Who Says Eggs Aren’t Healthy or Safe?

Multivitamin supplements and breast cancer

“Multivitamin Supplements & Breast Cancer” A Harvard study of what tens of thousands of women ate in high school found that “dietary intake of fiber and nuts during adolescence influences subsequent risk of breast disease and may suggest a viable means for breast cancer prevention.” And the protection from nuts was independent of fiber: “Results […]

Evidence-Based Nutrition

“Evidence-Based Nutrition” Randomized controlled trials are considered the gold standard of scientific evidence. Half get the active treatment, half get a sugar pill— works great for evaluating new drugs, but a concern is that evidence-based medicine has made a leap from considering randomized controlled trials to be a high standard to being the only standard. […]

Vitamin D for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Why is Nutrition so Commercialized?

Why You Should Care About Nutrition