BEST COFFEE SUBSTITUTE? | Coffee Alternative Review

how is horror horrors I had to get off coffee cold turkey I’m on a homeopathic remedy and coffee anecdotes it and I said to my wife commit the bra clears up like that had to be one of my all-time favorite comfort foods coffee so I had to get off a cold turkey I […]

Ashwagandha’s Many Benefits for Men: From Test levels to Nutrition

Hey guys, do you want to be better? Find out why Ashwagandha maybe an important plant ally for you. Hey, I’m Logan Christopher from Lost Empire Herbs and today on a talk about Ashwagandha’s benefits for men. Ashwagandha is a root that is used from ayurvedic medicine and has been for thousands of years and […]

supplements powders protien vitamins muscle bodybuilding workout exercise fitness

hi everybody vanquished angel here and today’s video is going to be on supplements for working out now I decided to make this video because I’ve been through looking for the right supplements and seeing what works and what works for me and when you walk into a GNC it’s more about them selling a […]

Nootropics: Smart Drugs to Make Us Superhuman | Supplements | America Uncovered

Hi, welcome to America Uncovered, I’m your host Chris Chappell. Imagine a pill that could unlock your full potential. Turn you into a sort of super version of yourself. Like going from plain old boring Mario, to Super Mario. Because you ate some strange mushroom and/or glowy flower you found in a box. Unlimited focus, […]


hello and welcome back to this channel my name is Corine and I’m a registered dietitian in today’s video we’ll be discussing what supplements I choose to take and why I take them. It is not saying that I believe that everybody needs to take them or that you need to take them, it’s just […]

Stress Ease | Herbal Supplements for Stress Relief

Stress Ease helps your body cope with the effects of stress. This blend of Ayurvedic herbs support the resiliency and tone of the neuromuscular system so that you can handle physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Stress enters life in every way imaginable, so how you take Stress Ease depends on which aspect of your life […]

Ashwagandha: The Complete Herbal Guide

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural medicine and founder of In this video, I’m going to be training you on the many benefits of ashwagandha and how you can use it to improve your adrenal health, thyroid health, brain health, and a whole lot more. And I’ll tell you what, ashwagandha from […]

Care/of Vitamins

it’s possible that I’m way more excited about these vitamins than the average person is so I recently heard about the company care of through Amy landino and Anna Akana which I am super fangirls of both of them so the fact that both of them recommended these vitamins at the same time I was […]

Organic India Ashwagandha to Soothe the Nerves | Lucky Pick Review

Hey everyone, I’m Leah from LuckyVitamin and I’m here to tell you about my Lucky Pick which is Organic India Ashwagandha. I first picked this up when I was feeling stressed. I start to feel a tightness in my chest and it kind of makes it hard to concentrate at work especially. I was looking […]