[Music] Yo, What is going on guys. Thank you so much for checking out the new video if you haven’t done so yet please that put subscribe button down below enjoy the next video. Yo thank you guys for tuning in to the new video so today we’re starting a new youtube series on supplements […]

If You Can Only Use ONE Supplement

– I’m ready. Hey, what’s up guys, Jordan here, and today I wanna talk about supplement. As most of my videos are all about training and workout. And today is about nutrition. First thing first, we have to keep in mind that supplement is not any magic formula powder. Supplement doesn’t get you fit overnight […]

AMINO™ – How Do I Take It

– Here are some frequently asked questions that we get about Driven’s AMINO™. Number one, “How much should I take?”. Driven’s AMINO™ comes in a five-gram serving. You can take one serving anywhere between one to four times per day. It just depends on when you’re working out, how much you’re exercising, and how much […]

Do BCAAs Actually Work? Or Are They A Waste Of Money?

hey guys so today I want to talk about BCAAs a popular supplement it’s short for branched chain amino acids but and the question is should I be taking BCAAs if I’m trying to build muscle or retain muscle and that’s what I want to answer in this in this video branched chain amino acids […]

BLACK SKULL BCAA – bcaa, bcaa para que serve? bcaa em pó, bcaa como tomar? bcaa preço? bcaa é bom?

e aí pessoal beleza se você chegou até esse vídeo acredito que você está procurando mais informações sobre esse o black skull bcaa eu entendo que você talvez queira saber se esse produto realmente funciona se esse produto vale a pena o depoimento referente a esse produto é muito importante que você assista esse vídeo […]

What is BCAA? When to use it? Short and simple

Hey this is Blessing Awodibu right here strict from Dublin. Trec Nutrition Athlete. 2014 Arnold Classic Champion. Right now we are trying to give you guys some useful information Ask for some question. You know let you guys know how get jug like this. Question of the day is. What is BCAA? BCAA refers 3 […]

💊 What are BCAAs?

Hey guys, What’s up? Marek here with Trec Nutrition. Welcome to another episode of Ask the Trainer. And today I wanted to answer Your questions about the Branched Chains Amino Acids So the BCAA. Let’s start by discussing what a BCAA actually are So as we all know amino acids are the building blocks of […]

Top 5 Most Beneficial Supplements

in today’s video we talked about my top five supplements what’s going on guys this is paul Revelia from Pro Physique dot com and i’ve got a new video topic today kind of going backwards in my video topics and just looking at some of the basic questions and basic things that i have not […]


Tiff Benson here welcome back to my channel today I wanted to share with you kind of what’s been going on in my life and my fitness journey and you know I might not be as present here on YouTube because I’ve been trying to get my fitness life together no I’m saying so I […]

What Supplements Do I Take ??

whats up youtube so you guys asked me for a while to do this video about the supplements that i take and i’m going to include in this video the supplements that i recommend you guys to take for building muscle the first supplement is multivitamins alright so you probably know what a multivitamin is […]