Skincare bình dân The Ordinary có đáng mua? | Review 17 products from The Ordinary Deciem

Skincare bình dân The Ordinary có đáng mua? | Review 17 products from The Ordinary Deciem

Hello everyone, this is Mai Van Trang (or Maeve) And today’s video will not be another Facetime Series’s episode 🙁 This is my first time reviewing products on this channel, I’ll be reviewing a series of products from the brand THE ORDINARY Name: Mai Van Trang
Age of skin: 15
Skintype: Dry, thin-skinned, sensitive
Used products: self-bought Review: The Ordinary As The Ordinary has soooo many different lines of product, the product line-up will go accordingly to the brand’s website. So you guys can pull up the website while watching this to make it easier to follow! Note:
The Ordinary also sells Retinoids, but since I don’t use them, I won’t talk about them in this video! Now onto Vitamin C! I am always really excited when talking about Vitamin C, because everyone needs Vitamin C in their skincare routine. Moreover, all 8 of The Ordinary’s Vitamin C products are very reasonably priced, All of them combined are still cheaper than Drunk’s Elephant C-Firma. Therefore, I really reallyyyy want to try them to see how effective they are. Vitamin C is always that expensive thing in in skincare, because it’s very hard to formulate it,
and it’s very hard to preserve it as well. Let me put it in a more simple way like this: Let’s imagine Vitamin C as that compressed pill that is sold in pharmacies Brands would have to figure out how to crush them as tiny and smooth as possible so it can be absorbed into your skin better. Note: This does NOT mean you can buy Vitamin C pills home and crush them yourself!!! It’s true that Vitamin C CAN be dissolved in water BUT once it’s dissolved in water,
it can be oxidized easily. For example, who would want to buy a bottle of Vitamin C that costs around 2.000.000 VND (~$87) that would be expired in like 2 months? Therefore, it’s hard to preserve it, since water makes it more absorbable,
but water also makes it oxidize faster. For that reasons, companies try to come up with different derivatives and different formulas so that Vitamin C can work and be preserved better on our skins. Three Vitamin C products that I bought from The Ordinary are The first one is the Vitamin C Suspension 23%
+ HA Spheres 2% When I purchased this I had so many expectations since around that time so many people had tried it. It was one of their best sellers. And everybody was like “This is so, soooo good and it’s so affordable” But I only used it twice, and never again. First of all, the suspension for this product is
L-Ascorbic Acid which is currently the most durable suspension of Vitamin C available. It’s quite absorbent in water, but since this formula is water-free the vitamin C powder is still not smooth When used on skin, it cannot be dissolved thoroughly. I feel like as though I was doing physical exfoliation on my skin. Also, it irritated my skin a lot. Since my skin is pretty thin, when I use this it has this burning sensation on my skin, and it does not go away. And it just does-not-smoothen-well so overall it feels very uncomfortable on my skin. Hydronic Acid doesn’t work at all either So I think no, it’s a no for me. After I used that one, the brand came up with Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone. So instead of the old formula with 23% LLA, they use 30% for this formula. BUT for this product they also use silicone as the base. For those of you that is used to using silicone-based primers, you would understand the feeling of silicone on the surface of your skin. It’s soft and smooth, but BUT it’s also sticky and creamy similar to a type of cream. And it’s not comfortable on the skin at all. However, although it’s still not completely smooth, I think it’s still more acceptable than the 23% one. Between the two products, I would definitely use the Suspension 30% one. And in my opinion, I don’t think this product is suitable for sensitve, acne-proned, or injured skins. It’s only suitable for those who have healthier skins, who want to treat dark spots and make their skintone more even, for this is a pretty strong product. Next up is the product I looked forward to the most when purchasing that is Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F This suspension is not as common as LLA or SAP that we often see in the ingredients of Vitamin C. It’s said to be a new discovery. This product doesn’t contain silicone, alcohol nor water. It has Vitamin F which is a type of essential fatty acid for the skin. Because this form of Vitamin C can be dissolved in oil it doesn’t have any smoothing issues like the other products. However, there is another problem that this product is oil-format. The first softener mentioned in the ingredients list is Coconut Alkaine This softener has raised quite a lot of discussions, similar to coconut oil. Some people says that it clogs the pores and some others say it helps reduce acnes. I personally think that all of these “debatable” ingredients should be used under consideration. For example, those who are having acnes, who have sensitive and irritable skin should carefully consider their conditions before choosing this product. I don’t really have any problems with using oils, but with this type of serum-like products, which I would usually put a few drops on my palms, rub them together and pat on my face like this…. In truth with this product, when I rub my hands together it would be absorbed onto my hands right away and there is nothing to pat on my face with anymore. I seriously don’t understand why. Its spreadability is really problematic, and if I apply it directly onto my face it would run everywhere and makes it so hard to pat it into my skin. It would just leave this sticky layer on my skin which is unbearable. The two products I find okay are
Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F and Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone When I have dark acne spots, I would use these two products and I must say that both of them leave a pretty solid result. After only a few uses, the dark spots were lightened and faded quickly, and my skintone became more even. However, there are still respective pros and cons to these products so it might be better to consider the one with the cons that you can accept. Next product line is the Direct Acids. I have tried 5 of The Ordinary’s direct acid products. A Glycotic acid, 2 Lactic acids, One Salicylic acid, and one peeling solution. First up is Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution. As I have mentioned before (Facetime Ep. 4) Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecules in AHA. I personally think this is the must-try, most worth-it product of the whole brand. First of all, this Toning Solution comes in the size of 240ml, but it’s only €8.7 ($8.70) (I’m not sure what is its price after the conversion rate in Vietnam) It contains 7% of Glycolic Acid, It’s not a lot but enough to be effective. There are tons of anti-oxidants such as:
Amino acid, Aloe, Ginseng, And especially Tasmanian Pepperberry which is a derivative that helps reduce irritation associated with acid use. Therefore, when using acid, especially glycolic acid toner, the skin would not be too irritated compare to
Pixie’s toner. My skin is quite easily to develop rashes, red spots and become irritated when using glycolic acid but up until this point I find this product really amazing Especially for leave-on acids like these, it would be easier for the skin to use a separate treatment acid. Therefore for those of you who has never tried using acid in skincare before, you can you this Glycolic acid toner, OR The Lactic acid 5% that I am about to mention now. Next up are two lactic acid products, which are the 10% one and the 5%, both with 2% of Hyaluronic acid. So at first I bought the 10% product, as I thought my skin is quite used to using acid in general, so I can just try the 10% one right away to see if it works. However, it didn’t work at all. Then I bought the 5% bottle to try (again), and surprisingly my skin’s reaction to the 5% product was much much better. I’m not entirely sure why, but maybe sometimes it’s not always “the more the merrier”. So this acid has a pinkish tint to it, which is so so pretty. God, I just love this shade. And there is also a slight fragrance to it. I have always been majorly using lactic acid for my skin, if not to say it’s the only one. Lactic acid already exists in our skin so I just thought since they are already “familiar” to each other, it would be less harsh on the skin. It’s not really “getting to know each other,” but more like “BFF since birth.” lol Lactic acid is derived from milk, so I thought it would go smoother on the skin, at least comparing to Glycolic acid. Nonetheless, the result between this Lactic acid 5% and the Glycolic acid 7% is quite similar, so you can choose either one. You don’t have to use both at the same time. When using this 5% product, I noticed that it’s quite similar to Good Genes by Sunday Riley, which is pretty amazing with its retail price. I use it as a leave-on in the evening, and I would wash my face with warm water in the morning, so the dead cells would dissolve, and my skin would be glowing, dewy and smooth. Hyaluronic acid, as well as lactic acid are both water retentions. Before or after using lactic, I always use hydrators, which makes my skin very plump. So I think that lactic acid is the only one that does not irritate but feels mild on the skin . I think I would keep on purchasing this, it’s really nice. Next up is the Salicylic Acid 2% Solution, which is BHA 2%. As I mentioned in my previous video, 2% is enough to be effective. Moreover, I deem this product to be suitable for people who does not have to use BHA on their full face like me. This comes in two sizes, 15ml and 30ml, you can choose depending on your purpose. For example, if I were to purchase a bottle of Paula’s Choice, I would not be using it as much as its size offers, so it would be a waste when it expires. For me, I only use BHA as a spot treatment, like when I have acnes. I would use it so the acnes dry up faster, or on the nose to clean out blackheads. Those are the only two occasions that I would use Salicylic acid, and it’s really effective. However, for those that use Salicylic acid regularly, please hydrate your skin more and thoroughly, because it’s very drying, and would make it easier to develop acnes. So you gotta be careful about that. And the last one is AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. I rarely use this type of peeling products, because my job as a model requires me to work outdoor a lot. When you use this peeling solution,
