Hello Morocco, I’m here in Marrakech. I’m at Kaviar CrossFit and I’m here with Amine and Sofia and little Kay and we’re just going to do a short interview today. They’re going to share a bit of their journey and their process becoming gym owners and influencers in Morocco, so stick around. By the way, if you’re new here, subscribe for weekly videos, and stick around to the end to hear the lessons we can learn from Amine and Sofia’s journey. Yeah, tell us your story and then even how you guys met So we we met 11 years ago. Yes, 11 years ago. We were 16 years old We just met at a cafe, you know the regular Saturday evening when you’re 16 in Marrakech. You go out, you grab a coffee with some friends. So that’s how we met She said like, oh he’s cute but he’s short so Then when I stood up… Ya, I think it’s my legs. So we went to France, to Marseille. We studied in the same school – business school in France. I studied more like General Business, and she studied specific Marketing, Event Planning. Did you decide to go there together? Yes, yes. Okay. So you were already together as a couple even in high school? Yes So you’re high school sweethearts? That’s it. Yeah, that’s cool And after our studies we went back to Casablanca for work. We started working out a lot when we were in France. Then when we moved here, we were very interested in nutrition, in weight loss, muscle gains, fitness, general health and stuff. So Sofia was every time ‘Oh we should do something, we should do something. We have good stuff to share.’ He tried everything on me. Like for losing weight, what I have to do… She lost something like 10 kilos, then she gained 5 kilos of muscle so people were like, Oh how did you do that? How did you do that? He tried everything on me. Then she had some free time. She created a Facebook page. It was “Sofia and Amine.” It was “Sofia and Amine Healthy Lifestyle”. We started actually on Facebook first, so we just started sharing some tips about nutrition and sports together… some small videos of motivation and then one day during summer… We said we could…because…we were actually (we travel a lot), so we were in LA, Los Angeles… And I remember…there was, we stayed there almost a month. And I remember there was a place at the beach. Yes They used to give free yoga classes, and that was cool. Like I remember we were just walking by the beach and they were like, hey, you wanna join our yoga classes? We do yoga tomorrow, we do it like every week. We were like, we should do something like that. That’s cool We should do something like that and share our cross-training, CrossFit and workouts with people So we did. We created the Facebook event and we had the first time we had maybe five participants on Facebook That came to the beach in Casa? No they didn’t come. We had just our friends. Four people We had just our friends From the [Facebook] event no. And then we were like, maybe five people just friends. We said, okay. Nobody came. That’s alright We’re gonna do it just by ourselves. Then she went, she picked up some guys She was like hey, do you wanna join us for a class? Then we had a nice maybe ten or twelve people in a class. So it looked good in the pictures We took some pictures and then for the next event we… Then for the next event we posted the second free CrossFit session with pictures So people people were more trusting. It was more reliable. So then we had maybe 30 people. Then we did the next one. Then we had 50 and on the third one I think we had almost 100 Yes, so that was crazy. We had to split the groups and we had to be…It was very amazing. Where did you take it from there? Is that when you thought hey, we need to open up a gym, There’s a market here? We felt like we can create some value because people believed in our work and they like They were able to give value to the work we shared at the beach. And then we were like maybe that’s…we should try something like that. Because we used to do…we spent the summer, like almost the whole summer, every weekend giving CrossFit sessions. And then we had people asking from Rabat. Hey, why don’t you come to Rabat and stuff? We also organized training, the beach workout in Rabat, in Marrakech as well, and in El Jadida. So we did like almost a small tour of Morocco. And these are free? Yes always free. So you offered this value, you saw that people are coming and you realized There’s an opportunity here, for a business? At first it was more for fun. It was something cool. When you share something you see people are receptive, people…they’re having a great time They finish the workout with big smiles, taking pictures like it was nice There was something like, you’re spreading some good vibes, spreading health. So that was, at first, the main motivation. How long between the class where you had over a hundred people and opening up a gym? Maybe a year? And did you continue those beach classes? Yeah, we continued the beach classes, and we’re doing beach classes again this summer. Ah no way? In Casa? Yes. Ok cool. In Casablanca and Rabat as well, so you should come. Ya I will! So also at this time when you opened up the gym, your following was growing on social media? Yes. How did that happen? Was it mostly through the classes and people posting pictures with you on the weekends? At first it was that. And then I think when we When we got married, yes, there was a video that went viral – just us dancing so that was a another leap, another boost, and then And then people got more interested in us as a couple… in our lifestyle. We went to TV shows, magazine covers, health magazine covers. That helped us become more known. Ya we travelled…the thing is…we kept sharing tips about nutrition, sports, and doing free stuff. And sharing our lifestyles. We published a guide, a free guide of weight loss, weight gain, nutrition stuff. There were many thousands of people who used it.
And “Ramadan Challenge”. That helped us too. Also “Ramadan Challenge”. We created a group on Facebook – it was “Ramadan Challenge” How to spend a healthy Ramadan. It was just a group on Facebook so that people can express and publish rather than just liking our…
And share what they eat. So it could be like people really participating. We had, in one week maybe 20,000 people in the group. And people were posting every day their ftour, their meals, getting motivated. How did you do that meal? What did you put in that? And we shared some workouts. We shared workouts, quick workouts before ftour. We used to do Facebook lives right before the workout, so people could see the workout and people tried it so that was also a nice thing. So then what about the influencer side? At what point did you realize it’s not just about the gym as a source of income and of work for us, but also our presence on social media? At what point did that become a significant part of your life? I think that’s part of what people appreciate so much is that you invite them into your life. It’s not just here in the gym, you guys are sharing… you’re a couple together, you’re sharing your journey as parents and the transition, and so people can identify. They can connect with with your story. So do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs? Young Moroccans who think there’s no opportunity in Morocco? You moved back from France and have worked and found success here. I think that you should persevere. I don’t know if it’s an English word? Ya, you should persevere. And be stubborn in a good way. And then if people, if some people value your work, if you think that you are creating value by your job, by your service, or by your idea, I think you should go for it and you should hustle to start. To mark a starting line for your project. Turning your passion into a career sounds amazing. Getting paid to do what you love sounds like a dream. You might be someone that’s a photographer or a musician or an artist You might be into fashion or fitness or football, but don’t go quitting your job just yet Did you hear how Amine and Sofia took these steps… To offer tons of value before they quit their jobs and did this full-time? So they were offering beach workouts every weekend for the summer It started off very small and they grew it over time They built a community through things like the “Ramadan challenge”. They started their Facebook group They published a free nutritional guide they were offering all of this value, and they were doing it for free! They were doing it because they enjoyed it. They were doing it because they loved it. But they built this community, they offered this value, and it validated the idea it proved that this was something that people were interested in and that there was a response to what Amine and Sofia could offer. Now all of this took place before Amine left his job in the finance industry So if you’d like to turn your passion into a career, make sure that you offer value and that the marketplace responds! That you validate the idea and recognize that people do want what I can offer them and they’re willing to pay for it. Thanks so much to Amine and Sofia and Kay for doing this interview with us and Thanks to Simo and the crew at Kaviar fitness for hosting us. I’m actually still a little bit sore from the workout Morocco – until next time, Get Wisdom Don’t fall. Now how do I get down?

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  1. By this videos you motivate a lot of Moroccan people to start their own business and to be they own bosses and to understand that you have take risks in life to succeed.

  2. I have been following Amine and Sofia on the social platforms since their beginning and I must admit that we need more of these influencers in Morocco. — lesson learnt: Value first.

  3. I love you men, thank you for the amazing job you’re doing, and the effort you’re spending for this country ❤️

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    the concept of it is just wonderful

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