Review HANACURE Mask Skin Care, AKA Zombie Mask. Is it a GIMMICK? Natural Kaos

Review HANACURE Mask Skin Care, AKA Zombie Mask. Is it a GIMMICK? Natural Kaos

Hey you guys welcome I’m so excited that
you’re able to join me this morning and I hope that I set everything up right I
don’t know sometimes I struggle with live-streaming when I’m trying to do it
from my camera my computer and using a mic so let me know if it sounds ok? You
guys who are already here I decided to jump on a little bit early because I
already saw there were 15 people here now we’re up to 23 hey Amanda hey Lori
hey Lisa hey Abigail you guys are amazing thank you so much for joining me.
okay I’m getting I’m getting a warning what’s wrong with my streaming why okay
does it look okay or I don’t know what it wants me to do now I don’t know we’re
just gonna go with it if it’s looking okay I’m just gonna look
at the chat and if it seems like it’s alright then okay I don’t want to waste
your time this mask is gonna take about 30 minutes and what we’re gonna do is
we’re going to okay great people are saying it looks great it sounds okay
alright so what I’m gonna do is I’m first going to take a picture because
everybody always is like your lighting or your pictures they’re not the same
before and after so I just want you guys to know that I am taking a picture right
now okay so that’s what my skin looks like before we’re gonna do this mask and
we’ll take a picture during and then we’ll take a picture after and what I’ll
do is I will post the before and after side by sides on Instagram so you can go
see it there and move this back a little bit we’re gonna get started you inside
oh you guys I wish I had somebody here to help me with the chat right now I’m
so sorry if I’m not able to pay attention but this is the thing once we
get the mask going we’ll be able to chat a lot more because we just got to get it
on okay so you guys I’m like everyone I saw this thing being pitched to me for a
bunch of years and I was like I don’t know I don’t know if this Hanna care
mask is everything but they got like Jewboy Barrymore and a bunch of
celebrities to do it and then it even made me feel like I didn’t want to do it
even more because I was kind of like that’s kind of I don’t know just like a
play with money right to get people better have that kind of reach to do it
anyways you guys I was still super curious and finally the trend I think
has died down so now I’m gonna try it so basically it comes in a box like this
it’s $29 it’s one treatment and you take this out it’s like a little pocket this
is the activating solution you’re gonna put those together and then
it comes with a brush so we’re gonna take off our lid just so you guys know
this is formulated and made in Korea I double-check that because sometimes
things will claim to be Korean but then they’re not really made there this one
apparently is so you take off the metal cap and then you lift up this little
edge what’s in here okay so it’s just kind of like a clear solution so far and
then you dump this guy in in it and then you close it you shake it for 20 seconds
oh really so how they shake and look at the chat now I can’t believe you guys
are all here you’re amazing okay so like I said in the facebook area I’m gonna
give away one of these today so I have a second one of course I always shop in
twos and I’m gonna give one away to somebody in the chat who’s being so
amazing to me and just I mean I love it you guys like I want to be able to make
produced videos for you that I love that house cool music that don’t make you
wait around forever but I also want to do lives and because that helps me just
get through content and it makes less work on me so thank you so much for
joining me when you join me for lives you guys I love you guys so much
okay so that’s about 20 seconds okay so it’s turned into a gel and I think I can
probably show this to you without making it fall down everywhere you see it’s
like solidified kind of so we are now gonna paint that on to my face and then
I was reading you can paint it onto your I mean obviously it’s for skin treatment
you could paint it on anywhere but we’ll do it on my neck to you just pick up
your brush I’m gonna actually get rid of this lid okay
let’s paint it on I didn’t give myself a mirror all right we’ll just use my
monitor that’s in front of me let’s see I’ve gotta move this I stay in focus
here we go I’m gonna crawl up on my desk so I can do that see guys
Oh Missy thank you so much Missy glover says she loves my channel she’s learned
so much that is so sweet on You Missy I just I love sharing like I just love it
I love I love everything about skincare and beauty and I mean I don’t like when
people get taken advantage of by this industry but I love being able to now
have created a community where I get to just try everything I want and and help
you guys just have more insight that’s always my goal so we’re gonna paint this
on I know I’m like trying to concentrate on
this Oh Nicole says I’m saving her so much money she has I have no idea well
that’s good because sometimes I feel like all I never doing is showing things
to buy so I’d appreciate that Nicole I gotta be honest I think this thing is
gonna be a full-on gimmick but I thought it would still be fun and I just wanted
to like have time to chat and connect with you guys anyway so that’s the
reason I thought this would be a good thing to do today okay so I think I’ve
got it all over my face now let’s get it on my neck all right I think I’ve been fairly
effective at that while juggling multiple things so let’s talk about this
mask really quick have any of you guys ever tried it Lori says the whole
gimmick thing is what held me back from buying this mess so I’m glad you are
doing it as yes I Lori I feel 100% the same way like you know anything that
goes online and says that one mask is gonna make you look ten years younger I
mean nothing in life is going to do that I’m gonna 100% tell you that right now
nothing what not one treatment is ever going to make you look ten years younger
unless you go and get a facelift and get things cut off and sutured on and then
