FAST Non Dairy Milk alternative in 20 Seconds Dairy Free raw vegan milk

Is Watermelon Good For Diabetes

Hello, I’m Ty Mason from, researcher, writer and a I have type 2 diabetes. Today I’m going to answer the question, is watermelon good for diabetes. But before we get into that, make sure you download my free diabetes management book which also includes diabetes grocery shopping guide (foods to eat and avoid) by […]

INSULIN & GLUCOSE RELATIONSHIP part 1 – Type 2 Diabetes #2

welcome to the second video of type 2 today we’re going to look at something very cool but before that I want to thank everyone that watched the first video and sent messages and you know gave me motivation to continue what we’re going to discuss today is the relationship between glucose and insulin now […]

Diabético Pode Tomar Cerveja? Quem Tem Diabetes Pode Tomar Cerveja? | Cerveja e Diabetes

Beer is for many people an almost indispensable in everyday life, especially for those who work and want to relax. But what if this person has diabetes? Can she keep drinking beer? After all, can diabetics have beer? In today’s video, we will answer that question. Before you get started, sign up for our channel […]

Diabetes Management & Nutrition Education in Richmond, KY

♪ [music] ♪ There are several types of diabetes. There is type 1 diabetes and that’s where our body doesn’t make enough of its own insulin and so those people are usually on insulin injections. There’s also type 2 diabetes. What causes that most often is maybe we’re overweight. We might have a family history […]

Quem Tem Diabetes Pode Comer Manga? Diabético Pode Comer Manga?

Mango is a fruit well appreciated throughout the country. But can anyone with diabetes eat mango? We know that those with diabetes need to control what you eat so that your glucose levels don’t go too high, so many people doubt if diabetic can eat mango or not. Before you know, subscribe to our channel […]

IV Nutrition and Chelation

NUTRITIONAL IV THERAPY THE FAST TRACK TO OPTIMAL HEALTH by Guy DaSilva, MD Nutritional IV therapy is a safe, natural way to deliver high doses of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients straight into the bloodstream. These “IV cocktails” have been generating a lot of buzz lately, from celebrities touting their energizing effects, to the latest […]

How to do Intermittent Fasting | Meal Plan & Supplements | Serious Weight Loss

holistic health coach here and this video is about therapeutic intermittent fasting by just eating one meal a day and trying to get all of your calories and nutrients in just one meal this is an example of a high fat moderate protein and low carbohydrate diet which by Paulo as a type 2 diabetic […]

How to Understand Food Labels and Nutrition & Health Claims: Cardiac College

Reading a food label can sometimes be confusing to read. What should I be looking at? What does this mean for my health? Use the food label to make informed food choices. The food label can provide nutrition information like the Nutrition Facts Panel, Ingredient List and Nutrition &/or Health Claims. Almost all prepackaged foods […]

Nutrition for Inpatient Care | Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital

Hi I’m Angela. I’m a registered dietician at Northern Colorado Rehab and Long Term Acute Care Hospitals. I’m here to talk to you a little bit today about what dieticians do. There’s dieticians in the acute care settings and in the community settings. Here in the acute care settings we have patients that may not […]