Carbohydrates – Part 1

Carbohydrates are not your enemies. Hi, and welcome back to my channel. If you are new I am Lola at Beasts Train Mean, and in this video I am going to talk about carbohydrates. Because this is a big topic, I broke it down into three videos. Therefore, in this video, I will talk about […]

The Spectrum of Carbohydrates – from Whole Grain to White Bread

All nutrients are not created equal especially when it comes to their effect on our health. So shifting our focus from nutrients to foods can help us develop better eating habits that will support our long term health.>>Getting our head around the idea that we should be focused on the category of foods, mot nutrients, […]

Carbohydrates in the Body – Glycemic index

My granddaughter recently asked me why is sugar bad for you? Actually, it was her dad ducking the question by sending her to me after he told her she couldn’t have soda pop. How to explain to a four-year-old the impact food has on health. I’m not sure what my answer was but I don’t […]

Carbohydrates: The Good, The bad & The Ugly | Physical Fitness

Gentleman From Scrownei to Brownie And Women from skinny to little curvy Hello There I am Anurag And Today Lets talk about Carbs Or Carbohydrates Do You Fear Carbs? Or should you fear carbs? Do you think Carbs are you enemy as per your body re composition goals are concerned Let us see what science […]

Lecture – 16 Carbohydrates I

We begin our lecture on carbohydrates today. We will have two lectures on carbohydrates. We will see how important they are in the process as we go on especially when we do bioenergetics where we will be studying metabolism of these carbohydrates. The first thing that we want to know is what are carbohydrates? Carbohydrates […]

Obesity & Diabetes Explained: The Overflow Phenomenon

In my last video, I talked about how despite what some authorities may say, Type 2 diabetes does not have to be a chronic and progressive condition as clearly evidenced by the fact that Doctors like Jason Fung, David Unwin, Sarah Hallberg, and Ted Naiman just to name a few have been reversing people’s diabetes […]


Reduced Carbohydrate Breakfast – Vermicelli Upma Usually we take very high Carb Breakfast. Rice, Wheat, Ragi and other grains contain more Carbohydrate. So here we are going to see how to reduce Carbohydrates in our usual dishes Carbohydrates makes Sugar level increase. So add more of low carb ingredient and less of high carb in […]

Mummy’s Cooking – Fiber, Protein and Carbohydrates Rich Recipe / Mint Mushroom Baby Corn Fry

Mushroom 150 Gram, Baby Corn 4, Mint 1 Handful Chopped Ginger 1/2 Inch, Garlic 4 pods, Onion big 1, Green chilli 1 Oil, Turmeric powder, Chilli Powder 1 Tsp, Coriander Powder 1/2 Tsp, Garam Masala 1/4 Tsp, Pepper powder, Salt to taste Heat Oil in a pan add Ginger Garlic and saute for a minute […]

Carbohydrates and Lipids: Key Biomolecules I

Hi, everybody. This screencast is going to discuss biomolecules. We’re going to do an overview as well as talk about carbohydrates and lipids. So, in one of our last screencasts we talked about different kinds of atoms that are very commonly combined together in biology; those are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. And […]

Nutrition (diet) program, examples of daily intake of carbohydrates, protein and fat (2018)

Hey guys, what’s up? Today is my third video. I’m going to dedicate this video to a nutritional program. I’ll explain to you the basics of nutrition, and introduce you to an optimal nutrition program for the Turinabol solo cycle. I also will recommend optimal diets for different kinds of bodies and show some examples […]