‘Dark DNA’ Is the Latest Mystery in the World of Genetics… But What Is It?

Dark matter is one of the biggest mysteries of astronomy today. There’s tons of evidence that it’s there, but try as we might we haven’t been able to find it. In biology there’s a similar problem: dark DNA. When scientists were exploring the sequenced genomes of certain birds and rodents they noticed something odd. A […]

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Shifting South… So What Now?

You may have heard that the earth’s magnetic poles tend to move around. I mean, so do the geographic poles, but magnetic North and South are really mobile…and magnetic North in particular is moving real fast. Like, way faster than we thought it would. And the scientific community is coming up with some really exciting […]

The Race to the Moon’s South Pole Is On, But Who Will Get There First?

The Indian Space Research Organization—or ISRO—announced plans to launch a rover to the moon sometime in July of 2019. Not only will this be India’s first attempt to land on our big gray satellite, the mission is going where no one has gone before: the moon’s south pole. They won’t be alone for long though, […]

Scientists Grew a Lamb in a Bag… Wait What?

I know. This looks pretty freaky, but what you’re looking at is actually a monumental step forward for medicine. Researchers have now created an artificial womb that can successfully keep an extremely premature fetus alive and developing normally. A lamb fetus, that is. The latest development in artificial placenta-based life support technology is an update […]

A New Genetic Alphabet Is Creating Things Nature Has Never Seen

So there are only 4 simple pieces to our genetic code, right? Cytosine, guanine, adenine, and thymine, C, G, A, and T. Well, not anymore folks, not anymore. Now…there are six. When you actually think about it, trying to make an entire complex being and all the crazy stuff that goes with us (gestures at […]

These Liquid-Repelling Materials Defy Nature’s Design, Here’s How

I remember watching this video online and being mesmerized. The more liquid they spilled on the items the more I thought “how was this even working?, what’s going on here?” This is a superhydrophobic coating with properties that are seemingly impossible. But this material science field is making some exciting developments with materials that are […]

The Original Personality Test? | Ancient Nutrition

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, here to talk to you about personalized medicine, that is actually over 3,000 years old. It’s called the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. Now, if you’re a person like me and you love in-depth and advanced nutrition principles, this is probably the most in-depth nutrition on the entire planet. Now, […]

This Underground Economy Exists in a Secret Fungi Kingdom

New research has revealed that fungi—you know, like mushrooms—barter and trade with other organisms like little stockbrokers. Basically, there’s a whole economy of nutrients right beneath our feet that we are just uncovering. And yes, it can be pronounced either fun-guy or fun-gee, don’t even start, and their classification has been difficult, to say the […]

Why is Carbon the Key to Life? (On Earth, Anyway)

No matter how green, how furry, how small, how big, or how weird, all known life forms are based on the chemistry of one element: carbon. But why carbon? And if we look out to the stars,, could there be a fundamentally different kind of life out there? Questions like these are really hard to […]