Did My Diet Cure Me? // Candida, Low FODMAP & Supplements Update [CC]

Hi, lovely people! And oh my goodness, yes, I’ve actually made a requested video. You’ll have to excuse me if I seem a bit nervy today. I was just reading some more back issues of the Dark Phoenix saga and now I’m really emotional because apparently the X-Men are my life sometimes. You may also […]

Testo24 – Uber Nutrition

Do you have the balls? What makes man a man, is his testosterone. Without testosterone, you couldn´t change fat to muscles, sugar to energy and virgins to women. Testo 24 is the strongest testosterone-stimulant legally avalaible on the market. It’s technologically unique solution. The brainiacs have found the perfect equilibrium of components. Testo 24 stimulates […]

Difference Between Nutrition and Nutrients – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Hello Students today we are going to study about one of the important physiology of human that is human digestive system now you all know to do any work our body needs energy so where our body is getting this energy it is getting from food it which is the food whatever you’re consuming is […]

Fit Is Not A Body Type | Vitamin Stree

jump, squat, lunge and hop do what you do girl, take your best shot work it out, in your own way sweat it out, but don’t sweat what they say every damn day, I bring the fitness 24/7, God as my witness I bet you wish that you could hit this but you just made […]

Sweet Spot: Carbohydrates

Your Body on Carbs

You’ve probably heard that carbs are bad for you. And there’s a lot of us searching for signs they’re good, possibly sugar, or just the devil. But carbohydrates are your body’s main fuel source. So what do carbs actually DO when they pasta through your body? Carbohydrates in our food fall into three categories: sugars, […]

Supplement Testing Demonstration

So we will try to demonstrate technique, which Steve is using in his practice. How to determine from Kinesiology standpoint where something is compatible with your body something can benefit you and although a lot of people think that it is a very, very esoteric technique, but there is a common sense under that so […]

What Are Antioxidant Vitamins? | Vitamins

Hi, I’m Molly Lee, and I’m founder and director of energizingnutrition.com, a holistic health and nutrition practice based in New York City. Antioxidant vitamins are vitamins A, C, and E. Antioxidants are a group of compounds which protect the body from the formation of free radicals. Free radicals cause aging, tissue damage, and can lead […]

Low Carb & Keto: What about Cholesterol?

Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Consider the ingredients in the following low carb high fat recipe. “Two pounds of de-boned white fish, one-half cup butter and two-thirds pint or more of cream, two tablespoon of flour, the juice of one half lemon, salt and pepper to taste.” Excluding the fish and lemon, this […]

Rytasha Rathore ‘Pills the Beans on Body Positivity | Vitamin Stree

Way before I became this moderately famous person/actor, I had put up pictures of myself in bathing suits. When I started getting more followers and then people were like… ooh… “she wears a bikini even though she’s fat.” Then I realised that okay, maybe people don’t do this. Why don’t they? They should! My name […]