3. How amino acids like leucine drive mTOR and affect muscle mass | Peter Attia

Dr. Nick Delgado talks Nutrition in Newport Feb 2010 Part 6

Nick: — loss later. The truth is that they took a group of monkeys and they put them with food ad lib where they could eat as much as they wanted. They were actually healthy food, well-selected healthy food, and some of the monkeys remained fit and lean throughout their entire lifetime. They actually monitored […]

Glucose Is The Most Essential Source Of Energy: The Science

Here’s a riddle for you: Every living organism needs it in order to thrive. It’s the human body’s preferred source of energy. Your brain runs exclusively on it. Your muscles are powered by it. It courses through your veins to nourish all the cells throughout your body. Without it, your body literally thinks it is […]

INSULIN & GLUCOSE RELATIONSHIP part 1 – Type 2 Diabetes #2

welcome to the second video of type 2 today we’re going to look at something very cool but before that I want to thank everyone that watched the first video and sent messages and you know gave me motivation to continue what we’re going to discuss today is the relationship between glucose and insulin now […]

FINISHER – A Green Planet Product Overview

Thank you for checking out Green Planet’s Finisher. Finisher is a totally unique product used to create flower size and enhance flavor and taste. Designed for the latest stages of bloom, this is one of the only products recommended to use in your flush, although it’s not considered a flushing agent because of it’s low […]

Carbs vs Protein For Endurance – Which Is Better?

Completing a half marathon has been on your bucket list for ages. You finally round up a bunch of friends and sign up for a charity run in six months after one of your training sessions a friend suggests that you should add protein to your diet to perform better on your run but another […]

What supplements would you recommend for a ketogenic diet?

Anonymous says, “For someone on a keto diet, 80 grams total carbs, 40 g net, greater than 1 ketones,” I assume that’s more than 1 millimolar beta-hydroxybutyrate, “what supplements would you recommend? Any concerns with carbs being that low?” I don’t know that I would specifically tailor supplements on the basis of this data. So, […]

Can I Have Dairy on Keto ? | Hemp Milk | Cashew Milk

Welcome to another video in the KNOWLEDGE series from Your Keto Site.com. Today’s video is about dairy and keto diet. Questions answered in the video are. Is Dairy allowed on Keto? if yes, then how much and in what form? Also, In the description of this video, I have a free keto recipe book for […]

Why the KETO Diet Causes Muscle Loss After 40 (Simple Solution!)

Hey, everybody out there. Coach Dan Long with the Over 40 Protocol, and I’m in my dining room table here in my dining room. And yes, I have a stack of butter, lard, right here in front of me to totally go over with you– I’m going to answer the question today, if you’re over […]

Can a low-carb diet cause waking up in the middle of the night?

Lawrence Tam says, “I keep waking up in the middle of the night and keep awoken for hours before I give up and get off my bed. Would low-carb, say 50 grams, make it worse? My blood glucose was 6 three days ago, which was too high. I like to try low-carb,” and he clarifies […]