Polymer Clay Smiley Face Cane Beginner Tutorial Video

Polymer Clay Smiley Face Cane Beginner Tutorial Video

Leah here from magicbyleah.com. In this video,
I’ll show you how to create a smiley face Polymer Clay Cane which is part 1 in the 3-part
smiley cane gift set project. With this project you’ll need two pens,
I like to use the Bic Stic pens. Just make sure you’re not using one that has this
rubber grip because that’s going to melt in the oven. We’ll also need a pair of pliers
for to pull the ink out. For the smiley face you need two contrasting colors of Polymer
clay, I like to use the Sculpey. We need a sharp blade to slice the cane, a super slicer.
We’ll need aluminum foil for our base and a pasta machine is definitely, definitely
helpful. We’ll start conditioning the clay. Since
we’re starting with the eyes, we’ll condition the black first. Just a small piece and it
doesn’t matter how big you make it. Oviously the more clay you use more cane you have.
Since we’re starting with the eyes, I roll black clay for the inside of the eye. And
then we’ll cut small piece out. The small eyeballs because we’ll start with mini eyeball
cane. So we rolled out the pink using the thickest
setting on the pasta machine and then I’m gonna cut it to fit the center of the eye.
Just cut one end and I’ll position this so that you can, just overlap and cut it a
little bit too short. This is gonna distort the image but if we’ll cut it a little short
it will stretch to fit. Here we go. So that wraps nicely. These will the eyeball. Toll
the seams together. I like to use the ink quill of the pen as a very narrow rolling
pin. There we go, that’s our eyeball. Stretch it and roll it a little so that you can cut
it in half to give you two equal diameter eyeballs. Cut it in the middle round it and
slice. And then we’ll just gonna side by side this two eyes. Now we wanna fill around
as to give it a face. So at this point you’re just gonna fill the gaps. Place a little scrap
in there, a little here and then we’ll roll it so it actually takes up the space in between.
If you have gaps, it’s going to destroy your image and that’ll mess up the face. Now we wanna roll up some more sheets and
wrap around. Condition again using the thickest setting on the pasta machine. Lay this to
the center and cut off the sides. I think I cut it a little narrow there but it should
still work. Then mark where you’re going to cut it off. Here we go. So now we have
the top of the face. The next thing we wanna work on is the smile. To create the smile, I have black clay rolled
out on the thickest setting on the pasta machine but I wanna make it closer to the thickness
of the eyes so I’m gonna double it over. Press it down firmly to make sure you have
no trapped air bubbles. And then we’ll cut it to approximately the width of the eyes.
Again it doesn’t have to be perfect because the end of the cane always mess up anyway
so we’re gonna have to cut that off anyway Next I have a conditioned ball of clay and
I like to roll it into a cylinder and flatten it down till again it’s about the size of
the eyes. So what you wanna do here is get a half of the circle. Just cut it straight
down and this is perfect for lining out with the eyes. Looks a little big so let’s cut
that a little small. Again you want it to look nice with the eyes. So that looks about
right. Now wrap the mouth around this. Whatever sticks out on the end, just cut off. Don’t
worry about being perfect or too careful with it because the idea is to be creative and
not to make this too difficult. This is the beginner project and it’s just a smile.
As long as it smiles at you it will look really cute. Oh wow, that’s a really big smile.
So now you wanna fuse this to the eyes and really get that, you know that expression
when the smiles comes all the way up to the eyes, that’s what we are trying to do here. Now as you get more advanced you can get more
creative and add to this. You can add maybe pupils maybe put a nose in but we’re keeping
this very simple. Next we’re gonna wrap this around with another layer of pink clay
so let’s condition that. You can get to the thickest setting of your pasta machine
but I like to go thinner here because I like to wrap it around and round a few times to
make sure it takes nicely. So let’s get a sharp end, to start. Just wind it up with
the smile and then just round and round and I like to end it at the smile again so it’s
somewhat even there. And then what I wanna do is use a blade to cut off the excess on
both sides. There we have it! A very simple smiley cane. Let’s go ahead and blend this
in. Okay what I like to do now is wrap it with
