Climate Change, Environment Impact & CoQ10 – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

[Music] hi there Andrew Lessman here with a little video blog just briefly touching on our coq10 today’s special that’s going to be coming up in just a few days I wanted to all talk about that I’ll talk about Lincoln’s use of coq10 which I mentioned in a will have a little sneak peak […]

Ashwagandha: The Complete Herbal Guide

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural medicine and founder of In this video, I’m going to be training you on the many benefits of ashwagandha and how you can use it to improve your adrenal health, thyroid health, brain health, and a whole lot more. And I’ll tell you what, ashwagandha from […]

Should we take multivitamin supplements?

In the US, 40% of the population buys vitamin and mineral supplements, spending one billion dollar every year. However, there’s still a lot of disagreement among experts on whether spending all this money on micronutrient supplements is actually worth it or not. One thing’s for sure, taking vitamin or mineral supplements is not and should […]

It’s Always Tea Time! Health and nutrition of black tea

Hi everyone! And Welcome or welcome back to our Channel! You know that, depending on the origin of the tea, it may also have a price greater than one gram of gold? Consumed in China for about 5,000 years, tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. About two-thirds of the world […]

Health Benefits Of Moong Dal

Health Benefits Of Moong Dal

Clary Sage Oil Health Benefits

Jordan: Hi I’m Jordan Rubin, CEO of, where we believe food is medicine. In fact, food is ancient medicine and today we’re here to share with you an ancient medicine called clary sage oil and its powerful health benefits. Clary sage may be something you’ve never heard of before. If you’re an essential oil […]

Health Benefits Of ALOE VERA

Health Benefits Of ALOE VERA

Health Benefits Of Finger Beans | Green Beans

Health Benefits Of Finger Beans

Vitamins: do you need supplements?

Millions of people in North America are regular vitamin users. The question is, what do you actually need? Daphna Steinberg is a registered dietitian at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and says the data is complicated. This isn’t something you really want to do on your own unless you have a lot of knowledge. If you’re […]


What happens to your body when you eat eggs everyday Eggs are one of the healthiest foods, they are affordable and can be prepared in several ways. They are extremely high in iron, amino acids, and antioxidants. However, you should always choose organic eggs as they are rich in nutritional value but do not contain […]