Show Me Nutrition

NARRATOR: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, since 1980 the prevalence of overweight children ages six to eleven years has increased from 6.5 percent to 18.8 percent. In response to this alarming trend, schools are focusing more on teaching nutrition and physical activity, as well as implementing wellness policies and other requirements. […]

‘Hulk’ Brothers Risk Death By Injecting Muscle-Building Chemicals | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

COMM: Brothers Alvaro and Tony have been working out since they were teenagers. Now at the ages of 49 and 50, the brothers’ combined weight is a whopping 241 kilograms. The same weight as 4,900 medium chicken eggs. COMM: Alvaro and Tony started to inject a mephentermine-based multi-vitamin stimulant known as Potenay B12 to help […]

The 4 Biggest Challenges That KILL Your Motivation To Work Out When You Are Older

hello hello hello guys welcome to this live broadcast welcome to workouts for older men live I am Skip La Cour and I’m so glad you are with me joining me today in this video I want to talk about the four things that kill your motivation when you’re an older man right in this […]

Increasing Protein Intake After Age 65

MSc Exercise and Nutrition Science at the University of Chester

Hello, I’m Ceri, Programme Leader for our Exercise and Nutrition Science Master’s programme. I have over 20 years experience of research and teaching in the areas of sport, exercise and nutrition, and have worked here at the University for the last 13 years, using my experience and network of contacts to design this Master’s programme. […]

Dallas McCarver’s Lifestyle: Nutrition, Training, Business & Work Ethic

I don’t care if you’re 25 35 or 45 if we’re all judged the same on the stage so it really doesn’t matter on my mornings when I do cardio which is pretty much everyone even leg day wake up yeah go get on the stairs and I’ll be like 45 minutes on the stairs […]

The Biggest Loser || Nutrition Quiz

All right the players have a goal weight to lose this week. If they lose 70 pounds they are all safe from elimination. So today I’m going to ask you five questions. For every question you get right, I take a pound off of that goal weight. After we ask you five questions, we will […]

Universal Supplements Review Gold Standard 100% Whey – Optimum Nutrition

Welcome to another Universal Supplements product review guys we’re gonna try and keep these videos less than 5 minutes long we’re going to keep them really simple and not too technical just remember these are just our personal opinions about the products but we have tried every single product that we’re reviewing and we’re going […]

Stop restricting carbohydrates and get healthy

What’s up guys so I come to you with good news. If you’re looking for a diet and you have been looking all over the place, trying to find the solution for you. Most likely you have not been trying out the high carb low fat diet so I would say try it out it’s […]

Supplements that may lower anxiety at night | Masterjohn Q&A Files #02

Supplements that may lower anxiety at night before or during sleep and improve heart rate variability during sleep. I don’t know enough about the HRV, the heart rate variability, to comment on improving that specifically. I do know that—so in my mind, heart rate variability is largely related to recovery from stress. So, I know […]