Early Lactation Nutrition in the First-Calf Beef Heifer

Hi. This is Beth Doran, ISU Extension Beef Field Specialist in Northwest Iowa. Today, I’d like to talk with you a little bit about heifer development and specifically nutrition post-calving. When you look at this, you’ll see that post-partum heifers are really very fragile. That’s because they’re continuing to grow, they’re trying to milk and […]

Ruminant Nutrition: Dr. Paul Cusacks’ Expert Opinion

I’m Dr Paul Cusack. I’ve been a production animal veterinarian for longer than I’d like. I have post-graduate training at Masters and PhD level in ruminant nutrition and I work with a consultancy business based in Cowra NSW throughout the eastern states of Australia the key to achieving high levels of production in ruminants is […]

A Cow’s Calendar and Nutritional Changes It Brings

Hi I’m Mike. Life for a cow on the ranch is a bit more complicated than we might imagine, and when it comes to their diet, its always changing with the season, and we have to change with it. Today we take a look at a cows calendar and how their lives change through the […]

Vitamins, Minerals and Protein and Fly Control in Cattle Nutrition

Hi I’m Mike. The day to day requirements for cows aren’t many. They need food, they need water, but that doesn’t mean that as the one in charge of them, that’s where it ends. My job is to make sure the cows have what they don’t even know they need, and much like a toddler […]

#05 Biochemistry Protein Tertiary/Quaternary Structure Lecture for Kevin Ahern’s BB 450/550

Kevin Kevin Ahern: Maybe not. Hold on. Ah, now let’s get started. How’s that? Too many cords. I vote for cordless. How’s everybody doing today? “Good, professor, that’s very good.” Male Student: Well caffeinated. Kevin Ahern: Well caffeinated! Then learning shall happen, right? Okay, so, today I’m going to finish talking about protein structure. I’ve […]

Free Radical Formation

[Free Radical Formation] Before we go into detail, let’s take a graphic look at the broad concept of oxidative balance. First, let’s zoom in to see what’s going on inside this cow at the sub- cellular level. We can see there are a variety of biological processes. And each process is performing a specific job. […]