💪 Best BCAA Supplement 2019 º Aminoacids = LEAN MUSCLE

if you are looking for some of the greatest examples of BCAAs branch chain amino acids you are in the right place a useful supplement especially for those impressive athletes who needs an extra or support less happen is this what success looks like tiny dose of veneers collecting dust feet glue it in place […]

Best Protein Supplement for Building Lean Muscle | My Top 3 REVEALED

I’m about to reveal my three favorite proteins [for building lean muscle] I’ve never done this before after almost 20 years in the industry so do not miss this one it’s what I use and the experience starts right now! What is going on? My name is David Barr [CSCS, CISSN, RSCC] if you’re looking […]

Are BCAA Supplements Useful?

Hi everyone! Today, I’m talking about BCAA supplements which are branched-chain amino acids. They’re super popular among people that work out, but are they really useful? So first, what are they exactly? So protein are made of amino acids. There are nine essential amino acids which means that our body is not able to produce […]

Анализ зарубежных протеинов. MyProtein, Dymatize, Arnold, Mex, Universal, San, Ostrovit, Syntrax…

CMT: scientific approach, nutrition, health, supplements, work outs. Hello guys, my name is Tsatsulin Boris and you are on my YouTube channel, called CMT, scientific approach. Today we will continue our series of videos about sport nutrition for athletes. We already have the analyzes of Russian sport nutrition. I suggest you to look through this […]

Шок-контент. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. Первый тру обзор

Optimum Nutrition. One of the top supplement companies around the World What can we expect from them? Only the best products. And still, we don’t have a full, detailed review of this gainer You can only find “unboxing-style” videos and comments about the taste We were hoping it’s gonna be really great When we decided […]

Progenex HYPE: Not Your Average BCAA Blend

– Hi, my name is Lauren Fisher and I’m a Progenex athlete. I came to Progenex about a year ago because I wanted to create a BCA product ’cause we’re constantly training two to three times a day and I needed something that I can take in the middle of my workouts that would not […]

Is Excess Protein Harmful?

The average US diet exceeds protein requirements and provides about 1.2 daily grams of proteins per kilogram of body weight. When we refer to high protein diets, however, we do not refer to the slightly higher protein intake that all of us more or less have. We refer to way higher protein intakes, over 2 […]

California Gold Nutrition, BCAA, AjiPure® Branched Chain Amino Acids, 16 oz 454 g

California Gold Nutrition, BCAA, AjiPure® Branched Chain Amino Acids, 16 oz (454 g) Product Overview Description California Gold Nutrition BCAA Powder Featuring AjiPure® BCAA Sourced from AJINOMOTO® L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine (2:1:1) Supports Lean Mass Growth & Muscle Recovery* Plays an Important Role in Protein Synthesis* Available in 16 oz Powder & 60 Veggie Capsules Produced […]

Protein: How our body makes protein

Hi, this is Neily on Nutrition. Before we move on to the third macronutrient, fats and lipids, I wanted to finish up with something called protein synthesis. Remember we talked the other day about all of the important functions protein does. Well, we have to make those in the body, right? And that’s what protein […]

Biologische Wertigkeit – Warum die Proteinmenge nicht ausschlaggebend ist!

Hallo Freunde, mein Name ist “Famulus”! Dieses Mal geht es um die biologische Wertigkeit und warum die Proteinmenge nicht das entscheidendste Kriterium für die Proteinsynthese ist. Die biologische Wertigkeit ist ein Maß dafür, wie effizient Nahrungsproteine, d. h. Eiweiße in Lebensmitteln, in körpereigene Proteine umgesetzt werden können. Als Referenz dient hierfür das Vollei. Dieses weist […]