Foods Rich in: Vitamin B12

A list of healthy foods rich in Vitamin B12 Nowadays over 40 percent of people are deficient in B12, especially Vegans, Vegetarians and those on a plant based diet. Over time this can lead to a great range of illnesses such as excessive tiredness, memory problems, Alzheimer’s diseases, pale skin, anaemia, and neurological issues such […]

Foods Rich in Vitamin B12 for Vegetarians | Vitamin B12 Foods Vegan | Healthyfoods4life

Best Vitamin B12 Foods for Vegetarians Health benefits of B-12 Eating vitamin B-12 is vital to your daily diet. Supplement B-12 plays a part in vital functions within your body, including: forming and dividing red blood cells, protecting your nervous system, synthesizing your DNA and giving the body energy Recommended Daily Allowance of B-12. For […]