iQ Smartparent 702: Raising Citizen Scientists

– [Announcer] IQ Smart Parent is made possible by The Grable Foundation. – Kids are naturally curious, you might even say they were born to be scientist. And that’s what today’s show is all about. We will reveal ways to get your kids involved in real scientific research as citizen scientist from the everyday tools […]

Herbalife24 How to prepare Hydrate कैसे तैयार करें

Amazing So welcome back to our YouTube Channel my friends.. How is everyone today ? First of all thanks to everyone who are consistently following our channel.. and liking our information so heartily thanks to each one of you there… Today’s video gonna be very interesting my pals its because in our last video we […]

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Shifting South… So What Now?

You may have heard that the earth’s magnetic poles tend to move around. I mean, so do the geographic poles, but magnetic North and South are really mobile…and magnetic North in particular is moving real fast. Like, way faster than we thought it would. And the scientific community is coming up with some really exciting […]

The Race to the Moon’s South Pole Is On, But Who Will Get There First?

The Indian Space Research Organization—or ISRO—announced plans to launch a rover to the moon sometime in July of 2019. Not only will this be India’s first attempt to land on our big gray satellite, the mission is going where no one has gone before: the moon’s south pole. They won’t be alone for long though, […]

Ahern’s BB 350 at OSU – 12. Membrane Lipids

>>Happy Monday. Happy day after the exam. How was the exam?>>[INAUDIBLE] >>Great, yeah, and maybe no. I heard, I think, all three. So the exams were just handed to me by the TA just before I got to class, so they are graded. I haven’t had a chance to record them or look at them, […]

Polar Bear Facts – Companionship – To The Arctic IMAX

Usually a solitary animal, the male polar bear will seek a female partner in the months from March through June. Beginning around age six, males actively seek out females by following their scent as they roam the sea ice. Once found, the male bears may engage in fighting other males if competing for the same […]


[Music] polar bear polar bear what do you hear by Bill Martin jr. pictures by Eric Carle polar bear polar bear what do you hear I hear a lion roaring in my ear lion lion what do you hear I hear hippopotamus snorting in my ear hippopotamus hippopotamus what do you hear I hear a […]

De Moivre’s Theorem Roots of Polar Complex Numbers

BAM!!! Mr. Tarrou. Ok, we are going to do three examples of using De Moivre’s Theorem for finding complex roots that are in polar form. So, we have z sub k is equals the nth root of r times the cosine of theta plus 2pi k over n plus i times sine theta plus 2pi […]

Chemistry: What is a Covalent Bond? (Polar and Nonpolar)

The bonds that hold atoms together in compounds are called intramolecular forces. The 3 main types of intramolecular forces are ionic bonds, covalent bonds, and metallic bonds. This video will focus on covalent bonds: Ionic bonds and Metallic bonds will be featured in their own videos. Covalent bonds are stable because the bonding atoms achieve […]