Healthy Recipes: Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Protein Bake

[music] I’m Natalie Hodson, and I’m here today in the kitchen, showing you how to make one of my favorite recipes. It’s a strawberry banana oatmeal protein bake. And I like to make this sort of as a healthier version of banana bread so if I’m craving banana bread but I know it’s not […]

Nutrition Facts – Pumpkins

Pumpkins aren’t just for decorating. Their bright orange colour is a sign that they’re rich in plant nutrients. One cup of cubed pumpkin provides twice the amount of beta carotene that you need in a day. Beta carotene speeds up healing and helps fight off damage to healthy cells from aging and the environment. The […]

How to Cook Brown Rice with Turmeric a HEALTHY DELICIOUS Arroz Integral by Chef Pachi

Hi! I’m Pachi the Colombian cook. And I’m gonna bring to you some magical realism from my hometown, and it will come out as a beautiful brown rice that all separates and is delicious! This is brown rice with its shell and everything on it, and it’s super simple to make. Basically, we’re gonna add […]


ZUCCHINI PANCAKE – How to reduce Carbohydrate in our usual Dishes Zucchini vegetable has only 6 gms of Carbohydrates Onion 1=10 gms of Carb Ginger, Garlic and Green Chillies contains low Carb Bell Pepper=9 gms of Carb Spring Onion=7 gms of Carb, Coriander Leaves Curry leaves=no Carb, Oil and Salt you need some flour to […]

7 High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss

Половина средней луковицы. 1 чайная ложка оливкого масла Половина среднего размера цуккини 2 белых гриба соль и перец 5 помидорок Чери. 3 яичных белка и 1 целое яйцо Соль и черный перец 1/2 ст.ложки сыр Фета ОМЛЕТ С ЛУКОМ И ЦУККИНИ. Половина среднего размера луковицы 1 чайная ложка оливкого масла Половина среднего размера красного сладкого […]

Cottage Cheese & Berry Parfaits~Kid Friendly Summer Snack Ideas~Healthy Homemade~Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi, everybody. I’m Noreen and welcome back to my Kitchen today We’re going to start a series [of] kid-Friendly summer snacks And we’re kicking it all off with a little Inspiration from my friend Kimmy over at the she’s in her apron channel with a cottage cheese and Berry parfait This is perfect for breakfast […]

DURIAN healthy Custard Dessert pudding recipe (raw vegan)

hi again today we’re gonna talk about this really weird fruit this is leftover from the prehistoric times this is called a durian it grows in the exotic place of the world like Thailand and Singapore but you can buy it in the Asian markets here anywhere in the country it’s an amazing fruit if […]

PLANT PROTEIN Super Raw Vegan Horsepower from Plants- by Wild Force

you want protein whey soy meat products all affect your health in some way that’s why I created my raw vegan wild 4 super protein the biggest most powerful animals and longest living ones on the planet don’t eat meat there is no raw vegan protein powder anywhere on the planet that even comes close […]