Sculpting Proteins (featuring Klaus Schulten & Artist Julian Voss-Andreae) – Regional EMMY Winner

[Music] GURNON: What you’re looking at are some steel sculptures that we collaborated on. We built these structures as representations of data from Klaus Schulten’s lab at the Beckman Institute. The data was the folding of a protein called Villin. And the protein folds in seven microseconds. So, I mean, it’s thousands and thousands of […]

Should Children Take Amino Acid Supplements?

Should children take amino acid supplements? Essential Amino Acids are important for the growth and health of children. They’re called Essential because our bodies can’t generate them. Essential Amino Acids make up the proteins in our bodies, and they – Help immune function – Metabolize food for energy – Strengthen brain neurotransmitters How to foster […]

6 “Vegetarian” Animals that Will Give You Nightmares

[♪ INTRO ] If I asked you to picture a forest, you might envision a sunny grove with some deer gently nibbling on leaves as they mosey on through. But those deer could actually be searching for a baby bird or two to munch on. Yes, deer can be carnivorous. In fact, many supposed plant-eaters […]

Yellow is the New Black: Discovery #6

Hey Universe, earthlings love plants, lets find why. We have a lot to cover today so lets jump right in and get started. Sweet clover is a nitrogen fixer, with a strangly sweet odor. It has a bitter taste to discourage predation, Prefers Alkaline soils, and makes a green manure or silage. This plant can […]

The Organic Compounds of Life

The building blocks of life can be organized on a ladder where each component is made up of the items below it on the lower rungs. Atoms make up simple inorganic compounds. Simple inorganic compounds make up simple organic compounds. Simple organic compounds makeup complex organic compounds. These complex organic compounds are what build living […]

Ahern’s BB 350 at OSU – 19. Transcription & Translation

>>Happy Friday, everyone. Everybody wants to have extra credit today, I know. I know they do. Well, I have to be a little careful with this. I have a– there’s a fairly large group of students that have gone to a meeting, today who were very responsible and told me about this before the meeting. […]

Memorising Structure and Names of 20 Amino Acids with Mnemonics

hello friends. My name is Aayudh Yashlaha and I’m gonna be your troll master for the session. Today we are starting with our series of lecture on Protein Metabolism us yeah structure any all Remy of yes still okay hey scale the nato okay hey hey yeah hey he it he head I hey me […]

3 World-Changing Biology Experiments

Scientists work everyday to solve the mysteries of the universe. Some of them go their whole careers without solving one freaking mystery. But others get lucky. Or they get creative and they find answers by trying stuff out. In science, we call this experimentation. So today we’re gonna look at three biological experiments that changed […]

mRNA Translation (Advanced)

The job of this mRNA is to carry the gene’s message from the DNA out of the nucleus to a ribosome for production of the particular protein that this gene codes for. There can be several million ribosomes in a typical eukaryotic cell. These complex catalytic machines use the mRNA copy of the genetic information […]

Genes to Proteins

Nearly every traits we possess from hair and eye color, to height and shoe size is determined by our genes, genes are small segments of DNA that code for proteins. Proteins perform many functions in our body, some proteins serves as component of our cell membranes, other proteins make up the structures our bodies like […]