your skin would need at least a week of staying indoor and away from the sun. LIKE, JUST DON’T GO ANYWHERE, STAY IN YOUR ROOM AND EVEN TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!! The skin right after peeling is really, really weak, so for those of you who go directly under the sun after using peeling solutions, it’s really dangerous!!! Your skin is more sensitive to the sun, it’s easier to get sunburn, so it would be more harmful than it is helpful (the peeling solution) It can be quite irritable at first, but I think that all products are like that. When using any sorts of peeling solution, you will always feel that slight burning, itchy sensation. This product also contains a lot of anti-oxidants. Truthfully, when I was in Finland, I only used this once. When I came back to Vietnam, I find this peeling solution too strong comparing to the UV index of the country, so I stopped using it completely. The chemical peel that I have been using in Vietnam is the “Renophase Renew Peel Mask” This contains Vitamin C, lactic acid, 7% glycolic acid Overall, it’s a complex of all these amazing anti-oxidants within one product. Therefore my skin doesn’t feel too irritated like when using The Ordinary. I have been using this since I got back. And keep in mind that when using such strong peeling solution, you should only it a week. And you don’t have to use any other products. You only use Acid Toner Acid Treatment Chemical Peel. For aging, I suggest using only chemical peel. In the next product line of Antioxidants, I bought one product which is These ingredients are two very strong antioxidants. If you pay attention, you would see them a lot in different skincare products. Normally they would be 0.5% – 1%,
which is not very much. Antioxidant products, like Vitamin C, are inconsistent with water. This product does not contain water, nor alcohol, nor oil, nor silicone. Which, overall, is a very nice ingredients list. I didn’t see much differences after using this product, however, my intention of purchasing this was to mix it with other Vitamin C products to enhance its anti-oxydizing effect. Similar to Vitamin C, I think everyone should use at least one antioxidant. And this is quite a good antioxidant product at a reasonable price. One issue about expiration date though, is that because it’s an antioxidant, it is oxidized faster than other types of product. Other The Ordinary’s products can be used within 12 months after being opened. But for this product, it can only be used in 6 months. So if you’re to use it, please use it up before it expires! Next category is hydrators and oils. As I have dry skintype, I pay a lot of attention on this category. First of all, for hydration, I have Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5. Hyaluronic Acid and B5, when combined together, becomes this amazing combo. It helps improve and enhance our skin barrier. Hyaluronic acid, on the contrary to what people often believe, it cannot “moisturize” or “hydrate” your skin. It can only lock the hydration in. For example, if you use hyaluronic acid after using lotion mask, it would help keep the hydration locked in your skin. Hyaluronic acid is quite dependent on the environment. Like when I was in Finland, I couldn’t use hyaluronic acid at all, because the humidity level was 0%. On the other hand, Vietnam has awesome
tropical climate, which is very humid and can be absorbed into the skin. I had a lot of expectation for this product. I didn’t like it when I was in Finland, and when I used it in Vietnam, I didn’t like it even more. Hyaluronic acid and B5, theoretically, would go amazingly together. But when used on the skin, not all products can be thoroughly absorbed. Normally, products that contain HA is quite dense and slimey, like snail slime or aloe vera. This is because its molecules are quite big. The bigger the molecules, the harder it is to be absorbed. The reason why I don’t use this anymore is because when I put in on my palms, if I, even accidentally rubs my palms together, it would make bubbles. And if I put it on my skin, it would create this barrier that would stay there and can’t be absorbed. And so why would I use a product that can’t be absorbed into my skin? The head company, Deciem, has three skincare brands at three price levels, which are The Ordinary, HYLAMIDE and NIOD. If you want to use a HA that is really effective, I would suggest the Hylamide Low-Molecule HA. or the NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex. I will show you why. The Ordinary one is really dense, while the NIOD one is much more liquidy. When it’s more liquidy, it would be easier to get absorbed. The HA product, I think NIOD is worth the investment. Although the price is much much higher, however, as the company has made effort breaking down the molecules so it can be absorbed better, I think it’s really worth the price. Next up is a product that I love so much, that is the Natural Moisturizing Factors +HA. This product, in my opinion, is a standard moisturizer. Awesome! This is a very reasonable priced product, but with a large quantity, and a very nice ingredients list. So if you’re considering buying a moisturizer, I’d recommend this one. I’ve bought 4 of this, two 30ml tubes and two 100ml tubes because the price”s soooo cheap for its ingredients list. About the ingredients list, this product contains ceramides, urea, amino acids, fatty acids and HA. Generally ingredients that are already in our skin, This product serves 3 main purposes that I think all skintypes would need. These include restoring the skin barrier, hydrating and moisturizing the skin, and balancing water and oil in skin. Therefore it’s suitable for those who have dry, dehydrated skin. This product is pretty condensed so you only need a bean-sized amount of product, heat it up with your palms and press it onto your skin. A tube like this can last over half a year. One odd thing about this though, that it’s said on the website to be a non-greasy formula; however when I use it, it’s still quite greasy on my skin. It’s not a big problem though, comparing to all the good effects that it brings about. Next up is 4 types of oils from The Ordinary, which are squalane, rose-hip oil, Moroccan argan oil,