the same color as the eyes and the mouth that way when you put it on something like a pen
it has a nice border. To do that we get some more black clay, condition it. To have the
black one condition and since I want to thicken the border I have it on the number 2 setting
on the pasta machine. Cut the end so that you have something even to start with and
then wrap it around carefully. Wrap it over so that you can mark where the cane is. notice,
there’s a little bit of a smudge and that’s where I cut it off. And then you want to sort
of smooth the ends together. Stretch this to make sure you have a nice seam and then
cut around to get rid of the excess. At this point we’re done with the smiley face and
now we want to reduce it. What I find with fresh cane , it tends to be softer the inside
clay tends to be harder so when you squeeze you have it squirting out in different ways
and that will mess up your smiley face. I’ll use a scrap clay and squeeze it into the design.
It’s the ends, it’s gonna mess up anyway but this way, it sort of protects the different
levels from shooting out and gives you something to hold on to when reducing your cane. If
you make your cane very big and you don’t mind the ends or the starting because you’ll
still be able to use the inside. Alright, so we have the smiley face hidden,
now we are ready to reduce. For something like this because we have a bigger diameter
than the width you wanna make sure that you start at the very center and sort of squeeze
the middle. This will squeeze in everything out. Don’t just squeeze the middle, also
squeeze the outside so everything is reduce in diameter at the same time. And so again,
go from the center and squeeze outward. At this point notice that it is starting to bulge
that’s why we have the caps on there. Another trick I saw is to put a quarter and the quarter
will prevent it from shooting out. Because the diameter is about what we have here but
then I find it really hard because the outside stays the diameter the quarter on the inside
gets narrow. We’re about the diameter where we can start rolling, I like to do it first
in my hand to get it smoothed and then on a clean surface. Just squeeze from the inside
out, inside out. As you go in, put pressure on any area of the candy that looks like it’s
staying fat. One trick I notice is that if your cane is slightly bigger than the diameter
than the pen, then as long as the pen is long enough to cover you cut it thin. If you cut
it thick you’ll need it a little longer. So if we stretch this out you’ll notice
we have plenty of smiley face to go around even though we’ll probably lost about till
here to this portions. Another thought is to decide if you want it a small diameter
or large diameter or maybe even mix and match so that you’ll have some small and some
large and just have a nice pattern design on your pen. Take a peek, I don’t like to cut on the
glass, notice I keep using baking paper that way the glass doesn’t scratch. I like to
look my way in, look at that! We have our smiley face. Now fFor the other end, I’ll
show what it looks like when it’s distorted. In this we have an eye and a half smile. I’ll
do more, sort of losing the mouth over here. Here we go, we have a smile. I want a much
much smaller diameter here so I’ll keep going. I’ll cut it in half so I can reduce
half at a time and that will make it much longer. This one I may take this one much
thicker in case I want to do something like beads, earrings or to cover something other
than just a pen. So here we have it, two smiley canes, notice we lost the end again but we’ll
gonna cut that off. Right now it’s very soft and so easy to manipulate. What I want
to do is refrigerate it so that it cools and hardens for about half an hour and I’ll
have a much easier time slicing it. If I try to cut it now, it’s all gonna get distorted
and it’s gonna ruin all the work we just put in. So be sure to join me in the next video where
I show you how to slice it and how to cover a pen so that you get a nice design to complete
a project. For a detailed list of supplies used in this
project along with answers to your specific questions, visit my website magicbyleah.com
or click the link in the description. I will be uploading videos regularly so be sure to
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  1. I really like this video because there is no distracting music, your voice is very soft and pleasant to listen to and you also explain each step very well. I also like the fact that you put handy tips in there and explain the ideas. Great video presentation!  Looking forward to more from you  Thanks! 🙂

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