Nutrition at Wellington Zoo

My name is Henk Louw and I’m the Nutrition Advisor at Wellington Zoo and I take care of all the diets for all the animals at the Zoo All our diets are prepared from a diet sheet that is almost like a recipe of what goes into an animal’s diet for a specific day And […]

Trace Mineral Nutrition is Vital to Animal Wellness and Performance

I’ve always had an interest in care for the animals and their well-being. Really what we want to do is work hard to eliminate as much feedlot lameness or beef cattle lameness as possible. How we feed a cow on a daily basis can not only have daily effects, but they can also have long-term […]

The Vegan Society debate childhood vegan nutrition on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff

Welcome back to Thursdays show with Helen Led, Steve First and Joe Woods, still to come Is it acceptable to tell someone, friend, family, stranger to wash their hands especially if they’ve just come out of the loo. 02071735555 is the number. First though is putting your child on a strict vegan diet tantamount to […]

This Underground Economy Exists in a Secret Fungi Kingdom

New research has revealed that fungi—you know, like mushrooms—barter and trade with other organisms like little stockbrokers. Basically, there’s a whole economy of nutrients right beneath our feet that we are just uncovering. And yes, it can be pronounced either fun-guy or fun-gee, don’t even start, and their classification has been difficult, to say the […]

Empirical Enzymes by ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company

Archer Daniels Midland Company has a vast network of grain elevators, processing plants, terminals, and export and distribution centers throughout the world. ADM’s asset footprint is linked by a complex and robust global transportation network which spans road, rail, river, and sea, all working to drive value from origin to destination markets. ADM Animal Nutrition […]

An Introduction to Rx Vitamins for Pets by Dr. Robert Silver DVM

My name is Robert Silver. I’m a 1982 graduate of Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. I’ve been practicing for 32 years but after I was in practice for a number of years, maybe five or six, I started getting frustrated with some of the cases that I would see that would not respond […]

Top Reasons Why You DON’T Want to Go to Australia!

Here are some of the reasons why you probably don’t want to visit Australia! 9 – Sydney Funnel Web Spider The Sydney funnel web spider is named that because, well, it’s a funnel web spider, and it’s native to Sydney! These venomous spiders are found all over the city, and around the New South Wales […]

A Cow’s Calendar and Nutritional Changes It Brings

Hi I’m Mike. Life for a cow on the ranch is a bit more complicated than we might imagine, and when it comes to their diet, its always changing with the season, and we have to change with it. Today we take a look at a cows calendar and how their lives change through the […]

Vitamins, Minerals and Protein and Fly Control in Cattle Nutrition

Hi I’m Mike. The day to day requirements for cows aren’t many. They need food, they need water, but that doesn’t mean that as the one in charge of them, that’s where it ends. My job is to make sure the cows have what they don’t even know they need, and much like a toddler […]

How did the evolution of complex life on Earth begin? – The Gene Code, Episode 1 – BBC Four

Have a look at this. It’s a bit of a human body These are cells from the inside of a human cheek magnified thousands of times they’re similar to the kinds of cells all complex plants and animals are built from Now here’s another one of these human cells on its own See those tiny […]