Raw Food Diets : Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods in Raw Food Diets

Raw Food Diets : Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods in Raw Food Diets

Alright now let’s touch on, in the raw live
food diet. Let’s touch briefly on the alkaline idolizing foods or the acidic foods. Now most
of us are familiar with the PH in a pool that it has to be a proper PH. Well so does your
body have to be at a proper PH. Here’s a chart that I found that is very thorough and it
list all the foods that would create an alkalizing form in your body and all the foods that creates
acid forming. Meat, dairy products, coffees and teas and beers and dairy products and
saturated, hydrogenated oils and margarine and butter. All these things are acidic and
infect you and create acidic properties in your body. Your body in a natural healthy
state is trying to get rid of acidic properties and if you’re feeding it acidic properties,
it will have a hard time doing it. If you’re feed yourself alkalizing foods, which would
be, greens and almost all the vegetables that we could think of are alkalizing. Fruits and
lemons and limes. All these create an alkalizing effect in your body. So that’s what we’re
searching for is food that’s going to create an alkalizing effect on your body. That’s
briefly a little bit about the PH and how to get there and the right, and keep it in
the right PH.

8 thoughts on “Raw Food Diets : Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods in Raw Food Diets

  1. I really enjoy your videos, you are very easy to listen to and you are not drawn out. Very educational in easy to understand bites. Thanks!

  2. Its nice we have a Pancreas that regulates our ph. So we don't have to worry about it.
    It's odd however, that our body Overcompensates; When we eat alkaline foods our blood temporarily, becomes somewhat acidic and, vise versa; When we consume acidic foods our blood becomes somewhat alkaline..So go figure.

  3. Interesting video! btw my cousin applied this fantastic weight loss diet known as: Impact 790 Diet and already lost 15 pounds within a month. I can not remember the exact website just Google it.

  4. Too often there's a focus on only eating alkaline food but after about 6 months doing this you begin seeing symptoms of alkalosis (being too alkaline). I guess the focus makes sense since most are still on a highly acidic and dehydrated diet (flour, processed sugars,et cetera). Eventually when you reach alkalosis, you have to start balancing alkalinity with raw fats. For those on a no fat diet they can find foods high sulphur or phosphorus as these are acid forming.

  5. I was overweight & tried all kinds of things & never succeeded. It? made
    me depressed for a long time. Luckily, I came to know that the body to
    maintain healthy pH , converts all extra Acid in the body to Fats and these Fats will
    never be given up.

    I play a lot of games in my iPhone & once i came to know about pH, i searched
    apps on pH & found 3 apps & I liked? "myPH" by lokesh hanumappa. It has 230
    food item list, realtime body pH & reminders.

    balanced pH can solve any diseases in body.

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