Which Is a Better Breakfast – Cereal or Oatmeal?

“Which Is a Better Breakfast: Cereal or Oatmeal?” “Food structure,” not just nutrient composition, may be “critical for optimal health.” It should come as no surprise that cornflakes and Rice Krispies cause a much greater spike in blood sugars than rice or corn-on-the-cob; but it’s not just the added sugar. “Even with identical [ingredients,] food […]

Grains Are Acidic So Are They Bad For Health? Dr Michael Greger

When we metabolize foods and extract the energy from them, we are actually burning the foods. When we burn foods, they actually leave an ash residue, just like when you burn wood in a fire. This ash can be acidic neutral or alkaline. Now there is a lot of debate in the health community as […]

Why Plant Based Diet Doesn’t Work For Everyone-Dr Greger

In the last year or so we’ve seen many vegans abandoning a vegan diet because of digestive issues. Many have understandably been asking therefore if a vegan diet is so healthy why do so many run into gut issues?”. Well when you look into many of these ex vegan stories most say they had bad […]