Acid Reflux Relief: The Truth about Acid Reflux

dawn carswell is eating and drinking whatever she wants again as a result of her experience at the detroit medical center she suffered from chronic heartburn as the result of gastroesophageal reflux disease commonly known as a bird uh… at one point in time didn’t matter what a eight secretary class a lot and i […]

Methods for detecting ketone levels in diabetes research

The collaborative project with engineering at the University of Sydney, with Associate Professor Xiaoke Yi and her team, focuses on ketones. Ketones are an alternative source of energy fuel used by the body. It’s important for some people to be able to measure them, and particular people with type 1 diabetes. When they become unwell, […]

My Sugar Addiction—I Fell Off the Wagon; I’m Climbing Back.

So I am dialing in from the Alling House here in Orange City Florida we’re down here for the Orlando event this coming Friday we do have a couple of slots left if you’d like to get into the Orlando boot camp it’s too late to get labs you can get them after the fact […]

당뇨병이 발생하는 보이지 않는 세계의 기전

The Mechanisms of Diabetes in the Invisible World Diabetes is a metabolic disease and a chronic disease. Metabolic disease means that there is a problem with the system that produces and converts the necessary materials for the human body. Metabolic disease results from the errors of the tangible and the intangible systems in the human […]

Interpreting A1C: Principles of the A1C Assay

[music] DR. SACKS: Hemoglobin A1C, which is also called A1C, is hemoglobin with glucose attached to the N-terminal valine of the beta-chain. Because red blood cells which contain the hemoglobin live for approximately 120 days, hemoglobin A1C reflects the average glucose over the preceding 8 to 12 weeks. For many years, blood glucose has been […]

Meal timing and late eating as a modulator of cancer risk and risk-associated biomarkers

[Rhonda]: So these three factors that are known, the fasting, high-fasting insulin, the high free estrogen… [Ruth]: Right. [Rhonda]: …and the high inflammatory markers. [Ruth]: Right. [Rhonda]: So as measured by certain biomarkers like C-reactive protein. [Ruth]: Right. [Rhonda]: So these are all associated with, in some, cases even two to threefold increased risk. [Ruth]: […]

Non-pharmaceutical approach to lowering hemoglobin A1c using time-restricted eating | Ruth Patterson

[Rhonda]: A couple of points that you mentioned, I just want to circle back to the glycated hemoglobin you mentioned, that basically fasting in the evening had a pretty robust effect in reducing that. [Ruth]: Yeah. [Rhonda]: And that’s a marker obviously, it’s a marker of your long-term, you know, blood glucose levels. [Ruth]: Absolutely, […]

Breakfast skipping and late-night eating (after 7PM) linked to poorer metabolic health

[Rhonda]: So I mentioned to you earlier that I talked about this meal timing with a collaborator of yours, Dr. Satchin Panda who is at the Salk Institute. And, you know, a lot of his research had focused on elucidating this important regulator of the peripheral clocks, meaning the clocks in the non-brain, so the […]

Citrulline: Does it work? Uses for NO, ED, Athletics

Quem Tem Diabetes Pode Comer Gelatina? Diabético Pode Comer Gelatina? Faz Mal? Aumenta a Glicose?

Gelatin is delicious, and an option of snack for those on a diet, especially when you want to eat candy. In today’s video, we’ll know if who has Diabetes can eat ordinary gelatin or diet. Before you know, subscribe to our channel, already leaves your like in the video. Gelatin can be a good snack […]