hi it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel and today I want to talk to you about a superfood that you need to start incorporated into your healthy life and healthy lifestyle so if you’re new to my channel Hello, I’m Tracy and I put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so make sure that you subscribe to my channel so you never miss a video also for everyone make sure that you click on the little bell icon that’s going to give you notification so that you’ll know absolutely every time that I load a brand new video so let’s talk about this superfood. The superfood that I want to talk to you about today is spirulina. spirulina is absolutely amazing I started incorporating it a few months ago into my life and my lifestyle and I really see and feel the benefit so you might be asking what the heck is spirulia. let me break it down for you spirulina is actually pond scum essentially okay it’s really just blue-green algae so when you’re looking for a spirulina to purchase you want to this is really really important make sure that you purchase a super high quality brand why because unfortunately as we all know the waters are polluted and so you want to make sure that it’s not contaminated okay so I found that the best sources are actually Hawaiian brands of spirulina and I’ll leave a couple of brands that I like in the description down below so let’s talk about the benefits there’s four major benefits that I know are going to knock your socks off number one it boosts your energy every single busy babe that I know wants to get more energy and if you’re looking for a nice healthy way to get energy you know not in the form of caffeine or God knows what else spirulina really fits the bill okay here’s why it gives you energy is absolutely loaded with vitamins, minerals antioxidants iron and calcium so all of that working together in your system is going to help to give you a really nice balance energy boost never feel shaky or crazy when Im taking spirulina, which is awesome is off okay number two if it can help to speed up your weight loss so I know every babe watching this videos like I’ve got your ears right on the reason why it works is because it’s so nutrient dense now I work with women all over the world and one of the things that women often complain to me about before we start working together are cravings. Cravings can come from two places number one emotional right your stretch or angry and lonely you’re tired and we start looking for food or number two that your body actually isn’t getting the nutrients that it needs and because spirulina is so nutrient dense it can actually help to have those cravings subside sounds pretty awesome right and third reason why spirulina is awesome and such a great superfood is because it’s so high in protein now it’s completely vegan so if you’re vegetarian or vegan is a great complete source of protein so that also can help with your weight and your waistline because when your body is eating and digesting more protein you’ve got protein rich diet what happens is you you increase your lean muscle mass which then makes those muscles in all those work without all the workouts and work that you’re doing actually show it’s a great great thing and the fourth benefit of spirulina is that it’s a really high source of omega-3 fatty acids and also GLA now GLA is really really important because it helps to regulate your blood sugar and your insulin level and here’s the solution if you’re looking to have a balanced body and have a nice healthy weight you want to make sure that your blood sugar levels are stable when we have insulin levels spiking up and down and up and down all day long that is what causes weight gain so just incorporate a little bit spirulina in your diet can really help you in that way so like I said it is you know the blue-green algae getting really high quality I will leave some links down below it’s delicious and one of my favorite ways to to have it it’s just throwing into my nice green smoothie it gives it a really rich beautiful vibrant clean green color and it’s just it’s amazing so I want to hear from you let me know you tried spirulina if you used it in your healthy life and lifestyle let me know by leaving me a comment down below if you liked this video make sure to give it a big old thumbs up and that’s it alright so I will see you next time


  1. This was just on dr.oz the other day. The lady was talking about it, but she takes it in a pill form

  2. Tracy i want to thank you! your videos have helped me lost weight, i lost over 50lbs. Your videos are very helpful, not to only females but males also, and i will stay a long time subscriber and supporter. Thanks again!

  3. Hiii! Can we see your green smoothie recipe? Also – what are your thoughts on using the pill forms of spirulina?? Love your videos!!!! πŸ™‚

  4. I can't believe you think it's delicious! i think it's one of the most disgusting things I've ever tried lol

  5. Hi Tracy, how long does it take to get a toned flat stomach?
    I have been using your exercises for 2 months now, there has been an improvement but its not toned yet…
    Plus you really are an inspiration πŸ‘

  6. I Love spiralina and I used to add into my smoothies everday. I felt like the taste could be a little funky…… Do you think taking it in supplement form is just as effective? Love your video's:)!!!!

  7. Thank you Tracy!Β  I need to start using it again, its been awhile since ive put it in my smoothies… Its amazing!!! XO

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