First Lady Michelle Obama in the Garden on Health and Nutrition

The First Lady: But I want to just welcome everybody here in the First Lady’s Garden at the White House, and I just wanted to say a few words to make sure that we all really understand why we’re here and what we’ve accomplished, because today is really the culmination of a lot of hard […]

What Physique Champions Eat for Breakfast | Brandon Hendrickson’s Pre-Olympia 1st Meal

my mindset my vision is like so far I before I got on the Arnold stage I saw myself in that first call-out like I saw myself in the Olympia stage before I got there because I having that vision so when your vision is like so much bigger and brighter the work you need […]

The Pescatarian Diet of Kron Gracie, MMA Fighter

more important is the time that I’m having while I’m training in the actual fight you know the fight is just a result upon my training was and how I’ll prepare that way so if you put too much pressure on the result and you have an attachment to the result then you’re always waiting […]

Best Quinoa Salad Recipe

chef buck here and today we’re cooking this up a quinoa salad quinoa that’s right quinoa now this is a super delicious and easy recipe now I usually get my quinoa in bulk at the a healthy hippie food store but you can get in anywhere you know I got this box here from my […]

Homemade Dog Food – Scrambled Eggs Sassy Style

Hello and welcome to Queeniechi says COOK, the DOG FOOD REVOLUTION. Today I am going to show you how to make Scrambled Eggs for your dogs. It’s actually called Scrambled Eggs Sassy Style. Today helping me cook this is going to be Ruby. She decided to help me cook. Anyway lets get started. The ingredients […]