Polar bears are starving, and this video reveals why

Researchers have found out that polar bears have higher metabolisms than previously thought and are having trouble eating enough food to keep up their weight in the wild. Using GPS-enabled collars affixed with videocameras, researchers watched 9 female polar bears living in the Beaufort Sea forage for food during 3 spring seasons. They also captured […]

Why Polar Bears Don’t Hibernate

I know this sounds real dumb, but Polar Bears are bears right? So why don’t they hibernate in the winter? [MUSIC] Howdy kids, Trace here with the bear necessities for DNews! Polar bears live in the Arctic Circle, which might cause you to assume it’s the long days which keep these fuzzy ursas from enjoying […]

Is the liver stressed by a ketogenic diet? | Eric Verdin

[Rhonda]: The other question I would have is, you know, there’s a lot of stress on the liver when you’re doing that sort of diet, right? You’re relying on it for gluconeogenesis to make glucose. You’re oxidizing fat. Has anyone looked at sort of long-term ketogenic diets? [Dr. Verdin]: Yeah. We did. The liver seemed […]

Как набрать массу вес в домашних условиях? Что нужно делать если не можешь набрать вес?

How to Increase Fertility Naturally – BEXLIFE

Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and I am here with the lovely Alisa Vitti in her apartment in New York City, surrounded by baby things. Alisa: Yes. Rebekah: The last time you were on Bex Life, you were not pregnant. I was not pregnant and we were talking about birth control. Alisa: Right, and […]

INSULIN & GLUCOSE RELATIONSHIP part 1 – Type 2 Diabetes #2

welcome to the second video of type 2 today we’re going to look at something very cool but before that I want to thank everyone that watched the first video and sent messages and you know gave me motivation to continue what we’re going to discuss today is the relationship between glucose and insulin now […]

Ask the Vet – Corn oil, wolf teeth, joint supplements, and more! – February 2018

SARAH: Hey, SmartPak fans. After a couple months hiatus, we are back with another Ask the Vet video. I’m SmartPaker Sarah, and Dr. Lydia Gray is our Staff Veterinarian and Medical Director here at SmartPak. And we are, once again, excited to be back answering all of your awesome questions– so excited, in fact, that […]

Does the Keto Diet Actually Work?

There’s always some new diet touted as the one that will give you a celeb body in two weeks, and Keto Diet is currently making the rounds. But what is Ketogenesis? Did someone say Sega Genesis? Ketogenesis has a super scientific name, and a lot of science behind it… which is probably why people use […]


Hey man welcome on this second episode about nutrition on wich we are gonna take a look to How to build your nutrition plan To reach your goals in building muscle and losing fat, in the first video of this serie i´ve introduced all types Of macronutrients as well as their caloric value , btw […]