you’re still going to have to heal from it but you will look immediately younger
right okay so this where did I put it oh so this
thing is gonna take like 30 minutes to dry but we’re gonna like try to speed it
up with a fan it does say that if you do a fan it intensifies the treatment it
also says to not move your face very much now I’m gonna be chatting with you
guys so that’s not really gonna be an option to not move my mouth but it’s
going to start getting tighter as we go and let’s talk about why this mask is
supposed to work so I had their site up and let’s go over some of the things
it’s saying it has that Evita asked is it for all skin types
yes it is Evita they say that they claimed to make it for all skin types
however if you are right what is going on modern a InFocus if you are if your
skin can be sensitive you don’t have to do it for as long so like if you’re fair
like me maybe you won’t do it all 30 minutes because this is what’s going to
happen it’s going to let’s just get into it’s going to be doing the bore method
and what that means is that it’s going to be
putting co2 into your skin and when your skin is getting co2 put into it it
immediately needs oxygen right so then all of a sudden the body starts pushing
oxygen which means the blood vessels start to swell and they start to move
more blood to the skin surface to oxygenate oxygen the the skin which is
bringing also nutrients besides just oxygen because blood carries more than
just oxygen it it carries a myriad of things but that’s going to help build
tissue and brighten but what it can do for people that are very fair like me or
have very sensitive skin is it can leave you looking red for a few hours
afterwards so it’s supposed to brighten it’s supposed to tighten it’s supposed
to take ten years off your skin but basically it’s the bohr method that it’s
that it’s doing and yes it has some other peptides in it first soothing skin
let’s see it let’s go through the the myriad of what it says it has so first
off it says these are the things that claims it’s going to do it’s going to be
anti-aging it’s great for fine lines and wrinkles lifting and firming
hyperpigmentation dullness large pores clogged pores clarifying detoxifying so
that’s what it’s trying to do it’s doing all this because basically it’s bringing
co2 into your skin and your skin is fighting to create oxygen that’s
essentially what it’s doing now it has some other things in it so it has
botanicals and peptides and does it give me a list of what those are it just
gives me pictures let’s see oh it’s got lotus leaf extract
it’s got camilla extract so it’s like a green tea extract
it’s got honeysuckle flower it’s got rosa canina fruit oil
it’s got peony root extract and it’s got a Sephora not like sephora the store but
like s/o ph so so for a root extract so those are supposed to be calming
extracts and then it’s got all the peptides so it’s got an neko tunnel deep
peptide 23 it’s got a nichkhun peptide 22
got an acetal hexapeptide eight and it’s got a copper peptide okay so it’s got
some copper in there so but I think even though it’s like adding all these things
in really the claim to fame is they call it patented they say that they’re what
do they call it they call it a somewhere in here they called it their co2 octo
lift technology which renews saggy skin for rejuvenated appearance okay I don’t
know how they were able to basically patent the bore method the bore method
is I mean I don’t think that they could patent it so I don’t know exactly what
their claim to fame or their special technology is that’s any different than
the Bohr method because any co2 masks that I’ve previously tried you can
activate certain ones or you can just put it on and the the mass starts to
activate and you can feel it Oh beauty junkie says she loves these
masts use the Hannah Kerr and the Duke zombie mask beauty junkie I have a
feeling that this very expensive mask versus the knockoff zombie pack are
exactly the same thoughts we’ll wait to see if she says but basically that’s
what it is and I even like found this little sheet on another lifting mask
from Japan basically showing the bore method and talking about it and
basically co2 skin absorption absorption of co2 leads to a deficiency of oxygen
beneath the skin to dissolve this deficiency the body supplies more oxygen
makes sense so then your blood capillaries start to expand blood brings
oxygen into your body in order to bring more oxygen the blood vessels start
expanding and then the supply of nutrients so not only oxygen but also
nutrients and immunity substances are included in blood so they they are
supplied and all together the cells so that’s essentially the Bohr method it’s
just creating a deficiency of oxygen and then the body trying to
you fix that deficiency okay I hope you didn’t miss anything basically I just to
put on a Hannah cure mask it’s the zombie mask okay I was also
looking into this because they are talking about on their site like people
who had used it for 31 days and the results they were having and then I was
like wait are you supposed to use this mask every day for 31 days because
that’s 30 bucks every day it’s like nobody’s gonna do that so they’re saying
that in their case study that they did people used this mask every three days
and showed improvement but they also say that you can use it every two days now
they sell the kit a four of them for like a hundred and ten dollar so you are
getting a break I guess of ten bucks but you’re gonna need two of those kits to
even make it through a month period so I don’t really know yeah exactly JM so you
choke your face you choke your face to look 10 years younger yes exactly
that’s hilarious that might be one of my favorite comments today um yeah Mary I
know so basically you’re looking at ten masks in 30 days if you did every three
days it’s 30 bucks so can I do that three hundred dollars for the month but
um I don’t know you know it’s just like who knows I just think that some of
these things are so interesting and funny but at the same rate just 100%
