GlycoFeed™ – How Do I Take it

– Here are some commonly asked questions we get about Titan Nutrition’s product, GlycoFeed. Question number one, how much should I take? GlycoFeed is simply a carb. It’s a designer carb but you do wanna factor it in to your carbohydrate intake for the day. Once scoop of GlycoFeed is gonna be about 25 grams […]

Insulin, carbohydrates and the IGF-1 pathway’s role in cancer and aging | Peter Attia

[Peter]: Okay. So that’s the easy story. Now the hard one, IGF. Okay. So two schools of thought on this, I am in one camp but I will acknowledge the other camp. One camp says IGF-1 is driven exclusively by amino acids. The other camp says, no, it’s actually driven by amino acids and carbohydrates. […]

The connection between Alzheimer’s disease and insulin resistance | Peter Attia

[Rhonda]: Yeah. So what are your thoughts as to what are triggering Alzheimer’s disease in terms of our environment? [Peter]: Yeah. I mean, I think it’s probably a combination of things. But the most compelling evidence to me and, again, this is probably, because I’m just a simpleton and I like to start with Occam’s […]

PetSolutions: Nulo Trim Dry Dog Food with Cod & Turkey

Nulo Trim dog food is a low-calorie food, formulated for dogs with low activity, and are overweight. It contains a quality protein mix of cod, turke, mea,l and salmon meal, with low-fat, increased fiber, for a complete and balanced diet. This provides all the nutrients for optimal cell and muscle development, a strong immune system, […]

Lifestyle factors that affect Alzheimer’s risk for APOE4 carriers | Peter Attia

[Rhonda]: There’s a huge, huge component for lifestyle in risk for Alzheimer’s disease, particularly with having an ApoE4 allele, and that’s where I’ve become obsessed. You know, I’ve been looking at mechanism but also looking at the epi studies. Looking at epidemiology, you see certain lifestyle factors for example, drinking. If you’re drinking in your […]

Lactate and beta-hydroxybutyrate in the treatment of traumatic brain injury | Peter Attia

IGF-1 and its role in diabetes and Alzheimer’s | Peter Attia

[Peter]: There are other things. There’s subtle things going on, of course. IGF, of course, just to bring it back to where we were. IGF is really interesting because centrally and peripherally you may actually want them to be in opposite directions. You probably know this, but Amgen had a drug that was an IGF-receptor […]

Biomarkers to determine the ideal macros for longevity | Peter Attia

[Peter]: I still haven’t answered your question which is, “How do you do this with diet?” But… [Rhonda]: Well… [Peter]: So I will explain conceptually how you do it. How you do it at the individual level is empirical and I think prescriptive, meaning you have to be able to try something, iterate on it, […]

Gut health’s important role in regulating inflammation | Peter Attia

[Rhonda]: So your approach seems to really look at insulin response. It’s looking at obviously the IGF-1, mTOR, dietary nutritional factors that are influencing those pathways and then, of course, the rest being fat. For me, I like to think about food as what you’re putting in your body not only to activate these pathways […]

APOE 3/4 and APOB and their influence on Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease | Peter Attia

[Rhonda]: Yeah, ApoE. I’ve actually got one ApoE4 allele, so I’m very interested in ApoE and I’m actually writing a paper on ApoE4 and its role in Alzheimer’s right now. [Peter]: Well, I’ll tell you my take on that, which I’m sure you’ve seen the literature on it. But I actually think it’s the phenotype […]