Meat: Grows the Brain or Rusts the Body?

Back in the day, in 1946, we were right to like meat, it was the fun way to get our proteins, it came in cans. Sometimes with a sack of sauce! And people knew meat was good, but thanks to the American Meat Institute, they then learned that it was this good. Fast forward to […]

Washington Grown S7E04 Promo “Part Time Farmers”

This week on Washington Grown we’re celebrating Washington’s part-time farmers. We’ll head to a lamb farm in Arlington, By trying not to use a lot of commands, I want my dogs to think on their own. But a lot of it is letting her natural instincts work on their own. Then I’m cooking lamb with […]

Washington Grown Season 7 Episode 4 “Part Time Farmers”

Washington Grown is brought to you by The Potato Farmers of Washington. Learn why Washington is home to the world’s most productive potato fields and farmers by visiting And by Northwest Farm Credit Services, supporting agriculture in rural communities with reliable consistent credit and financial services today and tomorrow. And by The Washington State […]

Module 9 Pollinator Declines III: Nutrition

the final module examining the causes of pollinator declines we’ll discuss the important role of nutrition in pollinator health and how this may be used to increase the overall health of honeybee populations don’t forget about the quizzes this is how you receive credit for this advanced Master Gardener pollinator training by the end of […]

Agriculture and Human Nutrition

Humans began farming roughly 12,000 years ago by domesticating animals and cultivating the soil to produce crops. Prior to that, people were hunters and gatherers. As we discussed last week, agriculture provided an abundance of food that lead to exponential growth of the human population. Agriculture gave people time to pursue other activities. Agriculture also […]