Suzanne Somers: “A New Way To Age”

Suzanne Somers: “A New Way To Age”

(audience cheering) (upbeat music) (audience whooping) Hi Allen! Looks really handsome too.
Done! All right, our first guest is an actress, a business woman, an author, and a long time friend to this show. Including my radio show! Yeah. She’s got a new book, it’s called, Your 27th book? 27th book. Okay, well, this one’s called “A New Way to Age”. It’s in stores now, Please welcome our old friend Suzanne Somers! (audience cheering) Allen looks really handsome over there. I got Allen all juiced up on testosterone. Allen! I give him his shot every Tuesday. We found the perfect spot, right here. Uh huh. Like that, so don’t call us on Wednesday, it’s really a great day. (audience groans)
(Suzanne laughing) Well, I mean, well first of all– Rest my fractured hip. Yes, and we’re gonna talk about this, okay. So, Suzanne is preset because she fractured her hip. I know! Well that’s because you have sex twice a day! Well on most days (laughs) I mean, I read about that! (audience cheering) I was asked in some interview, “Is it true you and your husband have sex twice a day?” and I said, “Yeah, but I sleep through the first one.” (all laughing) Let’s give you some shoe cam. Just basic, nice, sort of those Monolos. Yeah Monolo Blahnik. (audience cheering) Yeah. Perfect, perfect. You know what’s perfect about them? They have toe cleavage, Yup. and just the right arch.
Height. And just the right height. Because you know if you get them in the five inch? No. You tip forward. Especially with boobs like yours, you tip forward. Yeah. You know?
Yeah, yeah. And then they’re just too high so this is like perfect. And this is how I bought these shoes, not these shoes, but these shoes in the, like early ’80s. See what I’m saying? Yeah. You get them, you buy good, and you wear it forever! But here’s what. At that time they were $565, and at that time that was like spending $2500 now. Yes. And I’m in my dressing room and thought “Oh everyone’s gonna think I’m so stupid for “spending so much money on a pair of plain shoes” so I Yeah and all they wanna do is do you in them. Yeah right, like, well yeah, I walked out in my bra and underpants and I said how do you like my new shoes? (laughter) And he was like “what, what, what?” And he said “Great legs.” and they went that’s the commercial! And if you’ve ever seen the thigh master commercial, it starts on those shoes, the camera works its way up my legs, I got to write off the shoes, and we sold 10 million thigh masters. (audience cheering) why not? (Suzanne laughing) At 73 years old there’s one thing that Suzanne believes in, and that’s growing old gracefully. Absolutely. Gracefully. Absolutely, yeah. And so you’re still wearing your heels. Yes! Still having the sex. Yes. You and Allen have been married for 100 years. I’ve been with him for 50 years. You guys are such a good looking couple. (audience applauding) Now here’s the thing. On Hot Topics a few weeks ago, we discovered a topless photo of you. In the weeds. I loved it! Thank you. And I heard that people were coming for you because they said you’re too old, you’re a grandmother, and a mother, and why are you posing Haters are gonna hate!
Well I’m trying. There it is, I’m trying to say to people it ain’t over. (audience cheering) Yeah! So. You wanna know something interesting? Now. So I’ve had breast cancer. And there are 2 boobs there, right? And they’re real. Because I, when they removed this breast they left, to be graphic, the nipple and skin. Okay. And I didn’t want an implant in there I didn’t want it. I said something better will come along. 10 years later I heard about this doctor in Japan. Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura. Okay. Who had successfully regrown the breasts of over 400 Japanese women who had breast cancer using their stem cells and their fat. So I called him because I cold call people and he happened to know who I was and he was aware of my breasts. Right. I was able to convince him to come over to Los Angeles. Right. to teach Dr Oronowitz how he did that. I applied for what called an IRB which allows me to open a clinical trial. Because it was illegal to regrow your breast. And when it came through we went in that day, they took fat from my stomach Boo hoo And spun out the stem cells, got rid of the weak ones, took the strong ones and like with a, and put that into the congealed fat, and like with a turkey baster injected it into this breast and regrew this breast to be the exact size of the other But it’s me, and it’s real. I wish you could all feel it. (audience applauding) (laughter) Wow! And for the for about a year I felt like electrical zippers and that was the blood vessels growing. It’s the most phenomenal thing. He was able to do a thousand of them and now they’ve closed the clinical trial. (audience gasping) Wait a minute! Yeah, right, It’s dumb right? I’m not finished, but I just wanted you to see on that my 73rd birthday suit I have two breasts. Yeah well that And they’re quite beautiful.
Where was that taken? Was that on your property?
Yes, we have 93 acres. Uh huh. In Palm Springs? Yeah rich, very rich. (laughs) But I started out very poor and very you know I’m uneducated and all that, but y’know, you know. I know.
You know. I know, some great And that’s what’s great about America. You can come from nothing and if you’ve got a great idea and you’re a little lucky? (audience clapping) Yeah. A little lucky? So were you guys taking a walk on the property or something? Yeah were taking a walk and I Yeah but were you naked or? No. For the walk? Well, no I mean I’ve done that. I mean, until drones came along. Yeah right? Drones have wrecked everything. Mhmm But I said “Oh look this grass is the same color as my hair!” So I lean down to put my hair with the grass and I thought it’d look a lot better without a shirt on. (audience laughing) Right And then Allen took out his phone and he took the picture. Uh huh. And then you put it up on Instagram. Yeah. (audience cheering) And broke it, you broke the internet with that one. I think 168 million. So Courtney Cox is Suzanne’s neighbor. Yes. Which, and I love.
Those girls. How you describe what she does on Sundays. tell them what she does She’s a gatherer. Courtney Cox, everybody likes Courtney and she gathers people and you walk in and you go, wow that’s Ed Sheeran huh? And y’know its always like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And the girls are there a lot and Jennifer is there a lot. And Sundays this is. Sunday afternoon, what a wonderful thing. And she has this chef and makes all this she’s more vegetarian than me. By the way, do you know that vegetarians, that’s in this book don’t live as long? And do you know why? No. Because everybody thinks meat is bad. Meat is not bad. Meat is where you get all your amino acids, and when you look at somebody’s face that the skin is tight and everything, that what you’re looking at is amino acids. So I just want you to know that. Back to Courtney. (laughs) (audience applauds) So, do you eat occasional beef? Oh yeah. Do you eat pork, do you like bacon? I eat all of it, but I just eat organic and grass-fed. Yeah, yeah. Y’know, I don’t eat any I don’t eat any chemicals. And that’s what this is about. Do you eat raw, like do you like a tar tar? No. Yeah.
Scares me. (audience laughs) Yeah I’m not a sushi girl either. Hmmm. No.
Hmmm. I remember I took a cooking class and I opened the salmon and it had a bunch of worms in them and it was like. Oh God, oh God Suzanne, okay. I don’t know, I can’t get that out of my mind, yeah. Are you still besties with oh I know you are, Barry Manilow, you’re a gatherer too. Of course, of course I’m a gatherer. Her best friend is Barry Manilow. (laughs) You always say that. (audience applauding) And I remember, it was like two years, last time I saw you, he hadn’t come out of the closet. Right. But two years ago, he came out of the closet. Yeah. And I was like, is this a revelation?? Yeah, you weren’t surprised were you? No! No, no, no. Were you surprised that it took him so long? No he, I think he wanted to I think. Y’know that’s another. There’s an era, it’s like for young gays now, it’s no big deal
Yeah. I live in Palm Springs, its a gay town, it’s no big deal. Yeah. But there was a generation and I remember I was on Three’s Company and I had to hire comedy writers to write my specials and things and they were all in the closet it was a big dark secret. Mhmm. And I think that was just that era, so thank God that’s over. (audience applauding) Yeah. Y’know, another great friend of mine is a guy by the name of Ric Grenell, who is now the Ambassador to Germany. Uh huh. He’s the first openly gay diplomat. And what he’s doing, this guy’s gonna change the world. He just held a conference at the United Nations to decriminalize homosexuality, because in 68 countries around the world, being gay is illegal. And so you need somebody like this guy out there who’s fearless, who’s great looking, he’s young and to get these initiatives going, so. And so, wait, one more thing. One more thing, one more thing. I love that you’re putting out a line of cosmetics. Yeah. Just because you have nothing better to do. (laughs) No, but I wanted them for me! Yeah, I, exactly! Y’know- Now you’re gonna make them available to everybody? Yeah if you look at your skin under a microscope, what we know is pores. You have beautiful pores, by the way. But, if you look at them under the microscope, hey look like big holes? Oh!
So, now, imagine taking chemical cream and putting that over, yeah. And so that’s all gonna drip into your bloodstream. Okay. And once chemicals are in your bloodstream, here’s what I love okay, you wanna know. The G.I. tract, it’s the length of a tennis court. Do you ever smoke weed? Uh, yeah. Occasionally? Well, my first date with Allen, he gave me a pot brownie. Perfect. And I, I’d never been to a man’s hotel room before and I went. Uh huh. And I, it was a Japanese suite, where you have He threw you down on the bed? Well, there was no bed. Oh, he threw you against the wall, even better! A Tatami mat on the, no he was slow and gentle, Tatami mat on the floor with cracked dungeonous crab, okay? Oh. And so I went in, and I’m like nervous, and I went into the bathroom, and he had a bottle of sake heating in the bathroom sink. Perfect. And I though “Oh, he’s so done this before.” (audience laughs)
Oh my God. And then, I came out and I sat down to have cracked crab, I guess, and he hands me dessert and I thought, “How weird to have dessert first?” Like. And it’s the pot brownie? And I said “Yuck, it tastes like dirt!” and he goes “It’s a pot brownie.” Kind of matter of fact, and I thought I’m just all in tonight, and I was. (Wendy laughing) (laughter and applause) Always a pleasure to see you. You too! Thank you for being here, pick up a copy of Suzanne’s latest book. It’s called “A New Way to Age”. It’s in stores.
It’s gonna change your life! Now!
I’m not kidding! (upbeat music)