and marula oil. Among these 4 products, I don’t use squalane at all. I couldn’t use Argan oil when I was in Morocco, so I never used it again since. Therefore I purchased two products that are Between these two products,
I especially prefer marula oil because I think that the rose-hip seed oil would be more suitable for oily skintype. First of all, it feels quite thick, heavy and hard to be absorbed on the skin. And second of all, the smell is just horrendous. You would notice when you use it. I think that all rose-hip seed oils smell the same, but this smell is just tooooo much I can’t use it. Marula oil does it better for me, on the other hand. On days that I feel my skin needs to be more thickly and thoroughly moisturized, I would mix one drop of the marula oil with the moisturizer, and I would feel it working better. Normally, since I like the moisturizer so much already, I would not use the oil too often. An important note, though, is that DO NOT use oil on open wounds
(torn skin, after acne extraction,…) In this product line there’re two other primer products but I didn’t buy them, because for me a skincare-specialized brand should only focus on producing skincare products. “Jack of all trades, master of none.” or so they said. That’s why I didn’t purchase any of their makeup products. And finally is More Molecules. This includes mostly serums. So I tried three different serums of this line, which are Niacinamide, the Buffet, and the Caffeine solution. First up is the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% So basically it’s Vitamin B3 and Zinc salt of PCA (pyrrolidone carboxylic acid) I really like Niacinamide a lot, I’ve used Paula Choice’s booster with Niacinamide 10% but the price is just…. The Ordinary definitely wins! This product is amazing for its price, not only is it anti-ageing, it also supports blemishes control and pores control. However, I do not notice that my skin gets drier when using this. I already have dry skin to start with, and it’s even drier when I use this. Therefore, after I feel that the dark spots have been treated and acnes have been reduced I stopped using this product because
it’s a bit drying for me. But I guess… we gotta deal with it. Next up is an anti-ageing serum It’s really popular recently and
it’s one of the brand’s best sellers. And it’s also the most pricey product at the time I purchased it. The “Buffet,” true to its name, is for when you don’t know what to use. It’ll throw at you allllll this options to choose from. The “Buffet” contains peptides, amino acids, fermentations, and hydrators. It contains 25.1% peptides, which is a chain of amino acids that acts as a medium
through which the skin can function better, especially as we get older. For example, when the skin is wounded, it would enhance the production of connective tissues, which helps heal the wound faster. It also helps reduce wrinkles, produce collagen and elastin, which improve the skin’s elasticity, as well as reduce scars. It can also prevent hyperpigmentation, and problems that often occurs in aging skin. This product is more expensive than the others in the same line, which is reasonable, because this is an anti-aging product.
Anti-aging serums are generally expensive. Age reversal has and will always be a superficial dream. I had a lot of expectations for this product when I first bought it, for the antioxidant, anti-aging effects that it promised. I was really curious of how everything would come in and work together. And I was disappointed.
I.WAS.VERY.DISAPPOINTED. It’s similar to other kinds of serum, which is quite dense, however, it wouldn’t absorb into the skin,
and so it formed a layer on my face and it was very uncomfortable. So at first I thought the problem was my skin, since my skin is pretty young anyway. Even if it was effective in anti-aging,
I wouldn’t be able to see it. And so I gave it to my mom. But she got the same result,
and she really hated using it. Because this, too, was a disappointing product,
I will now introduce a few other products that acquire a standard anti-aging ingredients list,
and can provide better results. First of all, the “Buffet” has evolved into a new product which is the “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1% We can see copper peptides quite often in products from the brand Drunk Elephant, which is very high-end Copper peptides itself is an expensive ingredient. When a serum has copper in its ingredient,
it would have this pretty blue tint to its color And I just loveeeee blue. The “Buffet” with copper is twice the price
