the defeat in my eyes. I just said, “Look mate, we’re handcuffed. “I really had no other choice.” And he looked at me with so much empathy and he just said, “It’s
fine, don’t worry about it,” and walked away. Obviously, this was a
very painful experience. I don’t wanna be here. – [Nick] Home. – Nick, no offense, but umm. – [Nick] It’s clean,
it’s definitely clean. – Look dude, I had to watch you like piss about 10 times today, so the least that you can give me is my own bed. – Are you gonna pay for the cab to yours? – Yes, I will pay triple. – Alright, sweet. We’re at Tenya’s house and we’re like halfway there and the rest is like, sleeping, so it should be on the home stretch. – I’m pretty sure I could
actually fall asleep with you next to me, which is something I never thought I would say. – Or most women, it’s fine. – Fair. – [Nick] There’s a cat. – [Tenya] My room has a cat. Your favorite. – That’s my bag. So, I didn’t pack PJ’s. That’s my mistake and I’m
going to be in the same place 24 hours. – And I’m gonna have to bleach my sheets. – I’m not gonna fuckin’
dirty them, come on. – Oh, someone’s gettin’
a little bit touchy. – [Nick] I just wanna go to bed. I wanna get this whole shit behind me. – I feel so dead inside right now. – And now, the time we’ve
all been waiting for, bed. – I need to wee. – Fuck. – [Tenya] This is a great trust exercise. – Yeah. – Let’s go to bed. – Yeah. – My cat might get
involved, just so you know. (meow) (snoring) Why? It’s like I found my brother, son, and enemy all at once. – [Nick] Thank you? – [Tenya] Wasn’t a compliment. Good morning, Nick. I’ve been awake for hours. Rise and shine. So, in the night, you said, “Poo! “Sup?” Hey and Nick? – Hmm? – [Tenya] I filmed you snoring. – How bad was it? – Pretty bad. – [Nick] Shower time. – Oh, I’m holding his underwear. (laughter) Are you okay? – I slipped. – I’ve never gone into the shower with a leather jacket on before. It’s really hard to like,
wash your body properly with one hand. So, may I have a towel, please, kind sir? – Where’s the towel? – Fuck! Dude, I have to borrow your towel. – Yeah, that’s fine. Easy. Okay guys, you win, I’m gonna take a shit. – [Tenya] Off we go. How’s it going? – Really good. – Ah, we just missed our train. – Eight minutes to go,
we’ve been waiting for this. Into the studio. I’ve gotta fart really bad. – At least you’re not pooing
in front of me any more. – What’s gonna be the first thing you do when you take these off? – Get a pap smear. – Oh. – I feel like if you
were in the room with me while I was getting my pap smear now, I wouldn’t care any more. – Yeah. Once the ice is broken, we’re like, “Yeah! “I wanna do another pee,” and Ten’s like, “Fuck yeah! “I’m up for that!” – We just started weeing
with the bathroom door wide open. – Like a married couple. Head magnet. That’s the alarm, it’s 10:00. – Oh my God, it’s time! – Holy shit! – Oh my God. – Do you wanna do mine, I’ll do yours? – [Tenya] This is like us
exchanging our wedding vows, but so much better. Three, two, one. (exhale) Ready? – Yeah. Sweet, I’m going to the toilet. Fuck. – You know what? I think that there are very few people in the world that I could be
handcuffed to for 24 hours and the fact that you
somehow made it happen is testament to how good a person you are. – We’re never doing this again though. Absolutely fucking not. – Get off me. – Yep.

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