3. How amino acids like leucine drive mTOR and affect muscle mass | Peter Attia

Methionine Restriction as a Life Extension Strategy

Transform Your Body and Kill Cancer Cells | TotalTransformation

TRANSFORM YOUR BODY. The foods which we consume are digested and broken down into a final product which may either be acidic or alkaline in our tissues. This final product is referred to as the ash and is a remnant inside the body following the breakdown of food. Foods which produce an alkaline ash are […]

Acid Vs Alkaline Diet | Acidic Vs Alkaline Foods Healthy Food – Acid Alkaline Diet Foods * Alkaline

Acid Vs Alkaline Diet Our body’s internal system needs a PH of just above 7.0; our immunologic, enzymatic and repair mechanisms all function at their best in this alkaline range. If our body becomes over acidic, i.e. under a PH of 7, you may start to experience a combination of these symptoms; Low energy, fatigue […]

FAST Non Dairy Milk alternative in 20 Seconds Dairy Free raw vegan milk

INSULIN & GLUCOSE RELATIONSHIP part 1 – Type 2 Diabetes #2

welcome to the second video of type 2 today we’re going to look at something very cool but before that I want to thank everyone that watched the first video and sent messages and you know gave me motivation to continue what we’re going to discuss today is the relationship between glucose and insulin now […]

Onco Support product overview – Rx Vitamins for Pets

Onco Support was my formula to help address the needs of the oncology patient, whether they are receiving chemotherapy or not. It uses a very flavorful base of powdered lecithin, powder nutritional yeast, and powdered kelp powder. The combination of these three powders has a very good flavor which makes it quite appealing to most […]

How is the overall myeloma protein level in the blood affected by its distribution?

This week’s Ask Dr. Durie is rather a technical question. The questioner asks, “How are the myeloma protein levels impacted by distribution of the proteins within the body and even passing out into the urine?” Well, it may not seem like it, but this is actually rather an important question. Because IgG, IgA, and light-chains, […]

Cancer survivor choose whole food nutrition instead of vitamins.

hi guys Tanya west here nutritional consultant and holistic cancer practitioner and I just wanted to talk to you today a bit about why I made the switch from vitamins to Juice Plus I feel as a cancer survivor and someone who has lost friends and family to cancer that it is something I’m very […]