The 10,000 Calorie Sumo Wrestler Diet

Okay, let’s go. [LAUGH] My name is Byamba I am four time world sumo champion. Every day I eat lots of healthy food to stay strong. [SOUND]. [LAUGH] [SOUND] [MUSIC] In professional sumo, after the practice we eat rice and you know, like, before I have some fish but the main dish is, like, Chankonabe. […]

Pre Ride Nutrition: Vegan Porridge & Rice Pudding Anyone Can Make

(whooshing) – Pre Ride meals all mean different things to different people depending on what time you actually get out and sit in the saddle. So World Tour nutritionist Nigel Mitchell is going to show us two recipes today. One is the perfect pre ride breakfast and the second is a pre ride meal suitable […]

Bauman College’s Nutrition Consultant Training Program: An Introduction

People should choose Bauman College because it’s the best. It’s grounded in in the physical as well as a spiritual emotional. It has information from cutting-edge science as well as age-old traditions. We are a small school with the caring and human environment but with a very scientific and strong academic base, so they get […]


Green Moong Dal Idli Green Moong Dal 200 gms=40 gms of Carb, Urad Dal 1/2 Cup about 50 g of carb, Fenugreek seeds1/2 tsp Soak Green Moong Dal for 8 hours and Urad and Fenugreek seeds for 2 hours After 5 hours grind Urad Dal first and then Green Moong Dal and mix well. Leave […]

What Physique Pros Eat for Breakfast | Steven Cao’s High Protein Egg Scramble

hey what’s up muscle and strength IFBB Pro Steven Cao here from BPI today I’ll be showing you guys what I used for my pre contest breakfast so I’m sure you guys well be cooking today when I’m prepping for a show I try to keep things very you know creative that way I don’t […]

Teach every child about food | Jamie Oliver

Sadly, in the next 18 minutes when I do our chat, four Americans that are alive will be dead through the food that they eat. My name’s Jamie Oliver. I’m 34 years old. I’m from Essex in England and for the last seven years I’ve worked fairly tirelessly to save lives in my own way. […]

Super-Food Protein Loaf | F2 Freestylers & Jamie Oliver

What up Food Tubers, Mr Oliver here. Today is a beautiful day because we are making the most incredible gluten free, wheat free protein loaf. This is perfect for people that care about sports and nutrition and post gym or workout or game. This is amazing for muscle repair and muscle growth. And to help […]

What Do Professional Cyclists Really Eat? | Nutrition Insights With Nigel Mitchell

– Grand tours are phenomenal feats of endurance and physical exertion, and they place huge demands on the riders that race them. On the one hand, the athletes need plenty of fuel to get them ’round the three and a half thousand kilometers, at an average speed of over 25 miles per hour. But on […]


Vegetable Egg Scrambled dish is a Low Carbohydrate recipe. Enjoy a healthy living Small Cauliflower (for 100gms has 5 Gms of Carb) , Zucchini=6 Gms of Carb, Egg=very Lower Carb, 1/2 onion has 5 Gms of Carb, Dill Leaves One handful not much carb, ginger / Garlic/ Green Chilles hasvery low carb Grate Zucchini, Blanch […]

What’s Next in Nutrition: An Introduction to Bauman College

The culinary arts and nutrition together is powerful. Most people are just teaching cooking. Or they’re just teaching nutritional sciences. We’re bringing it together with practical application and we’re teaching people good business. We’re independent, we’re non-dogmatic We integrate information that comes today with information and experience that is timeless. Because we focus a lot […]