54 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Mushroom Sculpture // How To Tutorial

  1. These mushrooms look like they're out of Alice in Wonderland! (lol)

    I love the shape and colors. They're stunning! Great vid Steph! (^^)v

  2. Is this the same kind of 3D sculpting art like you had the one on facebook with the crystals? 🙂
    Cool looking mushrooms!

  3. Thanks for using a different colour paper when working with WHITE clay, Stephanie! I can actually SEE what you're doing! Another great video!

  4. You have soooo much talent 🙊🙈
    How many time you need to learn this to make soo beautyfull?
    And do you learn allon or you have this in school or something 🙂
    I hope you see my comment 🙈🙊❤️

  5. Hooray! mushrooms!! How can fungus be so freaking adorable? One of the great mysteries I suppose. I love that they are non-traditional, nice job as always! ♡♡♡

  6. Hi! I've just discovered your amazing channel recently. How do you keep your white clay dust free? When I've used polymer clay before, dust will always find its way onto the white even when i wash my fingers very thoroughly. I also use a microfiber cloth to clean my workspace. Thank you!

  7. I am obsessed with mushrooms. These are so adorable! I am going to try making some. (I'm sure they won't be this amazing but I'll try) Excellent work!

  8. Sorry if this is a question you have already answered, but what type of paper do you use when baking? Is it a type of parchment paper? I am an avid clay artist, and watching your videos is very inspirational and fun! <3 Thank you!

  9. I imagine making one of these and pretend to eat it Infront of my parents having my cousin pretend he found it outside and told them what species it is and he will leave saying he has to go to the bathroom and I'll come by and say oh a mushroom ps (I like mushrooms) and eat it and see my parents reaction

  10. what do you use to work on? I am new at polymer clay have not even opened my package yet but wondering what you work on? My daughter and I are going to do a fairy garden and thought I would make some things myself. I have to admit it looks a bit challenging

  11. Hallo Es ist der wahnsinn wie schön alle deine Sachen sind, habe mir in den letzten Tagen viele Videos von dir angesehen einfach klasse und auch als Abo gemacht :)) Schade das ich kein Englisch kann. Welches Polymer Clay ist das? Hätte noch so viele fragen , hoffe es gibt ein Übersetzungsprogramm ganz lieben Gruß aus Deutschland

  12. You have such a wonderfully refreshing personality…so positive & encouraging, you inspire me so much, thank you for sharing this part of yourself with the world! ✌️🇨🇦♥️

  13. I love these! <3 They look like chantarelles, the first wild mushroom I learned to find with my sister, but I always too intimidated to try making them, but now I definitely will! Thank you!

  14. I absolutely love mushrooms, not eating them but I admire their beauty. Your video is hypnotic, not boring at all. Thank you for sharing!

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