gimmicky and when they are able to afford people like drew Barrymore either
she’s helping like she says owner of the company so she’s doing it for free or
this company did a massive massive campaign marketing campaign and they had
a money and maybe they didn’t maybe they
went out on Wall Street and raised a ton of capital and then they could afford to
do that kind of stuff I don’t know okay so it’s getting pretty tight yes Amy I
was just about to talk about that it is getting tight and I mean I can still
move my mouth let’s look closely at this for you guys so this is kind of what’s
going on on my face so far it’s kind of drying out and yeah so I don’t know it’s
not burning though the way that other co2 masks have burned for me like on the
ones where it’s kind of like foamy and push down the mass to help I think
probably eliminate more oxygen this doesn’t feel that way it doesn’t feel
Bernie the other thing that I’ll add and because I think it’s important to some
people is that it is um hypoallergenic it’s formulated without parabens
phthalates and sulfates and it’s not tested on animals and apparently some
dermatologists have tested this that doesn’t really mean anything to me but
apparently some dermatologists have tested it it doesn’t even say
dermatologists like it because they don’t hjälsta so tests today yes more
but we’re doing the panic here one today and they called there’s octo lift which
apparently they’ve patented that name but they can’t patent the bore method so
I don’t really know what their patent is good for yes Stacy its cruelty free and yeah I’ve seen some people where it’s
like it all of a sudden as it gets tighter it like pulls their eyes up and
then pulls this down I don’t know if that’s an attractive look so I don’t
know Oh interesting idea Lindsey asked can you use it after a micro needling
session I mean I don’t see why not unless I think it
really depends on your skin like you just microneedles you just opened up a
ton of thing so I would think the best situation would be to get as many
peptides and like hydration into your skin as possible and not necessarily
almost like deprive it and suck it dry which is what this is feeling like right
now it’s feeling very drying it’s feeling like it’s it’s like sucking out
your skin so I don’t know if I would want to do this after my canoodling
because the whole point of micro needling is to get things in deep into
your skin so no no I would be interested to know what your guys’s theory on that
is I don’t want to be pulled down yeah I know ass is this chat almost over well
my face isn’t done so I don’t know okay so other things that I wanted to talk
about really quick so I’ve been using this GT salt spray but I think a really
good dupe for it is this DW EGF spray which I’ve also been using so I’m on my
second bottle of this one but I’ve been using this one too and I think that this
one is a really good dupe for and it’s available on Amazon so if you don’t want
to try to get the g2 cell which I really do like I think the g2 cell gives my
skin a little bit more glistening that I’ve noticed but I think this DW EGF is
pretty good and so after this I’m gonna be spritzing my face down with those and
then I’m going to be putting on some there’s Vera trawl and then I’m going to
be doing a new SPF that I got from Korea what’s the purpose of this phrase DDS
okay so these phrase are like super hydrating and kind of create that great
palate for your skin to be able to absorb other octaves that you’re going
to put on but the thing that it has EGF which EGF is supposed to trigger
collagen growth in your skin so that’s really the claim to fame and I don’t
know if this one is using this magic white trembling mushroom but I know that
the g2 cell is but I know I didn’t have time to do a Google Translate on this
bottle so sorry guys I kind of wondered about that if you guys would ask that
use the skillful octave I don’t know woman of the world I’ve never used the
skull blah acid spray I kind of think that it’s way overpriced in my personal
opinion and the reason it is is because the people who are selling it have white
labeled it from Korea and so it’s just being moved through those channels and
so they’re basically putting their name on it or being the only distributors in
the United States and they’re able to maintain those prices so let me give you
guys a heads up after being in Korea and you guys can see my eye socket starting
to spread right okay wait let’s take a picture really let’s make sure we don’t
miss this okay so if you guys don’t know this already I went to Korea and I met
with a bunch of distributors and manufacturers and people there and
they’re all really great and they they’re business people like they make
products and they make really good products and and they want to sell into
the United States so there’s no harm there because I think Korea provides
amazing products for the US but what has started happening there’s really only
three manufacturing places in Korea where all the skincare comes from like
all of it so they all have high quality standards
but they’re all producing the stuff and they’re just like putting different
labels brands in different bottles whatever there’s nothing wrong with that
that happens all over the world not just in Korea it happens everywhere oh my
gosh okay it’s starting to get really tight but what I’ll say about it is that
it allows people in the u.s. to basically take a product from Korea and
and just have it basically bottled and then they become the distributor of it
and they price pointed out whatever they want a price pointed I and they drive a
demand but they keep the price high because there’s not a lot of options to
buy that same product even though there might be lots of dupes for it they
branded it a certain name and they and so then you are like oh the scope let’s
go blah well yes but the only reason it’s super expensive is because the
supply and demand that the supply chain is being choked and so that’s that’s the
reason the people the few people who sell it are able to sell it at such a
high price point so I hope that that makes sense to you guys and I’m not
