Making My Own Supplements – My Passion, My Dream Becoming Reality

what’s going on guys Jordan nevels back again I hope you had a chance to check out my first video on YouTube the full chest workout if you haven’t please check that out leave some comments let me know what you think about that now for today I want to show you some footage we’ve […]

5 Nutrition Tips For Cyclists | Eat Better & Ride Faster With GCN

Want some quick pointers to get your nutrition on track? Coming up are our top nutrition tips. (upbeat music) In this video you’ll see I’m using products from products form Enervit, and that’s because they are our nutrition partner. But there are of course other products available. (tribal music) Hydration, hydration is crucial to maintaining […]

Vitamist B12- Scientific review of B12- Intra-oral spray vitamins

Vitamist B12- Scientific review of B12- Intra-spray vitamins Call Dr. Edward Noa at 707-718-2036. Click now – Napa 94558 B12 Your body needs vitamin B12 for a healthy body. • Energy levels • Neurological activity, including an alert mind • A normal homocysteine levels for healthy heart function • Helping stress and sleeplessness • […]

Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates, and Lipids

Hi all Dr. Clark here again with another general biology today we’re gonna finish off the biomolecules okay last time we talked about proteins this time we’re gonna try to slam in nucleic acids carbohydrates and lipids all together now nucleic acids is going to be really short because we will spend multiple lectures talking […]

If You Can Only Use ONE Supplement

– I’m ready. Hey, what’s up guys, Jordan here, and today I wanna talk about supplement. As most of my videos are all about training and workout. And today is about nutrition. First thing first, we have to keep in mind that supplement is not any magic formula powder. Supplement doesn’t get you fit overnight […]

Survivorship: The Importance of Nutrition and Exercise in the Cancer Journey

Good evening. On behalf of Stanford Health Care and the Cancer Supportive Care Program, I would like to welcome you to our first lecture series in the South Bay, Survivorship, the Importance of Nutrition and Exercise in the Cancer Journey. It is my pleasure to introduce our first speakers of the evening, Julie Grosvenor and […]

The Ultimate Cyclist’s Breakfast | Emma’s Blueberry Lemon Pancakes

(light happy music) – A stack of pancakes might sound like a bit of a guilty treat, but this recipe for lemon blueberry high protein pancakes, is actually remarkably healthy. It’s also based on oats, as part of the GCN Oat Cuisine Nutrition series, is super easy and super tasty. (light happy music) For this […]

5 Steps to Overcome Chronic Fatigue

Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin and welcome to Ancient Medicine Today brought to you by Today we’re going to tackle a topic that affects millions of Americans, and I remember years and years ago when chronic fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome came on the scene. There are a lot of theories as to why. Some […]

What You Need to Know About Vitamin B-12

– [Dr. Group] Hi everyone. I’m Dr. Group with Global Healing Center, and today I’m going to talk about on of my favorite nutrients which is B12. So the presentation is basically going to be, “Why every single person, well the majority of people I feel need to be on a B12 supplement?” And everything […]