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  1. Although Suzanne looks Happy and acts youthful, she does looks her age or older. She doesn't even look similar to herself from the Three's Company days. It looks like she had a little bit of plastic surgery.

  2. I can't believe Suzanne would say something so uneducated as "MEAT IS WHERE WE GET OUR ANTIOXIDANTS". PLANTS are were we get antioxidants from. The animal has to eat the plants to get its amino acids. Meat is highly toxic in the bodg. To claim that one gets antioxidants from eating meat, is as absurd as saying we should drink coke to get potassium.

  3. I don't care if she's had plastic surgery. None of my business. She has a youthfulness about her that plastic surgery just cannot provide, or none that I know of. Just the fact that she walks upright, not hunched over, and moves the way she does would mean a very good diet and staying busy. Or some seriously envied DNA. Inner youthfulness. Jane Fonda is the same way. I think they are beautiful ladies.

  4. Well it would be more credible without all the plastic. Diet and exercise is still a must, as is learning new skills to keep the brain functioning. It's not new, just common sense . it is just more trendy and popular and more accepted now. But still the pressure to be plastic is unreal. Normal aged people of 73 are wrinkled honey, it's just how it is especially for light skinned people. Less melanin =more uv damage. It is what it is. Sick to death of injected celebrities talking natural aging.

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