【Green Tea】Basic Teaware

today I’m going to introduce basic teaware for Japanese green tea. first, Kyusu. this is teapot handle with this angle.it’s very common in Japan. using right hand, place a lid using my thumb pour this way.for Lady, using both hands pouring this way looks polite this is also common in Japan. we called this Dobin. […]

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Os 3 Melhores Chás Naturais Para Cólicas Menstruais | Live Saudável

Who suffers from severe cramps during the period menstrual need to resort to medications to alleviate this symptom. But there are natural teas to help decrease and until the end of the menstrual colic. In today’s video we will talk about 3 teas that help fight cramps and decrease this discomfort. Before you start, subscribe […]