Whey to go! Extracting protein from dairy waste

Every kilogram of cheese or yoghurt made, leaves manufacturers nine kilograms of whey, a nutrient-rich liquid with many commercial uses. But, for boutique to medium-size producers, this potential value is discarded as waste, simply because there is no cost-effective method to process the whey. In collaboration with the dairy industry, Curtin’s Dr Tuna Dincer and […]

The Ultimate Cyclist’s Breakfast | Emma’s Blueberry Lemon Pancakes

(light happy music) – A stack of pancakes might sound like a bit of a guilty treat, but this recipe for lemon blueberry high protein pancakes, is actually remarkably healthy. It’s also based on oats, as part of the GCN Oat Cuisine Nutrition series, is super easy and super tasty. (light happy music) For this […]

Do Vegetarians Get Enough Protein?

Meet the vegan DOG whose owner insists he eats a diet free from meat – Daily News

A vegan dog owner is enforcing the same strict diet for her pet, despite experts warning it could pose health risks such as severe weight loss. Sydney woman Sarah Dallera, 36, has been a vegan since 2014 and has since transitioned her nine-year-old dog named Brioche on to an entirely plant-based diet. The part husky, […]

10 Foods To Avoid If You Have Arthritis

10 Foods To Avoid If You Have Arthritis 1. Gluten and wheat. These two products can produce an inflammatory response even if you are not gluten or wheat intolerant. A leaky gut (which is an actual medical term now) has been linked to joint pain. A leaky gut lets toxins into the bloodstream which can […]

How to Choose the Best Calcium Supplement and Avoid Problems

discussion on calcium supplements I’m Dr. Tod Cooperman and we’re here on Facebook live and this is a great time for us to be talking about calcium supplements as ConsumerLab have just published a major report where we went out and purchased 27 different calcium supplements tested them rigorously and have published our results online […]

Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer Survivorship | T. Colin Campbell, PhD (2007)

8:30, First speaker is minimizing prostate cancer through diet. T. Colin Campbell, who is emeritus professor of nutritional science at Cornell University in Ithaca. Dr. Campbell is the author of “The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health.” His principal scientific interests, which begins with his graduate training in the late […]