Introduction to Biochemistry

Hey, it’s professor Dave, let’s talk about biochemistry. What is biochemistry? Is it biology? Is it chemistry? Well as you might guess, it’s sort of in-between, quite literally in terms of size. In the great panoply of the sciences, biochemistry sits right here. If we go smaller we get into small molecules made of just […]

Introduction to Evonik Precision Livestock Farming | Evonik Animal Nutrition

Managing Livestock is getting more and more complex traditional approaches are not sufficient anymore With Precision Livestock Farming sensors and software help you to better understand your flock’s condition This allows you to optimize the yield of each flock BUT just understanding isn’t enough as well Evonik Precision Livestock Farming combines profound science-based know-how proven […]

Steve Townsend: Professor, Chemist, Mentor

I think, you know, to both my credit and my detriment, I’m an open book. Most students know I’m a first- generation college student. Students know that I have family members who are or have been incarcerated. I had no high school research experience beyond what was in the Detroit public schools. I don’t feel […]

Macromolecules – Carbohydrates – 3.2 – Biol 189

In this video, we’re going to talk about the molecules that make up cells. Specifically, carbohydrates! As stated in the previous video, life and non-life are made out of the same atoms. What makes them different from each other is how these atoms are organized into molecules. And a specific category of molecules which are […]

Vitamin E | Masterclass With Masterjohn 1.4

Hi. I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn of ChrisMasterjohnPhD.Com and you’re watching Masterclass With Masterjohn. This is the fourth in a series of videos on the antioxidant defense system and today we are for the first time looking at a specific component of that system in detail and we’re starting with vitamin E. You can see the […]

Types of Heterocycles

In this webcast, we’re going to take a survey of different types of aromatic heterocycles that we have yet to discuss. First, we’re going to talk about fused ring systems, move on to two ah atom heterocyclic systems and multi-atom heterocyclic systems. First, let’s took a look at ah furan and thiophene shown here. So […]

ATP & Respiration: Crash Course Biology #7

Oh, hello there. I’m at the gym. I don’t know why you’re here, but I’m going to do some pushups, so you can join me on the floor if you want. Now, I’m not doing this to show off or anything. I’m actually doing this for science. [pained grunt] You see what happened there? My […]

Interview With a Scientist: Laura Kiessling, Carbohydrate Scientist

[Music] National Institute of General Medical Sciences Laura Kiessling: Carbohydrate Scientist So, most people think about carbohydrates or sugars as the things that we eat. Like bread or–I’m from Wisconsin–so beer comes to mind and these carbohydrates are linked either to proteins that are on the cell surface or to lipids. So, those are the […]

Is the Secret to Superhuman Performance in Your Gut? | The Swim

Long-distance swimmer Ben Lecomte and the crew of Seeker are on a mission to bring attention to changing ocean ecosystems. But along the way, Ben’s internal ecosystem will change too, presenting scientists with a unique opportunity to show just how much our environment affects the millions of microbes swimming within us. JARRAD: The human microbiome […]

Carbohydrates Part 2: Polysaccharides

Hey guys, it’s professor Dave. Let’s discuss polysaccharides. Carbohydrates include simple sugars like monosaccharides, but they also include polysaccharides, which are long polymers of these simple sugars, so we need to understand the way they polymerize, as well as certain characteristics of the resulting polymers. First let’s return to our Haworth projection for beta-glucose. In […]