of the current “Buffet” product, but for me it’s totally worth the price for the added ingredient that is copper peptides. However, I haven’t got the chance to try it, as I just ordered it not too long ago, and it’s still on its way. I will keep you guys updated once I get to try it. Another product that I have been using since I was in Finland and is now authentically distributed in Vietnam, is the NATIV sérum from Renophase. This product also has similar peptides percentage as
the “Buffet” but with more antioxidants. Also this is peptides detox, which would help the skin regenerate faster which means it’s especially suitable for aging skin. Of course this one is more expensive,
but I think it’s a lot more worth it. And in my personal experience, it works really well. There is one slight problem with Renophase,
well maybe it’s just me who thinks this is a “problem” that the brand doesn’t publicize their ingredients list. So I had to send them countless emails requiring their ingredients list. Regardless, all Renophase products are standardized,
they’re expensive but totally worth the price. Not to mention that the packaging looks really
fancy and luxurious. The packaging is also very standardized: it’s air-tight, which prevents oxigen from coming in and oxidize the product. Especially for whom wants to buy this as a gift for your mom, like I did, this is way more suitable,
compare to the minimalistic design of The Ordinary. I generally have a thing for twistable things like this so…. And the last disappointing product is the Caffeine Solution 5% + ECGC This is said to be a eye serum that
would reduce under-eye bags and dark circles. However, I will say it now that there’re no products on earth that can fade your dark circles. So I only wanted to see if this could
really reduce my eye bags. I don’t really have heavy eye bags, but on days that I cry too much over a Korean drama, for example I would try it on to see if it actually works. Again, however, when I used this after crying,
it was barely effective…. …. at all. And instead it makes the skin around my eyes very dry. Normally I wouldn’t see the wrinkles around my eyes,
but when the skin’s dry, they’re alarmingly visible. I panicked sooooo much and I stopped using this immediately. This is also an anti-aging serum, which contains ECGC. You would encounter this in green tea-based products, like in those
(Vietnamese) green tea drinks commercials “0 Degree Green Tea (a Vietnamese brand),
with ECGC.” This would helps fade existing wrinkles, reduce effects of UV. Caffeine would help reduce the size of the eye bags. But it fails to do the most important job,
which is moisturizing the around-eyes area, where the skin tends to be drier and thus requires much more hydration comparing to other areas, so that the wrinkled skin become more even and firm,
and in turn reduce the formation of wrinkles in general. This does the complete opposite job,
it dries the skin so much that wrinkles are formed faster. So I seriously think this is a no for me. Final Thoughts Anddddd we’re done!! Gosh it was tiring… I have used THAT many products, however, I want to emphasize on this point that you DON’T have to use EVERYTHING. You only need a few essential ones,
ones that are really needed for your skin. Here are the products from The Ordinarythat I really like: Nonetheless, I still have considerable
love-hate feelings toward these two, therefore I think I would stick with the
Drunk Elephant Vitamin C C-Firma because nothing can replace this wonder. Comparing different Vitamin C products On direct acids, I would definitely keep on buying and using the Lactic Acid 5% + HA Maybe the Salicylic Acid solution too, since there’re not many sizable problems to it. For antioxidants I would keep on buying the
Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% because it’s a very powerful antioxidant. For hydrators and oil, I would definitely stay loyal to the
Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA. This is such a all-around, completed
drugstore moisturizer for those who doesn’t know what to use,
and for whom with problematic skin. There’s nothing for me to criticize on this,
I just really like it very much. And for those who prefers oil,
you can use the Marula Oil Honestly speaking,
Marula oil is always the expensive type I have been using Drunk Elephant’s marula oil,
and this can be considered the perfect dupe. For more molecules, I’m still waiting for the
“Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1% in pretty tinted blue, to see if it’s any good. Definitely gonna repurchase the
Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% because it’s really worth its price. Generally speaking, The Ordinary answered well to
the majority of my standards, like no animal testings, no ingredients such as Oxide Benzone, parabens, mineral oils, ingredients that clog the pores or
irritate the skin. Not to mention that the price is really affordable so it’s suitable for almost everyone. Especially those who prefer a minimal skincare routine. We don’t need every single one of them,
we only need around 2-3 products to build an effective skincare routine. Because this is the first time I ever did product review,
I just want to say this, all of these review and opinions,
they are all personal and subjective experience. I hope this video has been useful for you, and can become a consult-able opinion when
you consider The Ordinary. I wish you a healthy skin,
and I will see you again on another video!

