#16.1 Mealtime, Food and Senior Nutrition (1 of 5)

{rtf1ansiansicpg1252cocoartf1038cocoasubrtf360 {fonttblf0fnilfcharset0 Verdana;} {colortbl;red255green255blue255;red26green23blue24;} margl1440margr1440vieww9000viewh8400viewkind0 deftab720 pardpardeftab720sa400qlqnatural f0fs20 cf2 Hi! I am Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care, the national leader in providing in home care for seniors. Today I am here in the Betty Crocker Kitchens talking about Senior Nutrition. Many seniors lack good nutrition, which is dangerous for both their physical and […]

Nutrition Myths – Huel Nutrition

today we’re going to tackle some common nutrition myths my colleagues here at Yule HQ have come up with some nutrition myths that they’ve commonly heard and they’ve written them down they’re on on these cards here and I haven’t read them before so I’m just going to read them out and then talk about […]

Key Points Carbohydrates

WELCOME ALL TO MY CHANNEL. in today’s class of diet, we will know key points carbohydrates.firstly, let us know about What are carbohydrates?? carbohydrates are main source of energy in body. as their name suggests, carbs means made of mixture of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. now let us know, What are different types of carbohydrates?? […]

How To Fuel For Cycling | Bike Ride Nutrition Explained

– Nutrition and training go together however if you have one without the other, you’re not going to get the desire effects and ultimately, you’re not going to get fitter, stronger, and faster. After all, we are all aspiring to be better and more well-rounded cyclists. (playful electronic music) Right, let’s start off with a […]

What is Carbohydrate?

What are carbohydrates What is carbohydrate. Like proteins and fats, carbohydrate, or carbs, is an energy providing macronutrient. In fact, carbohydrates, in the form of glucose, is your body’s first choice of energy production. Through a tricky but quick process known as glycolysis, your body metabolizes glucose into pyruvate. During this process, 2 units of […]

Carbohydrates – Huel Nutrition

Another group of macronutrients is carbohydrate or carbs. Now structurally these are mono, di, and oligosaccharides which are the short chain or polysaccharides which are the long chain ie the complex carbs but we don’t usually use these terms when talking about what we eat because they’re complicated terms. We usually use the term glycemic […]

A guide to Phytonutrients – Huel Nutrition

today we’re going to talk about phytonutrients phytonutrient is a substance found in plant food that’s been demonstrated to have health benefits and could have a role in preventing certain human diseases however they are not essential per se but are very useful antioxidants are substances that prevent oxidation our oxidation is a naturally occurring […]

Vite Ramen – High-protein Healthy Instant Ramen?! | BONUS: Emmy’s childhood sticker collection

Greetings my beautiful lovelies! It’s Emmy. Welcome back to another ramen instant noodle taste test. If you’ve missed the videos from this series, like always, I will put the link to the playlist down below. Today I’m going to be tasting an instant ramen noodle that touts itself as being nutritious — “instant noodles that […]

Top 5 Keto Mistakes | Jason Wittrock

What’s up guys? I’m jason wit rock. I’m a bodybuilding.com Spokesmodel in eas Maya Plex athlete and today, I’m going to teach [you] the top [5] Keto mistakes alright guys So the very first mistake is not staying patient during the Keto adaptation Phase you have to understand something you’ve been running on carbohydrates your […]

A guide to Micronutrients – Huel Nutrition

Today we are going to talk about Vitamins and minerals or Micronutrients. Now there are a large number of vitamins and minerals, which have functions in the body and a good number of them are essential. So we have to make sure that we have a good intake of all the essential ones every day. […]