Structure of the Cas9 protein used in CRISPR gene editing

The Cas9 enzyme must flex and bend in order to bind to the guide RNA. Once the Cas9-RNA complex finds its target DNA, the cutting region of Cas9 will swing into place relative to its mate only when the RNA and DNA correctly match. Only then does the enzyme cut the double-stranded DNA.

Understanding Crystallography – Part 1: From Proteins to Crystals

This is a three dimensional structure of a protein called lysozyme. It represents the order of nature. And I feel awed when I look at it. It’s an enzyme that’s in our tears and saliva and mucus, and it helps us fight bacteria. And knowing this three dimensional structure helps us to understand the mechanism […]

Protein Synthesis in the Cellular Factory

If you could step inside one of your cells, you’d see something that looks a lot like a factory building thousands of different molecular machines. It would have tiny assembly lines starting in the cell’s nucleus and stretching out to structures called ribosomes. These assembly lines start with DNA and build RNAs and Proteins—-in a […]

Gene Expression Simplified – General Biology – Transcription & Translation – Protein Synthesis

hi everyone it’s dr. Jory this video is designed for students in general biology who are studying gene expression the central dogma I cover the three steps of transcription and translation if you like the video please SMASH that like button, subscribe to the channel and enjoy! How did the RNApolymerase know where to go? […]

How did the evolution of complex life on Earth begin? – The Gene Code, Episode 1 – BBC Four

Have a look at this. It’s a bit of a human body These are cells from the inside of a human cheek magnified thousands of times they’re similar to the kinds of cells all complex plants and animals are built from Now here’s another one of these human cells on its own See those tiny […]

Cell Organelles

Hi all dr. Clark here again today for a general biology lecture we’re going to talk about organelles of the cell right and so organelles if you remember are just membrane-bound compartments and when we talk about eukaryotes these membrane-bound compartments have different kinds of function so in some cases they might be areas where […]

The 5 Most Important Molecules in Your Body

Your body has all sorts of complicated processes going on inside it and a lot and a lot of these processes are carried on by incredibly powerful and often incredibly large molecules. Some of these molecules that you’re using right now are so big that they challenge the definition of what a molecule is. Technically […]

What are Chromosomes?

Hi. It’s Mr. Andersen and a lot of my students are confused with chromosomes. And so in this short video we’re going to answer this question. What are chromosomes? And so let’s begin with a pre-quiz. Could you take these four terms, chromosome, base pair, genome and gene, and could you number 1, define them […]

What is Biochemistry? What do Biochemists study? | Biology |

What is Biochemistry? The Chemistry of Life. You know about atoms and molecules from Chemistry. But there’s nothing ALIVE about chemistry. It’s just chemicals in a beaker. So what’s so special about the molecules of life? It’s a case of emergent properties. That is, as biological molecules come together and interact, new and surprising properties […]