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    em đang chập chững skin care, đã xài vô tội vạ retinol của The Ordinary và cái chai serum mắt EGCG, và h da e phải trả giá r :((

  11. chị ơi cho em hỏi về sp niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% í. em mới mua ở link chị giới thiệu. vì đây là lần đầu em dùng sp của the ordinary nên em hơi thắc mắc ạ. em vừa nhậb đc sp thì em bảo quản tủ lạnh, đến tối lấy ra dùng (bỏ vào lòng bàn tay và xoa) thì nó có mùi như rượu í chị. đây là mùi của sp hay là do sp có vấn đề ạ?

  12. Dạo này em thấy lotion của Hada Labo em đang dùng không cấp đủ ẩm cho em, nên lục lại video của chị. Hiu hiu, em nhất định sẽ dùng thử Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA chị đã review. Chị Trang ơi, chị có thể chia sẻ cách chị mua những sản phẩm này không, tại em không rõ cách mua đồ online và chính hãng nữa ;;-;; chị ơi, cíu ♡

  13. Chị ơi, chị dùng Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% bị khô da, vậy em da hỗn hợp thiên dầu có nên dùng không ạ?

  14. Xem xong. Em chẳng hiểu bao nhiêu. Giờ muốn dùng cũng ko biết nó dùng để làm gì. huhu

  15. Chị ơi , em sử dụng sản phẩm the ordinary serum nhưng kết hợp với xịt khoáng chiết xuất từ lô hội làm da bị kích ứng , nên giờ em ko biết dùng sản phẩm toner hay xịt khoáng nào mới hợp, chị và mọi người giúp e với ạ .
    Em cảm ơn nhiều 😘😘😘

  16. Chị ơi, cho em hỏi mình nên dùng The Ordinary – Lactic Acid 5% + HA mấy lần một tuần ạ? Có cần sử dụng thêm tẩy tế bào chết cơ học không ạ? Em đang rất thắc mắc mong chị trả lời T.T

  17. C ơi cho em hỏi em có nhiều mụn ẩn và da dầu nữa thì nên dùng loại dưỡng ẩm nào ạ?

  18. Chị ơi vậy lúc chị mua có tem gì ở đầu nắp sản phẩm không ạ . mong chị trả lời em sớm ạ. Yêu chị

  19. Rất thích video và rất mong bạn làm tiếp part 2 về The Ordinary. Còn nhiều sản phẩm lắm như Matrixyl, Ascorbyl, hay Argireline mà mình còn mơ hồ về những chất này lắm. Mình cũng rất hóng review về The Buffet + Copper Peptides 1%

  20. Chị ơi cho em hỏi là da em có mụn ẩn, với da em là da thường thì nên sử dụng tẩy da chết nào ạ. Em đang phân vân quá chị ơi

