Polar Vantage V | How Lucy Charles-Barclay trains with data

Polar Vantage V | How Lucy Charles-Barclay trains with data

When I came into triathlon I learned the hard way that more is not better in triathlon. There is a lot more planning involved in your training. There is a lot more… Based around your body you are pushing it to its limits day in day out. You really do have to plan your training accordingly. So there is a lot of adapting day by day by feel but there is also a lot of planning and just looking at the data and making sure that we are on the track to those key races For me, every single day getting in the pool and trying to chase back what I could do as a swimmer and I still believe I can go faster. I mean I obviously use the pace per hundred, that is my biggest metric in swimming. It is something I have always been able to gauge off. Being a distance athlete I kind of was someone who was quite metronomic I could also hit reps at the same pace all the time, so I love to be able to see that on my watch and to confirm that every rep is within a point of a second. So I find that really cool to see and obviously I like to use heart rate as well and just judge my effort. Sometimes I find in swimming that it actually feels like I’m not working very hard, but then I can check the heart rate and the heart rate is actually very high so I think probably that comes back to my background as a swimmer. What I love about data is that pretty much all of the time it is exactly reflecting how I feel. So if I feel tired I will look over the data and it normally says, yeah, you are in an absolute pit, you are so tired and you probably do need to rest. Then that’s when I kind of go, OK, the data s saying this, maybe I should go and try the session and see what happens and then adapt it on feel. I like to use the combination of all three using feel, using data and having my husband obviously as my coach. All of them seem to work hand in hand which is really good. If it was the more the better, then I would probably be the best at this sport. I’m doing well but I’m someone my whole life who has just, if I can do more than the next person then I’m going to beat them and I think in swimming that did apply. However, in this sport actually it’s more about being the smartest athlete, training the smarter. If I don’t rest enough, then I’m kind of not checking in and making sure that I’ve banked all the hard work that I’ve done. It’s hard but I’ve definitely learned the lesson now.

4 thoughts on “Polar Vantage V | How Lucy Charles-Barclay trains with data

  1. This didn’t actually give much specifics about how the data is used. Pacing data during swimming, and then look at the watch if you feel tired? Seems kinda excessive to buy this watch just for that.

  2. Hi Sami and cheers for your feedback! Polar Vantage V is a premium multisport watch designed for pro athletes – and for anyone who trains like a pro. You can read more about the device from our website: https://www.polar.com/en/vantage/v

  3. These "Champions of data" videos feels a great deal like poorly disguised commercials and they have very few information for us – the customers – that all ready bought e.g. Polar Vantage V watch. I am very interested in actually knowing a bit more HOW to use the product in daily training, HOW to construct more intelligent workouts, HOW to analyze the data harvested from my training sessions. I do NOT need more "life-style" like commercials like this one. Please use these great athletes to actually make us smarter. Thank you!

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