throwing out any names I’m just trying to be like 100% transparent on all of
that and there have been lots of people who have come to me asking me if I will
oh my gosh my eyes if I will like put my you know will I move something in the US
or will I you know I mean create kind of that same thing and right now no I just
don’t I don’t like overpriced things I want things to be priced well I want
them to be effective and I really do believe that efficacy comes from
utilization and and and so I just never want to sell a cream or anything that I
feel like is way overpriced and and in the end really you’re not gonna get any
benefit from so that’s kind of how I feel about that whole thing
um yes so it’s like tightening this whole thing and I think it’s actually
time to pull it off let’s pull it off because it feels like time so I’ve got
my water I’ve got my little spongy and we will just remove it you think it’s
too soon Jennifer okay Jennifer says too soon okay wait okay well let’s see it’s
only 9:20 okay let’s it’s true Jennifer let’s wait ten more minutes and that’s
okay because I’m going to I still need to pick a winner to send a mask to and
and what else can I do yeah my eyes are definitely getting
wider Tricia says oh I’m really glad that mace face did I see your name right
IFA brought up the wash off or the GU a Shah I bought a bunch of them and I’ve
never actually used them really great because because I think it takes like a
lot of personal work to use them correctly and then to do them all the
time but what I was thinking is I got a like vibrating one sounds really weird
and I was gonna do a live with it but I have to like learn how to do the
technique because I think the technique is really what it’s all about so anyways
I just I yeah I know who I’m gonna pick today for the winner and I don’t want
anybody running away when I pick the winner but I mean if you just came here
to win then sorry but the person I’m gonna pick today as the winner is Lori
Lori D Krause a because you want to know why you guys Lori is so good to me she
shows up to all my lives to all my premieres she’s on my Instagram she’s in
the Facebook group I mean Lori is just such an amazing support to me I just
know that if I do anything she’ll be there for me she has my back and so Lori
I love you thank you and I’m excited to send you this Hannah care meds and when
you put it on so many a picture I’d love to see it so anyways that’s why I
picture you guys because she really she’s never won anything for me and she
shows up all the time for me and it just makes me feel so blessed and okay since
we have a little bit of time before I take this off I want to talk about
something else really quick and since I look really weird this will be really
awesome okay it’s kind of my attention now twice over the weekend so if you’re
my private Facebook group you may have known that on Friday I believe I went
live talking about how there were people who are ordering products from like
overseas like dermis and people that we’ve had dinners with and I know
they’re reputable and I know they’ll do anything to make you guys happy and
basically people have been just randomly ordering stuff not necessarily reading
what they’re ordering it comes they feel somehow that they’re upset about it but
instead of contacting him and trying to fix it or trying to change out things or
whatever the case is they want to immediately go to PayPal and issue a
complaint against him I thought that was just happening with him but I’ve
recently found out that that’s happening with the ladies over at Lux lips labs –
and I my heart breaks you guys these people are like grinding it out just
like any other entrepreneur you cannot take advantage of the situation you
cannot order the the lip injector pen and the filler which I bought so many of
these pens I don’t reach out to those people or whoever and claim a false
PayPal on them to get my money back and take advantage of the system
of course not I know ordering these things could be kind of gimmicky or
maybe it won’t work or maybe I’m doing something wrong like I take that
personal responsibility onto myself I chose to buy something they supplied me
with it I chose to use it whether it works for me or not is not their problem
it’s mine and and so anyways I could not believe what I was hearing when I was
hearing that people were buying from lips lip Lutz lips labs using their
filler then complaining then contacting PayPal to demand their money back I mean
all over the place we say that using these pens is not going to be the same
as going in and getting your lips filled with a syringe of Juvederm right
Juvederm is 24 milligrams per milliliter it’s a much thicker substance the pen
can not shoot that in so when you’re using a pen you’re usually using a
filler that’s more around the 19 to 20 milligram and again you’re still
not going to come away with exactly the same results as if you went to a plastic
surgeon or a doctor’s office and got them injected so the fact that people do
this is just sickening to me and I just felt like I couldn’t hold it in that I
had to get on here and make sure that you guys know that I do not support that
behavior I support self responsibility I support entrepreneurs I support people
who are giving all the information and trying to be give great customer service
I know the ladies that loves love their name is the hardest thing for me
honestly but I know the ladies over there let lips left slips labs do all
their can all they can to help people troubleshoot using those pens explain to
them that you know before you start using your filler maybe you should use
some out there I just get used to it testing it so the fact that I hear that
people are using their fillers and then like getting the product on Friday using
it up and then on Saturday doing a PayPal return refund it’s just it’s so
alarming to me so if you do that you are not part of my tribe you do not see eye
to eye with me because that is not something I support I think that is
criminal and I think that that is a horrible thing to do so I just hope you
guys know that oh yeah No so yeah anyways you guys are awesome I
