Scientists Say DNA’s Building Blocks May ACTUALLY Come From Outer Space

It was almost 11 o’clock in the morning on the 28th of September 1969 when above a small rural town in south-eastern Australia a fireball was seen flying through the sky. That fireball broke off into three parts and left behind a cloud of smoke. Half a minute after that a tremor could be heard. […]

6. Kevin Ahern’s Biochemistry – Protein Purification I

Professor Kevin Ahern: Happy Friday! [students cheering] It never fails to elicit a few whoos! By the end of the term it’s going to be like, “uhh.” Now it’s still the, “Whoo!” Big weekend plans? Studying Biochemistry, this is good. The heck with Biochemistry, right? Alright so we’re pretty much on target with where we […]

Muss unsere DNA programmiert worden sein?

Dean Kanyon was a committed exponent of chemical evolution in the 60s to 80s and his book became a bestseller. His idea was that the chemical properties of amino acids formed chains that led to the first proteins. But barely a few years after the publication, Canyon doubted his own theory. The problem was the […]

A New Genetic Alphabet Is Creating Things Nature Has Never Seen

So there are only 4 simple pieces to our genetic code, right? Cytosine, guanine, adenine, and thymine, C, G, A, and T. Well, not anymore folks, not anymore. Now…there are six. When you actually think about it, trying to make an entire complex being and all the crazy stuff that goes with us (gestures at […]

DNA vs RNA (Updated)

Captions are on! Click CC at bottom right to turn off. Sometimes it feels like DNA gets all the credit. Yes, the structure DNA is amazing. It has a beautiful double helix structure! A twisted ladder! It has its own emoji! DNA stores genetic information and codes for your traits. However, sometimes what gets left […]

Die EFFIZIENTESTE Maschine im Universum befindet sich in deinem KÖRPER

Where is the problem? Darwinism has long been accepted in the scientific and academic world. But why do we continue to deal with it? Natural selection is a real process, but in many respects it does not sufficiently explain the explanation of larger species. Even if one accepts that the whole animal world was created […]

Can you use chromatography and electrophoresis to analyse DNA?

Farmers have been breeding fruit and vegetables via artificial selection for hundreds, if not thousands of years to try and maximise yields and get the tastiest products they can to market. But traditional plant breeding is a long, slow and laborious process requiring years if not decades of work and thousands upon thousands of plants. […]

These Robots Roam Toxic Seafloors to Bring Back New, Bizarre Species

Hydrothermal vents are kind of like going to another planet. It’s hot, and acidic, and there’s big black plumes of chimneys coming out of the bottom of the ocean, that can be up to 50 meters tall. They’re essentially underwater volcanoes. They can be beautiful and sparkly, or they can just look like melting old […]