Why labs are printing the coronavirus genome

(dramatic music) – In December of last year, doctors in Wuhan, China had a mystery on their hands. People in the region were coming down with an unusual pneumonia. It’s cold and flu season, but these people didn’t have either. Doctors quickly realized it might be something entirely new. – Medical nightmare, the coronavirus outbreak. […]

Mechanisms of DNA Damage and Repair

Professor Dave again, let’s learn about the mechanisms of DNA damage and repair. As we’ve learned, your DNA is the template from which everything inside you is built, so it’s incredibly important that nothing happens to this code. But your DNA is constantly at risk of mutation, which means a change to the genetic information […]

deprotonation of ketones with LDA to make enolates

Hello from Chem Help ASAP. Let’s see how we use LDA to make enolates from ketones. [turn page] We have two reactions on the screen. The top one is how we make LDA. The bottom one is how we use LDA to make an enolate. OK, when chemists use LDA, they can’t just pull a […]

đŸ¦†Stomach acid vs. Duck head decomposition | AcidTube

AcidTube-Chemical reactions Duck head decomposition in hydrochloric acid Don’t forget to subscirbe!

Bernhard Mohr von Venture Capital im Interview | Evonik

WHAT IS VENTURE CAPITAL? Venture capital is the financing of young innovative companies through risk capital. These are usually young companies that are not yet listed on the stock exchange and still need money to develop and grow their business model. WHY DOES EVONIK INVEST INTO START-UPS? Innovation is essential for Evonik. We spend a […]

361L Acid-Base Extraction (#5)

So, I am going to separate a mixture that contains an organic acid, an organic base, and a neutral compound using acid-base extraction. Specifically, I will dissolve a mixture that contains benzoic acid, p-bromoaniline, and phenanthrene in dichloromethane, and then throw it into a separatory funnel. Then I will add a solution of hydrochloric acid, […]

Stretchy polymer lights up under stress

This rubbery material lights up when stretched. Materials like this that respond to stress could be used as sensors to detect forces to gauge strain in a material, or to form electronic skin. Researchers have built other colorful force sensors, but those change hues when chemical bonds break, making the change hard to reverse, limiting […]

Make Purified Chloroplatinic Acid

Warning: This experiment uses highly corrosive chemicals and produces toxic gases. This should be performed with gloves in a fume hood. Greetings fellow nerds. In a previous video I dissolved platinum into aqua regia. In this video I’ll be processing the crude platinum solution from that reaction into purified chloroplatinic acid. First we need to […]

How to tell aldehydes from ketones

After the reaction with brady’s reagent has confirmed the presence of a carbonyl group. The next step in the analysis is to decide whether the unknown compound is an aldehyde or a ketone. Aldehydes are readily oxidized to carboxylic acids. Even by very mild oxydens well ketons are resistant to oxidation. Tollens reagent is one […]