Part 2: How Does New Genetic Information Evolve? Gene Duplications

Stated Clearly presents: How do new genes evolve? As we’ve learned in previous animations a gene is a long stretch of DNA containing information that codes for something, usually a protein or a group of proteins. Point mutations can edit small bits of information within a gene. modifying the type of protein it builds small […]

Evolution: Bacteria to Beethoven

Evolution. You learned about it in high school. It goes like this: Life started out with very simple forms and then gradually, over hundreds of millions of years, morphed into all the forms we see today. Bacteria to Beethoven. Not a straight line, of course…but that’s roughly how it went. This was the theory proposed […]

9.10: Genetic Algorithm: Continuous Evolutionary System – The Nature of Code

Hello and welcome to one more video about genetic algorithms. This probably won’t be my last video ever about genetic algorithms because I do have some more in my head that I’m planning to do at some point but this does kind of wrap up a bunch of the range of ideas that I’ve been […]

9.9: Genetic Algorithm: Interactive Selection – The Nature of Code

Hello, welcome to another genetic algorithms’ video.. boy I seem to be making a lot of these genetic algorithm’s videos recently this is.. in this video I’m going to explore something called interactive selection. The idea is a lot of ideas behind interactive selection pioneered by Karl Sims, here is a reference to an artwork […]

Evolution FAILS in the Human Body

Hey smart people, Joe here. Bodies. We’ve all got ‘em. Couldn’t live without ‘em! But why are they so dumb and unreliable?! I don’t know if it’s because I just got over a sinus infection or because my wife just had knee surgery, or maybe it’s just me getting older and hurting more… I’M A […]

Can Science Explain the Origin of Life?

Stated Clearly presents: Can science explain the origin of life? A full scientific explanation for the origin of life does not currently exist, but research groups around the globe are tackling the mystery. Here we’ll take a look at a few of their discoveries. Darwin’s theory of biological evolution tells us that all life on […]

Glycine Lead of the Protein Kinase A: Another Noble proof of Evolution

How many proofs are there in support of the theory of evolution, that is the question. And the answer is simple, millions. Today we will take a look at one. I promise it’s new, it’s not a repetation like the sine, line, alu or erv insertions that the youtube is flooded with. Protein kinase a […]

4. Molecular Genetics I

[MUSIC PLAYING] Stanford University. So we pick up from whatever the last day was. And we do our first disciplinary leap as promised at the very beginning of the course. The entire function of the first half of the course is to leap from one bucket to another, such that just as soon as you […]

How Did Life Begin?

I’m Fraser Cain, the publisher of Universe Today. No answers today, only a question. But it’s one of the most interesting and meaningful questions we can possibly ask. Where does life come from? How did we get from no life on Earth, to the rich abundance we see today? Charles Darwin first published our modern […]

What Was The Miller-Urey Experiment?

Stated Clearly presents: What was the Miller-Urey Experiment? It was once believed that if you left food out to rot, living creatures like maggots and even rats would simply poof into existence. The idea was called spontaneous generation. A series of experiments starting in the sixteen hundreds disproved this idea, and in the 1800’s, a […]