Vitamins, Minerals and Protein and Fly Control in Cattle Nutrition

Hi I’m Mike. The day to day requirements for cows aren’t many. They need food, they need water, but that doesn’t mean that as the one in charge of them, that’s where it ends. My job is to make sure the cows have what they don’t even know they need, and much like a toddler […]

International Congress Report (Royal jelly research)

the ninth Federation of the Asian and Oceanian physiological societies Congress took place recently in Kobe Japan at Congress a symposium on the efficacy of royal jelly was held we the matter beef farm and one of the sponsors at the symposium doctors and researchers from all over the world including France Singapore Malaysia and […]

What Does “Organic” Mean, and Should You Buy Organic Foods?

[♪ INTRO] You’re at the supermarket, and you need to pick up a few ingredients for your favorite stew. Do you buy the organic carrots, potatoes and beef? Or do you skip the upcharge and stick with the conventional stuff? There’s a lot of confusion over what organic means, and whether it makes sense to […]

How Safe Are Pesticides, Really?

[♪ INTRO] If you’ve heard anything about pesticides, it’s probably about how toxic they are. Pesticides, after all, are meant to kill living things, and you’re a living thing. It seems like it’d make sense to avoid them. At the same time, though, pesticides do a lot of good things for us, like protecting us […]

Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer Increases Yields and Will Not Burn Plants

John: This is John Kohler with Today, I have another exciting episode for you and I’m coming at you from my front yard garden. I just got done planting out, I don’t know, man, probably like about a hundred pepper plants in each bed. I spaced them probably about 12 inches apart. We got […]