Vitamin B Komplex – B Vitamine – richtige Dosierung – Wirkung

Also wir brauchen das Vitamin B. Ganz wichtige Funktionen für unseren Körper, ganz wichtige Funktionen, was den Stoffwechsel anbelangt. Alle unsere Bausteine, die wir verstoffwechseln müssen – den Zucker, der Eiweiss, die Proteine – müssen mit den B-Vitaminen umgebaut werden in unsere Lebensenergien. B-Komplex – der Name sagt es – es sind viele B-Vitamine, die […]

Dietary Supplement Practicum (20 of 21): Analysis of the Evidence

>>Becky Costello: And our last speaker, but not least, today, is Paul Thomas, who’s a scientific consultant with the office also. And he works primarily preparing the dietary supplement fact sheets, along with other educational materials, and does a lot of interaction with the media. And Dr. Thomas also manages the Federal Working Group on […]

Biotin Supplement / Vitamin B7: Unexpected Side Effects???

How many times have you taken a nutritional supplement and said yourself, “Self: this whole supplement thing… it may work or it may not, but it certainly won’t hurt.” Well it turns out, there may be some risk if your using biotin, aka B7 as a health supplement. Back in November, the Food and Drug […]


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We Tested The Kardashians’ Hair Vitamins

– [Cc] Hey Andy, you want a SugarBear? – [Andy] That’s not bad. – [Cc] So you wanna know what else I found out about what’s in ’em? – What else is in this? Yes. What? – [Cc] Andy’s going off of me right now because he assumes what I gave him I dipped in […]

Group B Vitamins: the Support Team of Metabolism

We know that vitamins do not directly yield energy, however many of them are required so that energy can be efficiently extracted from the energetic nutrients. This is the case for group B vitamins, which are necessary in a large number of metabolic pathways collectively known as energy metabolism: the extraction of energy from carbohydrates, […]

Vitamin Labels Are Wrong – Know Your Nutritional Requirements

Hi, I’m Dr. Tod Cooperman, President and Founder of ConsumerLab com, which has been testing and reporting on the quality of dietary supplements since 1999, and I’m here today to tell you something disturbing about the labeling on dietary supplements, which is that the Daily Value (DV) information that you see in the Supplement Facts […]

B Vitamins – Dr. Cooperman Explains What You Need to Know

Hi, I’m Dr. Tod Cooperman, president and founder of and I’m here to talk today about B vitamins. Now ConsumerLab has been testing vitamins and supplements, all kinds of herbal supplements and healthy foods since 1999. We’ve tested over 5000 products; our most recent report, though, focuses on the B Vitamins. Now the B […]