Hey hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome it to a new video if this is the first time that you’re seeing me my name is Liz and I make love healthy lifestyle videos here in this channel so make sure you hit that red subscribe button you don’t win anything and […]

Andrew Discusses Friendly Flora – Digestive – Andrew Lessman ProCaps November 2017 Monthly Special

hi there Andrew Lessman here with another quick video on one of our digestive products I’m sure this video will stick around for a while but we originally recorded it for this November’s monthly special which were couple monthly specials because we’re covering all our digestive products in terms of monthly specials this November basically […]

Properties of Amides

Hey it’s Professor Dave, let’s talk about amides. We’ve looked at a few different carbonyl-containing functional groups and their derivatives, so let’s look at one more, the amide. As we recall, these consist of a carbonyl adjacent to a nitrogen atom, with the nitrogen bonded to two other groups, either hydrogen or alkyl in some […]

Digestion and absorption of proteins

Hello everyone, today we are going to study about digestion and absorption of proteins. So, you know the dietary proteins, they are primary source of nutrition, they are building blocks of our body and they form structural and functional aspect of our body. So on an average per day, we consume 70 to 100 grams […]

What is a calorie? – Emma Bryce

We hear about calories all the time. How many calories are in this cookie? How many are burned by 100 jumping jacks, or long distance running, or fidgeting? But what is a calorie, really, and how many of them do we actually need? Calories are a way of keeping track of the body’s energy budget. […]

Nutrition Optimization for Climbers! Ft. Eric Horst

If you haven’t known yet, I injured my finger a few weeks ago from climbing. After reading your comments, I realized the road to recovery is often in months instead of weeks. Therefore, I have been researching what else I can do to speed up the recovery besides resting and doing rehab exercises. I came […]

Digestion Part 1 – Starches / Carbohydrates

Alright, we’re speaking about digestion and how does it work and why does it work. I think we’ve got to start at the beginning, why do we have a digestive tract? That’s the first question we have to ask. And the main reason is because your body cannot take an apple or a carrot or […]

nutrition / carbohydrates digestion and absorption

nutrition – carbohydrates digestion and absorption how carbohydrates are digested and absorbed in the body?

Digestive Enzymes for Women and Men – Best Digestive Enzymes for Men & Women – Buy Digestive Enzymes

What Are Digestive Enzymes? The role of digestive enzymes is primarily to act as catalysts in speeding up specific, life-preserving chemical reactions in the body. Essentially, they help break down larger molecules into more easily absorbed particles that the body can use to survive. Needless to say, they play a very important role in digestive […]