Show Me Nutrition

NARRATOR: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, since 1980 the prevalence of overweight children ages six to eleven years has increased from 6.5 percent to 18.8 percent. In response to this alarming trend, schools are focusing more on teaching nutrition and physical activity, as well as implementing wellness policies and other requirements. […]


YOUR KIDS WILL EAT THIS BROCCOLI (and NO, it’s not smothered in CHEESE – it’s HEALTHY)!

Hello! I’m way overdue for another episode of, gosh what did I even decide to name this, Simple and Healthy Mom? Simple and Healthy Mama! Okay, anyway…here we are. So, I thought I would make a video while I was actually cooking my kids’ lunch because sometimes you’re just in that much of a hurry […]

PCBs in Children’s Fish Oil Supplements

The Vegan Society debate childhood vegan nutrition on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff

Welcome back to Thursdays show with Helen Led, Steve First and Joe Woods, still to come Is it acceptable to tell someone, friend, family, stranger to wash their hands especially if they’ve just come out of the loo. 02071735555 is the number. First though is putting your child on a strict vegan diet tantamount to […]

Read food nutrition labels carefully! Ask Coley- Health Tips for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

Read Food Nutrition Labels Carefully! Coley: Nutrition Facts. Serving 2 crackers – 14 g. Serving per container 21 g. Bumbley: What are you reading? Coley: You know how books have a table of contents that explain what’s inside? Nutrition labels are sort of like that. They tell you what’s inside the food you’re eating and […]

Kiwifruit for the Common Cold

Does Putting Kids on Keto Promote Good Nutrition?

Vitamins and Supplements for Kids

Everyday your children’s bodies are hard at work as they grow and develop their bones, lengthen their muscles, get stronger, and their brains continue to form connections between the synapses to properly develop these important structures and systems in the body. It’s vital that children have all the necessary vitamins and minerals iand Omegas that […]