  21. Dùng the odrinari latic 5% có cần mua 1 em tẩy da chết ko ạ tại mình thấy nó là tẩy da chết hóa học.?

  22. E chưa dùng tẩy da chết hóa học hay dạng như thế này, dsa số là dùng srm là thôi, giờ thấy da xuống cấp nên đi tìm hiểu ngâm cứu, xem rất nhiều video của nhiều người nhưng thật sự e chả hiểu gì cả, biết đến c qua 1 video nói về kem chống nắng, cách c nói rất hay cũng rất thích và cụ thể nhưng c nói nhìu từ tiếng anh e không hiểu gì cả,hụ hụ, dân mù ngoại ngữ. Thêm nữa là có video c để xa nói hơi khó nghe như video 1 ý,e cứ phải bật to hết mức dí vào tai ý. Cuối cùng là các sp, c có thể cho tên cụ thể chút được không, ví như e muốn dùng tẩy da chết, tua đi tua lại để chụp được cái tên Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%. Xong lại tua lên tua xuống để chụp ghi nhớ cho da lão hóa nên dùng loại gì. Dốt tiếng anh, khổ vậy đó. Cuối lời là cám ơn c 😍😍 những video rất chất lượng mà quá lâu mới có ah.😂😂 C rất có tâm cho từng video ý 😘😘

  23. chị ơi…sau khi tham khảo em có mua vài loại, Salicylic 10%; Resveratrol 3%; natural Moisturingzing; Niacinamide 10%, vitamin C 30% in Silicon..chị hướng dẫn giúp e cách kết hợp dc k ạ..da em da dầu có mụn ẩn ạ..cám ơn chị

  24. Bạn ơi bạn có thể làm thêm review về các sp TO đi 😀 mình thấy sp nè vừa hợp túi tiền và nhiều thành phần tốt ý chưa kể là bh có thêm nhiều sp mới nữa 😀

  25. Chị cho e hỏi là do là e đang trị mụn bằng BHA 2% đối vs cả srm và toner. Em muốn tham khảo thêm cả glycocid acid 7% thì có thể sử dụng chung ko ạ, hay là e nên ngừng BHA 2% bởi vì e sử dụng nhiều BhA quá nên e cảm thấy nó lờn trên da em và hầu như ko còn tác dụng nữa ạ

  26. Da mình là da khô. Theo bạn thì mình nên dùng Natural Moisturising Factors + HA vào buổi sáng hay tối thì phù hợp

  27. Chị ơi năm nay e 17t e muốn dùng tẩy da chết hóa học nhưng hơi ngại vì nó là Acid…mặc dù da e thuộc da thường. Bắt đầu dùng với Lactic Acid 5% + HA được không chị nhỉ và nếu được thì dùng hằng ngày hay sao ạ ?
    Mong chị rep yêu chị <3333

  28. Em oi co the chi chi dong nao Duong da cho chi được k? Chi 31t nhìn thi thay da Oke lam nhung bua soi da thu thi muon Xiu luon, lao hoa nhan da dom nau du the loai cai nao cung co Mac du chi co xài kem chong nang ma cai nang o Sg thi 😭😭😭buồn qua . Em co the chi giup chi dc k?

  29. Em da dầu xài salicylic acid 2% không cầm cấp ẩm mà da nó gom còi lại nặn đã quá trời. Ngoài ra e thấy nó còn làm sáng da khá ok.

  30. Chị ơi lọ acid lactic 5% của em đã dùng hơn 5 tháng mà chỉ vơi nửa lọ. Em nghe bảo da mình sẽ bị lờn khi sử dụng quá 3 tháng. Vậy giờ em mua lọ Galactomyces của Some by mi và bảo quản lọ Acid lactic này vào tủ lạnh sau 3 tháng em dùng lại thì có ổn ko ạ chị?

  31. Nếu được mong Trang làm thêm video review các sản phẩm chống lão hóa.Mình 24t, rất quan tâm vấn đề này nhưng trên mạng người thì bảo nên/ người thì nói không nên dùng retinoid từ quá sớm nên không biết làm thế nào T.T

  32. Chị ơi chị nói bình thường đi để e nge cho rõ chị giã giọng nói nhảnh e chẳng nge dc gì

  33. Chị ơi , chị sài lactic 5% mà sáng dậy da bị sần sùi đi thì nên xử lý sao ạ

  34. Có ai dùng Zinc thấy có mùi rượu hơi nồng ko ạ. Có ai dùng qua rồi cho mình xin rev chất đi.

  35. Chị ơi. Em dùng srm celtaphil sau đó xài serum niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% được không ạ.

  36. Mấy chị ơi e đang phân giữa loại chứa Salicylic Acid 2% với niacinamide 10% không biết nên mua loại nào da e hỗn hợp thiên dầu mụn a:(( mc giúp e với

  37. Mình tự hỏi sao TO tốt như thế mà giá lại quá rẻ đó là do hãng chỉ chú trọng vào bảng thành phần không thiết kế bắt bắt hoa lệ. Có sao ghi vậy không nhờ nct celeb làm đại sứ thương hiệu không pr như những hãng khác. Những người hiểu biết sành sỏi về skincare sẽ tìm đến và dùng rồi truyền tai nhau.