know that I I personally feel like the people who are here with me right now
totally get this and I feel like the people who are active in our tribe and
the Facebook group totally get this I I just know that there are probably random
people who are clicking these links that I supply you with because I’ve gone
personally in vetted these people and then I feel horrible when people are
going through my links and taking advantage of them because I don’t want
to be the face of people going into these businesses and taking advantage of
them you know so I’m actually getting a report from lips lab let’s lips loves
and from directs and I’m gonna cross them and see if anybody who’s showing up
in both lists I know 100% they are scammers and they if they’re in my
private Facebook up there being kicked out immediately I’m not going to
tolerate that kind of behavior and this is your first and last warning on this
if you do this to these people I’m going to kick you out of my tribe because that
is just not something I support okay I feel like we’re almost at 30 minutes I
need some water oh thanks Abigail I know
oh my kit says she hates that I have to go over this I know but it is crazy the
world is insane with people just trying to rip other people off alright I think
we ought to take another picture guys okay and then I think we should take it
off O’Malley okay yeah you guys I can’t wait for Cancun either no you guys know
that I cut it off last night because I just want to be able to get that wrapped
up this week but if for some reason you want to go to Cancun and this is the
first year ever hearing of a personal reason we’re going April 23rd through
the 26th and if you need any help with that
email my sister Christy at natural chaos comm it’s Kate our is
TI at natural chaos comm email her and she can help facilitate you getting a
room this week and then in the end you guys even if you’re not able to book in
the room block and you still are able to make it work in the you know later on
after this kind of like time frame is all wrapped up i would still love to
have you guys there just because you can’t look in my room block doesn’t mean
that you can’t come to where we’re staying and be a part of it i just need
to kind of know and if you booked super late we might not have a swag back for
you but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a million other reasons to come
so i just hope that all makes sense to Oh ina says that she wants to come but she
can’t her mom can’t be on her own and wonder if one who does a woman of
worlds’s do a trip to korea okay there are talks about doing a trip to korea or
to russia I’ve never been to Russia but basically
I have a connection there now where we could do a group trip to Russia and we
could get P do threads but you could also get like trained I’m doing like if
that’s something you want to do I not that I would say that you would be
getting trained to do them on other people just like almost like insight for
if you wanted to DIY them yourself so that is kind of the idea right now but I
don’t have any dates I don’t have any cost I don’t have any real concept about
that trip besides the fact that it’s kind of been suggested and that there’s
a possibility and putting something like that together oh I know this from your
country yeah I know oh they asked what I’m using to remove my mouse okay when I
was in Korea I picked up these sponges they’re not necessarily anything special
but when I saw them I thought they’d be great on the channel so these are just
sponges from I think Tony moly but they’re just kind of like sponges
face care sponges okay I think it’s all done I really don’t think it made that
much of a difference I am a little bit more read so I think hmm okay let’s take
a picture right now after I kind of wondered if I would get read just
because of my skin coloring and you know oh there’s still some stuff on my face I didn’t know if I would be the best
before-and-after candidate for this honestly yeah
the after does not love desirable right now okay I probably what I’ll do is I’ll
take an after picture in the same setting in two hours so that I can show
you guys after the inflammation goes down because
I think that I thought I would get some information but I’ll show you kind of
close up to you can do a very good job of wiping it all off I don’t think I
look any I don’t think it looks any better for me honestly I mean I don’t
know but what I’m gonna do right now is I’m just going to do some aftercare so
I’m just spraying on I’m using the dupe that DW EGF and then I’m putting on some
of resveratrol from Beauty PI R is volatile is great on the skin for
helping prevent it’s just a you know prevents free radicals from getting into
your skin and it just helps protect your sword so I’m gonna put that on right now
Oh Shelly I know don’t you think it is such a beautiful group
oh I love Laurie not 10 but 9 for sure yeah we robbed my skin of oxygen for
about 30 minutes and I lost 10 years off my face mm-hmm okay what else okay so we
just put on some of those very tall and then here is a li a 50 from Missha it’s
the velvet finish I picked this up in Korea in their store but I also saw that
they are selling it on Amazon now I don’t know if the velvet finish is my
favorite or not I don’t have a way to compare it but maybe some of their other
finishes would be nicer I feel like this velvet finish can be a
little bit drying in my opinion I don’t know but when I take the picture in two
hours I’ll take off this SPF just to make sure that any of its kind of like
white tint isn’t camouflaging my skin just to be fair to
the Hannah cure but um anyways you guys thank you I don’t even know what I just
did this was quite the experience I hope it was enjoyable for you I I love our
group I I love what it’s become I love that when I show up here I actually see
friends like that’s kind of an incredible experience for me and I’m
excited to give lots of you hugs in Cancun and we get down there and
obviously give you virtual hugs whenever I can here on lives and in videos and in
our private Facebook group so

