Supplements That Work – What Is Out That Can Really Help Fat Loss (Avoid Supplement Scams)

Supplements That Work – What Is Out That Can Really Help Fat Loss  (Avoid Supplement Scams)

the average American consumer probably
is not aware of the amount of unknown ingredient that we’re finding in these
tainted supplements so a lot of these the products are coming in claiming
their herbal supplements but technically the drugs because they have active
promise you won’t breathe in something over here you’ll see a lot of the
counters that some of them are very obvious but some of them mimic the real
products are very closely the supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar
industry with most of the products not doing what they say they do in this
week’s conversations with the coach Quincy Roberts ifbb pro bodybuilder
fitness coach we discussed is there really and truly anything you can go buy
from the supplement store that helps you with fat loss and your overall fitness
goals and it starts right now well of course years ago people and
things that had ephedra Confederate actually does burn body fat and there’s
some things that turn my genetics that I don’t think it’s good because ephedrine
but probably increases metabolism some but mainly you need to be eating clean
doing consistent and if those perceivable products are gonna make you
stay with the plan which is what I see how most people actually follow diet
regiment and exercise plan better when they think they got a supplement does
aiding them so but they use attribute their results to the supplement
but protein powders if you’re not eating that protein creatine if you’re not
getting them from me just have creatine in it would help increasing the muscle
but mainly trying to be on the sensible sensible diet with enough protein enough
good fats and a problem right carbohydrates is what’s going to make
you more fit and make you feel better and look better so in essence you can
change your body get it a whole lot better shape and you really don’t need
nutritionist well I’m not gonna say that some people
don’t need nutrition so I’m saying multivitamin for sure the way you make
it efficiently anything things that not use your pasture than yarn but if you
eat enough protein you probably don’t need you some people won’t eat enough
protein so good protein supplement what a bizarre shape because they’re not
eating the protein you do have to need to have a certain amount of protein in
clothes body weight and carbohydrate drinks I don’t recommend energy drink
system to deter you from losing body fat but far as things that burn fat again it
may promote you to stay with the program but I don’t think there’s that many
products out there that’s gonna burn body fat so please like on this video if
you’d like to information and subscribe to my channel and you can contact me at
three three six nine eighty seven four zero zero zero seven or email me at Q
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  1. You know Lamont greedy selfish people preying on weak or defendless people who are low self esteem or want easy fix ..just exercise eat vegetables more fiber and if all possible stop eating meat or slow down your meat intake and stay away from pork high fat food and get some sun..just saying

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