What Happens When You Stop Eating?

Medically speaking, starvation occurs when a body doesn’t get enough calories and nutrients; Whether brought on by poverty, famine, being lost at sea, voluntary hunger strikes or medical conditions, the physiology of starvation follows the same process no matter the cause. And it really is a process: it takes time to starve to death. Without […]

Jeunesse Science Zen Bodi Fat Loss System

Zen buddy Zen buddy for what Zen buddy for losing fat not losing weight so what is the difference between losing fat and losing weight to understand the difference let’s see how our body composition is our body is made of three parts the most important part is water which represents 60 to 70 percent […]

PetSolutions: Nulo Dog Endurance Formula

Nulo Endurance dog food is formulated for active dogs 1 to 7 years of age, that require extra energy. It contains a quality protein made of deboned trout, turkey meal, salmon meal, herring meal, with the perfect blend of essential amino acids, for a hundred percent complete and balanced diet. This provides all the nutrients […]

Wrapping Up the Antioxidant System | Masterclass With Masterjohn 1.14

Hi. I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn of chrismasterjohnphd.com, and you are watching Masterclass with Masterjohn. And today we are in our fourteenth and final in a series of lessons on the antioxidant defense system. And what we’re going to do today is wrap up what we’ve learned, summarize it and review it, and fit in to […]

Polar bears are starving, and this video reveals why

Researchers have found out that polar bears have higher metabolisms than previously thought and are having trouble eating enough food to keep up their weight in the wild. Using GPS-enabled collars affixed with videocameras, researchers watched 9 female polar bears living in the Beaufort Sea forage for food during 3 spring seasons. They also captured […]

Why Polar Bears Don’t Hibernate

I know this sounds real dumb, but Polar Bears are bears right? So why don’t they hibernate in the winter? [MUSIC] Howdy kids, Trace here with the bear necessities for DNews! Polar bears live in the Arctic Circle, which might cause you to assume it’s the long days which keep these fuzzy ursas from enjoying […]

Is the liver stressed by a ketogenic diet? | Eric Verdin

[Rhonda]: The other question I would have is, you know, there’s a lot of stress on the liver when you’re doing that sort of diet, right? You’re relying on it for gluconeogenesis to make glucose. You’re oxidizing fat. Has anyone looked at sort of long-term ketogenic diets? [Dr. Verdin]: Yeah. We did. The liver seemed […]

Как набрать массу вес в домашних условиях? Что нужно делать если не можешь набрать вес?

How to Increase Fertility Naturally – BEXLIFE

Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and I am here with the lovely Alisa Vitti in her apartment in New York City, surrounded by baby things. Alisa: Yes. Rebekah: The last time you were on Bex Life, you were not pregnant. I was not pregnant and we were talking about birth control. Alisa: Right, and […]