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  1. Hi Kim, just wanted to ask, have you tried any of the collagen sachets, Iโ€™m trying Absolute Collagen at the moment. My skin is so soft & I hope my fine lines on my forehead go.
    Plus I was in TK Max last week, they had a mask that looked rubber not like a normal sheet mask, weird one.
    Plus lastly I promise, yesterday on Instagram ( I follow Julia Roberts) there was a pic of her in a car wearing a LED mask, first thought came you, not sure why but thought maybe she was secretly in our group.
    Loved the video today. Teresa ๐Ÿ’•โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  2. Love all your lives and they are seriously at the perfect time! I watch as i drink my tea with collagen ๐Ÿ˜‰ however I can never comment while live is happening I can only like! Idk how someone help me ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  3. Hi Kim! Your skin is amazing! Love all your vids! Esp loved the one including your hubby last week! What a team!!! Love your integrity most!!! Have a beautiful week!!! โ™ก โ™ก โ™ก Lydia Yes, you have saved me tons also!!! โ™ก

  4. The trolling that has occurred with PayPal, is a tactic that has happened to many People. Many Ytโ€™s have spoke about this. It is used to shut down peopleโ€™s accounts as a tactic. It is called targeted spamming to shut someone down!

  5. I'm sad I missed the live, but watched it later. I'm not sold on this mask yet. Curious to see the results. Thanks for making this video Kim๐Ÿ˜

