Polar | Science and Smart Coaching

Polar | Science and Smart Coaching

So, at Polar we refer to ourselves as the Pioneers of sports wearable technology. We consider that to be very justified for example if you go back to 1977 with the creation of the first
wireless heart rate tracking device for athletes and their coaches. And the point also here is that
it’s not just about pioneering, we’re not just looking backwards, – we’re also looking very much
forward into the future as well. It’s an ongoing thing. It all started from the university patenting and innovation about 40 years ago. Actually, research has
a fundamental role really in Polar, because Polar origins from the university. Polar’s strength as a company
in sports technology, according to my opinion, is that we have everything in-house
and we have it in our own hands. We can take a basic signal, start from scratch, and take this signal to the algorithm and we can then develop
this algorithm into the product features. For example, our revolutionary
optical heart rate solution is the end result of close cooperation between the different
organizations and teams and it is important that
they do things hand in hand to get the best solution
out of that collaboration. Also, very many of Polar algorithms are very individual. So, we take into account your demographics, if you are female, if you are male, how much you weigh, what is your height, even your resting heart rate
and your resting aerobic capacity. All the algorithms calculate
this personally to you. If a person has a different demographics, the result is different. And I think this is the reason
people don’t really know, they think the algorithms are general, but they are really personal. Heart rate has a fundamental role, and we are actually the best in the world in it. Research teams typically use
our heart rate technology as a reference for their research, so we are so-called golden standard
of heart rate measurement globally. Our technology is very precise, very reliable, and it’s also very useful for very many purposes. I think science is in Polar people’s
and Polar company DNA. It has a fundamental role, it always has had and
it will have in the future also. Because it is an important part
of our so-called customer promise also that we do research
and everything we offer is valid. The Polar brand represents a strong heritage of elite level sports
performance and innovation. It is embraced by high-level
athletes all over the world, but in addition to that, it’s also very much embraced
by people who aspire to be able to use the same technology and have the same advantages
that elite level athletes have. So, it definitely has a much broader following than just the top-level athletes. Our mission is very much
about helping athletes of all levels to achieve their goals by providing them
with amazing technology and services that deliver smart coaching guidance which is really actionable
guidance towards their goals. And it’s not so much about pure raw data but it’s really about value-added guidance that helps people to make
the right choices every day.

4 thoughts on “Polar | Science and Smart Coaching

  1. I am now religiously following the Polar training program on my M430 for my next trail marathon.

    After training myself into the ground (on a non Polar program) earlier this year my performance had dropped with disappointing results in an ultra and a half marathon.

    I am already feeling the benefits of the more balanced plan.

    I am really looking forward to the next generation Vantage to help me improve even further!

  2. We need swimming and triathlon training programs from you. Any updates coming to the V800? It has been a while since anything has been updated…

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