What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast | Chris Bumstead’s Favorite Meal 1

what’s up muscle & strength Chris bumstead here today I’m gonna be taking you guys through my typical breakfast at least a breakfast I eat when I’m actually at home so my favorite thing to eat while I’m not traveling on the road and have my kitchen at hand is protein pancakes so I’ll show […]

BASICS – PostWOD™ – Post-Workout Recovery Drink Mix

(rock music) – Let’s talk about the ultimate in post-workout nutrition, Driven Nutrition’s PostWOD. PostWOD is one of the most unique products in the industry. It’s one of the few that has the optimal one-to-one carb-to-protein ratio, which studies have shown that right after you get done working out, one of the first things you […]

Episode 62: Serotonin: An Agent of Averageness

that’s got to be an and get the fridge or the coffee maker it’s like he’s humming is it the fridge that’s okay that’s afraid yeah okay I can do it I can eliminate at 90% of the time anyways that was that one yeah somebody will bitch about that somebody will we got a […]

INSULIN & GLUCOSE RELATIONSHIP part 1 – Type 2 Diabetes #2

welcome to the second video of type 2 today we’re going to look at something very cool but before that I want to thank everyone that watched the first video and sent messages and you know gave me motivation to continue what we’re going to discuss today is the relationship between glucose and insulin now […]

Carbs vs Protein For Endurance – Which Is Better?

Completing a half marathon has been on your bucket list for ages. You finally round up a bunch of friends and sign up for a charity run in six months after one of your training sessions a friend suggests that you should add protein to your diet to perform better on your run but another […]

Youth Sports Nutrition for Peak Performance

Parents should definitely care about youth sports nutrition because if you’re not paying attention to how well your athlete is fueled when they get out on the field, they’re already starting out at a disadvantage. It’s really no different than if you’re going to take a trip to California, you want to fill the gas […]

What supplements would you recommend for a ketogenic diet?

Anonymous says, “For someone on a keto diet, 80 grams total carbs, 40 g net, greater than 1 ketones,” I assume that’s more than 1 millimolar beta-hydroxybutyrate, “what supplements would you recommend? Any concerns with carbs being that low?” I don’t know that I would specifically tailor supplements on the basis of this data. So, […]


Hey man welcome on this second episode about nutrition on wich we are gonna take a look to How to build your nutrition plan To reach your goals in building muscle and losing fat, in the first video of this serie i´ve introduced all types Of macronutrients as well as their caloric value , btw […]

Optimal Nutrition for a Fitness Regimen