  6. There is a less expensive version of this on Amazon called "Zombie Pack". 8 masks for about $22. It works the same.

  7. Hi Kim, I always love watching your DYI videos! Can you post the before and after on the tribe page as well as IG?

  8. I just wanted to say that Dermics is amazing! Thank you Kim for all your amazing resources and info๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿค—

  9. Sorry I missed it live Kim but I love the live even late as its longer love a your videos. Hope you have a great day ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’– xxx

  10. I love your videos and I am grateful for them, they are really useful and I enjoy every single one. But I appreciate you the most for saying this at 26:50 – 30:40 ! That is the proof that you are, first and foremost, a very good person, socially conscious and conscientious. Love you Kim! Thank you!

  11. Iโ€™m from Moscow, but I havenโ€™t been back since I was little. That would be so cool! Iโ€™d want to go so bad

  12. Oh no I missed you live again..Kim I think you are the very best of YouTube..I love these live videos even though I can't seem to catch them…You are my very favorite and I have learned so much from you..I am definitely not as brave as you..but I love learning..I am awed by your honesty…You show your high morals..Your skin looked so amazing when you started the live video…I can't imagine it being much better…It looks so good..I can tell a difference in your neck since you had the treatment in Korea..Love Ya Loretta

  13. I havenโ€™t been around for ages, not sure why but it seems I havenโ€™t been notified of your videos! Iโ€™m glad you tried this mask, Iโ€™ve been curious forever but it was always sold out.

  14. We have a product in Australia called My Perfect Facial which meant to be equivalent to this. I've used it with minimal results. Bit of hype about not much. Interesting to compare the 2.

  15. Bravo! When my mom passed I sold a large quantity of unopened perfumes and new or swatched luxury brand eyeshadow palettes on eBay. I had numerous occasions having to deal unscrupulous purchasers. Between then having to deal with eBay and PayPal it was a nightmare. So my heart goes out to retailers. Love your channel. Thank you ๐Ÿ™

  16. I too thought the mask was gimmicky and pricey for temporary results….thank you for testing this. As for the PayPal situation,This is so wrong. You have to at least let these vendors make it right.Maybe an admin could investigate further and take names ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ ๐Ÿคจ. Although they must be pretty embarrassed right now. Xoxo.

  17. Again live while Iโ€™m sleeping here in Australia ๐Ÿ˜Š Would love to see a video everyday and if that means live then bring it ๐Ÿฅฐ I check every morning and love seeing that notification x

  18. Speaking of removing people from your FB group, I would like to ask you why I was removed from the NK Tribe FB group – please donโ€™t block me for asking this, I truly love your channel and am just trying to understand. For one, I donโ€™t think I ever posted anything, Iโ€™ve always been more of a reader than a commenter. I certainly never violated any of the rules. I love your channel, I love skincare, researching ingredients, techniques, product reviews, and DIYs (Iโ€™m a nurse so I feel pretty comfortable and confident doing certain in office procedures at home, as long as Iโ€™ve done the research). I also subscribe to and love other channels of a similar vain on you tube. Just as you learn from several different preceptors when you are trained as a new nurse, I feel strongly that if Iโ€™m going to do these things at home, I want several different teachers on DIY skincare and procedures as well. It helps me to develop my own personal practice based on what I like best from watching various different approaches. I especially love your channel and loved the FB page because it is one of the few avenues that I get info on where to purchase certain things that I actually trust, which is very important when you are a DIY-er. That said, I was removed from NKT on FB after I joined the Penn Smith FB group. Not only did this make me really sad to be banned from an avenue of learning when I did nothing wrong, but also feels unjustly biased to not allow members of the FB group to be a part of other groups, assuming that was the reason I was removed. I would love to hear back from you about this if you have time. Thank you!

