B Vitamins – Dr. Cooperman Explains What You Need to Know

Hi, I’m Dr. Tod Cooperman, president and founder of ConsumerLab.com and I’m here to talk today about B vitamins. Now ConsumerLab has been testing vitamins and supplements, all kinds of herbal supplements and healthy foods since 1999. We’ve tested over 5000 products; our most recent report, though, focuses on the B Vitamins. Now the B […]

How To Get Clear SKIN, Healthy HAIR & NAILS With Beauty Supplements & Collagen Powders

5 Vitamins That Can Control Premature Graying Of Hair

Although your genes actually determine the age when your hair will start losing its natural color, in a number of cases, deficiency of certain vitamins can lead to premature graying of hair. When vitamins that are essential for production of melanin are missing from your diet, insufficient melanin synthesis will turn your hair gray. However, […]

6 Supplements That Might Actually Help You

♪Intro♪ Supplements are super popular. One recent survey estimates that more than half of Americans use them, and we spend billions of dollars on them each year. The truth is, though, most people don’t need any supplements, unless they’re deficient in a vitamin or mineral. And even if they are, they should probably switch up […]

Nutritional Yeast | Spices in the Kitchen | Andrew Weil, M.D.

Nutritional yeast used to be something that health food nuts ate. This is a yeast that’s grown on a nutrative medium, primarily for human consumption. As distinct from brewer’s yeast which is a byproduct of the brewing industry and doesn’t contain as complete a spectrum of B vitamins. Brewer’s yeast also has a bitter taste, […]

Foods High in Folic Acid

Foods high in folic acid are what we’re going to talk about today. There are a number of reasons it’s important to get adequate amounts of folic acid, also known as folate. Perhaps the most important are cellular growth and regeneration. Folic acid allows the body to perform many essential functions including nucleotide biosynthesis in […]