Mechanisms of DNA Damage and Repair

Professor Dave again, let’s learn about the mechanisms of DNA damage and repair. As we’ve learned, your DNA is the template from which everything inside you is built, so it’s incredibly important that nothing happens to this code. But your DNA is constantly at risk of mutation, which means a change to the genetic information […]

Active site of an enzyme

Hi, this is doctor Vijay. Today we are going to learn the active site of an enzyme. What is active site? It is a region or area, or part of an enzyme and it is a small area. So, enzyme is a macromolecule, it is a big molecule when compared to substrate. So, within an […]

The Origins and Nature of Life | Interview with Eric Smith | Biomusings

It’s complicated, right? you know the idea of low-hanging fruit, the easy problems that are the first things where you get a hold on. A lot of that is what has been done –for formal work– a lot of that’s what’s been done in physics. So, problems that have few degrees of freedom lots of […]

Wrapping Up the Antioxidant System | Masterclass With Masterjohn 1.14

Hi. I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn of, and you are watching Masterclass with Masterjohn. And today we are in our fourteenth and final in a series of lessons on the antioxidant defense system. And what we’re going to do today is wrap up what we’ve learned, summarize it and review it, and fit in to […]

Stepping through the Shikimate Pathway II

We ended the last webcast, Part 1 of the shikimate pathway, by showing how the three building blocks came together and produced this molecule enolpyruvate shikimate phosphate, and now we want to see how this transforms first into prephenate and then from there to the aromatic amino acids phenylalanine and tyrosine. So we have to […]

Ahern’s BB 350 at OSU – 12. Membrane Lipids

>>Happy Monday. Happy day after the exam. How was the exam?>>[INAUDIBLE] >>Great, yeah, and maybe no. I heard, I think, all three. So the exams were just handed to me by the TA just before I got to class, so they are graded. I haven’t had a chance to record them or look at them, […]

13. Polar covalent bonds; VSEPR theory

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6. Kevin Ahern’s Biochemistry – Protein Purification I

Professor Kevin Ahern: Happy Friday! [students cheering] It never fails to elicit a few whoos! By the end of the term it’s going to be like, “uhh.” Now it’s still the, “Whoo!” Big weekend plans? Studying Biochemistry, this is good. The heck with Biochemistry, right? Alright so we’re pretty much on target with where we […]

Gluconeogenesis: Expensive, but Essential | MWM 2.29

Gluconeogenesis. We don’t have to eat carbohydrate because we can make it from other things in our diet like protein. But being gluconeogenic ain’t easy. As far as your ATP supply is concerned, it might just break the bank. But hey, the liver’s got to do what the liver’s got to do, amiright? Let’s take […]