  19. You are so adorable for choosing her, she is a SUPER FOLLOWER, So happy that she is there for you that way, love that people are able to support you that strong!! As far as any of us not representing you in a VERY RESPECTFUL manner, you are ABSOLUTELY right! That is sad to see happening to the manufacturer… ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  20. Wow, the refund trick is horrendous. it makes me sick to hear that. I worked at the beginning of living in the U.S. in a department store. I helped so many people to pick and select the best outfits Saturday and having to take the return on Sunday before closing smelling to smoke, dirty and disgusting still with the label on it. Losing my commission. The worse that happen was selling Calvin Klein underwear and getting a return of the box with Jockey underwear in it with Hershey stain with it. So, fraudulent returns and complaints for a malicious refund is deplorable. Not to forget that it is bad karma too.

  21. I tried this mask last year when I bought a set of 4. I didn't notice any visible diff after 3, and not sure if I ever even opened the 4th. For that reason, I realized it wasn't worth the cost for me personally, but I'm quite interested to see if your experience is different ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Based on what I am reading on Amazon reviews, it's definitely something that you have to do twice a week on the reg to keep the results. Not sure I have that kind of commitment time. Thanks for the video- love them all!

  23. Kim I wonder since this mask seems to pull if it is counter productive to botox? Will you need botox sooner as a result?

  24. Hi Kim, Iโ€™m sad that people are taking advantage of these business owners and you by purchasing products, using them, and disputing charges after they use them. As you said, if there is an issue then they should reach out to the business and try to rectify the situation. You are very clear about the differences of all the approaches to beauty that you have tried, ie the pen vs. injections. Iโ€™m so grateful that you share your experiences with us. Itโ€™s obvious to me that you care about your followers and provide us with your honest impression in your videos. Itโ€™s just nasty when people exploit others for their own benefit. Unfortunately some people just take, take, take. Keep doing what you do! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ฏ

  25. Hereโ€™s my thought on this, Kim. On someone like you who has a beautiful, taught, hyperpigmentation-free face you wonโ€™t see a big difference. Now, take someone like me, 54, sagging jowls, major hyperpigmentation, large pores and deep wrinkles from way too much sun, youโ€™re probably going to notice a huge difference. Thatโ€™s my opinion. Thanks for all you do for us!! I appreciate you!

  26. Gosh why do I always miss your live videos?? So sad for me!
    Regardless great video. Thank you for sharing!

  27. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’ชWHAT !! I'm so sad I ALWAYS miss the live chats & give a's Pay Bill day.. Any way I hope next time..๐Ÿ™So let me Enjoy the video now..I'm So ๐Ÿ˜ข

  28. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’œKim your neck looks Soo So Need Somthing..I know I have to buy the micro needling Dr. Pen first..RIGHT?? NOW WHAT IS A GOOD SERUM TO USE?? SORRY NOT YELLING..JUST can't see lol Yu Kim.And Again Thanks For All Yu Do..from the bottom of my heart๐Ÿ’œThank Yu..Also who ever I meet.. Lol I tell them about your Channel .. First think I ask ..are you into Improving your Skin ??? And if they say yes..or Even if they don't..

  29. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’œWell Friday we had to go to Franklin NC to Robs 2 x mouth KIDNEY ( Divita ) Doctor day.EVERYONE was in the room. Doctor, Nurse & nutritionist and so I proceeded to tell them all about you and how much I love you and if you could see the look on their faces and I was telling them about the acids in the needles I know they thought I was crazy no words needed and some of that is true anyways, I just wanted to share that with you I thought you might get a little giggle out of that I know I did!๐Ÿ˜†

  30. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜ญHow can Yu do this Ppl?? Come on…Kim has been So good to All of us.. Teaching us Everything she knows…If you Don't have Respect for Jim ๐Ÿ™Then Yu Don't have Respect for Your self..Jezz..ok Go to the Grocery Store buy a it..and then Depend your Money back..Let me know how that work's out for yea..???

  31. I have tried to join your FB group twice, answered the questions etc.. then I wait to het accepted and when I go back to the page, it says โ€œjoin groupโ€ again. Not sure what Im doing wrong. Im down to going to Korea ๐Ÿ˜

  32. I have tried both & I can say โ€œzombieโ€ has the same effect and honestly I do like it! Thanks for sharing

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