  38. Em vừa mới được tặng cả bộ, mà em lại là da dầu, mụn nên em rất lo lắng không biết có nên sử dụng không 😭

  39. Chị trang ơi em đang xài thử cái niacinamide10%+ zinc1% em chỉ vừa xài được 3 ngày và nó đẩy hết mụn ẩn lên thì có sao kg chị em sợ là bị kích ứng

  40. Dòng sp mình đang quan tâm. Video rất hữu ích
    Ban nào đang quan tâm lọ tẩy tế bào chết AHA thì dùng đi nhé. Da mịn thấy rõ

  41. Em rất thích nghe giọng thật của chị Trang luôn, giọng rất nhẹ nhàng và nữ tính, đáng yêu. Nên em mong Trang đừng chỉnh giọng chipmunk như vậy nhé và để bọn em nghe giọng thật nhiều hơn

  42. Chị ơi. Em dùng The ordinary niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% thì em thấy mặt em nó hơi ngứa( 10 phút sau thì đỡ ngứa dc xíu) còn bị đỏ vài chỗ nữa. Em có nên dùng tiếp không chị

  43. c oi c huong dan cach dung va trinh tự dùng nhung sp ok di.nhieu wa e chag biet cai nao tr cai nao dung sau

  44. Chị ơi cho e hỏi lại vs ạ
    Tại e vẫn chữa hiểu mấy ạ
    Da e vừa có mụn ẩn, có mụn đầu đen, mụn mủ ạ
    Thì e lên sử dụng loại ordinary nào là hợp ạ

  45. Có bạn nào biết chỗ bán tẩy tế bào chết có acid lactic 2% hoặc acid glycoic 2% không ạk
    Chỉ giúp mình với mình tìm hoài mà không thấy 😢😢😢

  46. Tuy k có tiền để mua các sản phẩm này vì còn là học sinh nhưng e vẫn xem ủng hộ chị và còn vì rất muốn xem video của chị🌼🌼🌼

  47. Trang oi, Trang co xai Kiehl's powerful wrinkle & pore reduction chua, review giup chi voi 🙂 thấy để công dụng la lam giảm nhăn, làm mịn cấu trúc da etc. Thanh phan quang cao co Copper &Cal PCA mà chị thấy ở cuối bảng thanh phan thi phai, may cai đầu cung la nước va dầu thôi. Liệu có tốt như quang cao kg :))

  48. C Trang ơi, da em xài thuốc rượu 2lan/nam, em đã ngưng và lại xài phải kem trộn.

    Giờ da mụn li ti ngập tràn và mụn ẩn, da sần sùi khô mà lại đổ dầu và bị xuống tông thâm đen.
    Em có nặn mụn nhưng không hết vì mụn li ti và ẩn rất nhiều?

    Da mỏng và yếu thì có nên sd được các sp mà C nói hay không ạ?
    Da nhạy cảm yếu như vậy thì sd hyaluronic acid 2%_b5 thì có được không ạ( dùng acid khi da vẫn yếu)
    Mong C Trang giúp em với ạ em cảm ơn

  49. Chị Trang ơi e 19t,da e là da hỗn hợp và có mụn ẩn nữa e mún dùng combo AHA BHA đc ko chị,mong chị tư vấn giúp e vs ạ.❤

  50. mình có thắc mắc là thứ tự b dùng các sản phẩm như thế nào nhỉ. đặc biệt mà 3 sp: Lactic Acid 5% + HA, Salicylic Acid 2% Solution, “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1%. thanks b

  51. Chị ơi gần đây em mới sử dụng cái natural moisturizing factors + HA nhưng cảm thấy dầu đổ ra rất nhiều ý. Không biết là do nó không hợp với da em hay là do em dùng sai cách ạ ? Em có nhiều mụn ẩn với cả mụn đầu trắng nên không dùng gì nhiều, chỉ rửa mặt bằng srm cetaphil với cả sd dưỡng ẩm này thui ạ. Mong chị tư vấn cho em với ạ

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