Polar Bear – POV Cams (Spring 2016)

Footage from the southern Beaufort Sea, April 2016 No polar bears were harmed during the filming process. Special thanks to: Anthony Pagano, U.S. Geological Survey Mehdi Bakhtiari, Exeye, LLC. University of California, Santa Cruz Polar Bears International, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, permit #MA690038 and explore.org

How does a polar bear stay warm? | Natural History Museum

Polar bears are the largest bear species alive today Their white coat gives them perfect camouflage But what else is it hiding? The polar bear fur appears white, which is a fantastic visual trick as it helps them to be camouflaged. However, there is more to this fur than meets the eye. Although their coat […]

Deserts – Biomes Episode 4

This is what the bare earth looks like, the bones of our planet revealed as the skin of vegetation is peeled back. Despite the lack of life, these landscapes nonetheless inspire us with their stark beauty. A product of endless sunshine and droughts, life yet still finds a way here, for plants to survive in […]

Invisible/Invincible: The Bacteria Survival Guide (2017–18)

(intense music) – The most exciting thing for me is really to let people know and help them begin to think about the things in our world that we can’t see but are very important to every single aspect of our life. – Microbes are the ones that help, you know, shape our entire world. […]

How rattlesnakes’ scales help them sip rainwater from their bodies – Headline Science

During storms, some rattlesnakes drink rain droplets from scales on their backs. This unusual behavior could help them survive when water is scarce. Now, researchers have figured out how the nanotexture of scales from these snakes helps them use their bodies to harvest rain. They report their results in in ACS Omega. The western diamondback […]

Scale of cells | Structure of a cell | Biology | Khan Academy

– [Voiceover] When we study science it’s natural to just categorize a whole series of things as just being really really unimaginably small. So when people say, hey atomic scale, or molecular scale, or protein, or cell, you often just group that together and say oh, those are really really really really small things. But […]

Why Polar Bears Don’t Hibernate

I know this sounds real dumb, but Polar Bears are bears right? So why don’t they hibernate in the winter? [MUSIC] Howdy kids, Trace here with the bear necessities for DNews! Polar bears live in the Arctic Circle, which might cause you to assume it’s the long days which keep these fuzzy ursas from enjoying […]

Intro to Cell Signaling

A question for you- have you ever played the game “telephone?” You know, the game where someone whispers something to someone and then that person whispers it to someone else and then that person whispers it to someone else…and by the time you get through everyone playing, the original message is all messed up? I […]

Everything It Takes to Explore Beneath Polar Ice Caps

These are our polar oceans, a part of the world that is more foreign to scientists than the moon or Mars. But we are getting closer to discovering more about these crucial environments with advanced robotic technology. Dr. Alex Forrest is at the forefront of that work. His robots are built to access underneath ice […]