Dr. Nick Delgado talks Nutrition in Newport Feb 2010 Part 6

Nick: — loss later. The truth is that they took a group of monkeys and they put them with food ad lib where they could eat as much as they wanted. They were actually healthy food, well-selected healthy food, and some of the monkeys remained fit and lean throughout their entire lifetime. They actually monitored […]

Top 10 Superfoods For Pregnancy – Healthy eating in pregnancy -Pregnant

Hello everybody! Today we are going to study about 10 Must Eat Beauty Foods For Pregnancy Your diet may be one of the first things you think of once you get a positive pregnancy test (well, after the initial excitement wears off!). Pregnancy is truly a magical and sacred time. I’ve been fortunate enough to […]

Does Asparagus do more than make your pee smell? – asparagus benefits StayHealthyTV

Does Asparagus do more than make your pee smell? Does everyone know that eating asparagus makes your pee smell? Trust me, some of us detect an odour and some of us don’t .. and whichever group you belong to – odour or odour-free – it doesn’t matter; it’s harmless and will eventually just disappear on […]

Man Force Natural T Formula

normally when you think a testosterone you picture a man going ah he’s a real jerk and he’s all aggressive and stuff yes that’s what happens when you eat beef which has hormones from an animal that’s supposed to grow to be 2,000 pounds you shoot it up with testosterone you take steroids yeah that’s […]